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What unusual places to go to in St. Petersburg?

If a person has arrived in St. Petersburg, but does not want to visit places familiar to tourists, he should seek help from an unusual city guide that will help the city open up from various sides. Before visiting St. Petersburg, you should initially build your own route.

Unusual places for tourists in St. Petersburg

– Roofs. St. Petersburg in the palm of your hand, the prospect of the whole city with domes dominating, a pleasant breeze in your face, developing hair, a slightly overcast sky with clouds and the sun peeping out – such an atmosphere will be stored in memories for a long time. This is a must-visit place. You can go to unusual places in St. Petersburg

The simplest variation is to go to the observation deck. For example, visit the “Loft Project Floors”, for just 150 rubles you can find yourself on a protected roof and admire the city. There you can also treat yourself to something strong or hot.

– Courtyards, Peter’s front rooms. Some kind of unofficial symbol of the city. A traveler should enjoy the inner world of St. Petersburg by turning into the courtyard. There are lists of the most interesting ones on the Internet, you can visit them right away.

– In order to fully get into this old city, you need to visit the native Petersburgers. There is a living area in the old foundation, which is difficult even to imagine. On the ceiling – stucco, a painting of the 19th century, marble baths, secret cabinets, spiral staircases, ubiquitous sweeping turns. The history of many houses is truly unique and mysterious, making you fall in love with the streets of the old city.

– You need to get into the architecture of St. Petersburg, visit the warmed Lutheran church called Annenkirche. In the 18th and 19th centuries, a German–speaking parish was located in this place, in Soviet times – a cinema hall, and then a real rock club.

– Vasilievsky Island is ignored by many, but in vain. In this place there is a cemetery full of mysticism, and a chapel that fulfills wishes, a courtyard with spirits, as well as a pharmacy with griffins. You can use the services of agencies and visit this place as part of an excursion. The guide will devote more details to the traveler, tell various legends about the city and point out hidden sights.

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