Studio apartment in the style of minimalism, in which the soul and body relax

Elegant studio apartment in minimalism style

Specialists from the R3Architetti bureau present their next project, and this is a studio apartment in the minimalism style. Its compact dimensions determined the choice of the design method. However, the designers set a goal to maintain a balance between extreme brevity and coziness, and, as it seems to us, they have achieved it. A small Turin apartment has been transformed into an elegant space characterized by clean lines and a harmonious combination of colors and materials.

Minimalism style kitchen
Corner kitchen in minimalism style
Kitchen with a minimalistic seating area -

There is a distinct separation of public and private zones. The materials used for finishing the apartment are mostly not processed. They demonstrate their authentic texture, providing uniqueness to the interior. Polished and untreated concrete, glass and wood, light plaster and black metal frames are complemented by soft textures and exclusive decorative items.

Living room in the style of minimalism
Living room in minimalism style
A corridor in the style of minimalism

The color scheme is also characterized by logic and balance: natural warm tones soften the snowy whiteness of the walls, gray shades borrowed from concrete surfaces emphasize the drama of dark elements. Cozy niches where the inhabitants of the apartment can read or just relax are arranged in different parts of the residential area. Designer lamps emphasize the impeccable style of the interior.

Bathroom in minimalism style
Bathroom in the style of minimalism
Bathroom in the minimalism style
Bedroom in the style of minimalism
Cozy bedroom in the style of minimalism
Bedroom with a balcony in the minimalism style

Simple, but bright, concise, but cozy, this space is a worthy example of modern Italian design. Do you agree?

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