The discreet interior of the apartment pleases both children and adults

Modern apartment design in eclectic style

In the days of developing a restrained apartment interior, Andre Mack became both a designer, a winemaker and a father of three boys. He and his wife Phoebe have created a wonderful family home in Brooklyn, where everything around, beautifully and very stylishly merges.

Designer paintings in the interior of the apartment

Designer paintings serve as part of the interior

Andre Mack and Phoebe Damrosh talk about their apartment:

Our style: Objects with soul and history.

Inspiration: When the couple met for the first time, they went to a party at Hudson. After this event, Andre and Phoebe discussed this more and more often. Later, the couple added a little Royal Tenenbaum, The Selby, and street style of the 80s to the style.

Artificial disorder as an interior decor

Artificial disorder

Distinctive feature: The kindest people in the world live next door to the family. Their children are quietly friends and have fun with the neighborhood kids at any time. As for the interior features, the favorite design element is the wooden panels in the dining room.

Wall decoration with wooden panels

Wooden panels in the wall paneling

The main problem: thousands of tiny nails in the wooden floor. They often stick out. Therefore, the family has hammers on both floors of the house…

What friends say: “Is there anything new?”. The house is always on the move. Andre is always in search of new treasures on the way to permutations.

There is something to be proud of: Andre found a couple of speakers on the street in Brooklyn. After a little electrical work, they began to sound fantastic.

A chest as a coffee table

A chest as a coffee table

Leather sofa in the middle of the living room

Luxury Sofa

Strict piano with bust

Strict piano

Bust in the apartment interior

Rubbed by Louis Armstrong, bust of Louis Vuitton by vintage lamps by Dorsey Finds

Apartment design in eclectic style - photo 1

A little of everything

Apartment Library

Apartment Library

Cabinet for papers and books

Book locker

Paintings above the sofa in the living room

Sofa from the Stephen Kenn collection. Portraits made by Andre Mack

Wooden panels on the walls

Family Refectory

Antique machine as an interior decor

Marilyn Monroe and Dr. Spock in a painting by the artist Mr. Brainwash.

Equipped small kitchen

The kitchen is modest but well equipped

Staircase interior

Made by man

Rocking chair in the children's room

Children’s room

Interior bedroom

Bedroom. The bed was purchased by Phoebe’s father. The painting “Heart” is drawn by Mr. brainwash

Wooden secretary in the bedroom interior

Portraits of Frida and Frederick Douglass by Angie Jones

Two antique leather armchairs in the bedroom

Two leather armchairs purchased from an antique shop in Mississippi

Storage racks in the nursery

Children’s room

IKEA shelving in the nursery

IKEA shelving and bedside table

Metal bed in the nursery

Single bed

Bright table from Child Craft in the nursery

Bright table from Child Craft

Bright poster in the nursery

Design solution

Children's room for two in eclectic style

Large windows

Family in the living room

Andre Hueston Mack, Phoebe Damrosch and their sons

And how did you like the interior of the apartment in Brooklyn?

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