The interior of the loft-style apartment, the photos of which will surprise you

The interior of the loft-style apartment, the photos of which are striking in their originality. This is Tinderbox House located in a historic brick warehouse in Melbourne, Australia. Breathe Architecture Studio, taking into account the characteristic elements of the former storage of firearms of the XVIII century, developed the aesthetics of the loft around flint, tablecloth and steel striker. Matte black wall tiles reproduce the fabric with characteristic ink, and flinty gray-black accents and black-coated steel fill the living space.

Modern style
Some classic elements

The storage room in which the apartment was organized was intended for the storage of flint, tinder and refractory steel. Such a firearm set inspired architects to create a lively space with an interesting layout and interior. Some details of the old building have retained their historical appearance or have been transformed into a more modern style.

Contrasting details
Attractive discreet interior

The contrast is made between the fresh, light wood on the walls and the dark elements on the floor. The black color seems to flow over the wood, as if it is burning, and slowly approaches the shade of charcoal. Bright yellow tiles and a fiery red door add sensitivity to the interior.

The fiery red door
Yellow tile wall

Loft-style design solutions are not so popular in the world of architecture today. Nevertheless, some studios resort to this style quite successfully, turning old buildings into comfortable and elegant apartments for a comfortable stay.

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