Types of rooms and suites in hotels

Before visiting the hotel, it is necessary to study the varieties of rooms. They differ in functionality, appearance and cost. Those who value comfort can choose from rooms of the highest category. For business travelers, couples or those who just came to see another city, rooms of the “standard” or “superior standard” level will be an affordable and comfortable option. Pay attention to the hotels of Mezhdurechensk

Types of hotel rooms

All rooms in the hotel can be divided into 2 large groups: standard rooms and the highest category. The first includes those that offer inexpensive motels, as well as all categories of the “standard” level in institutions with 3 or more stars.

Among the standard rooms there are rooms of 5 categories. They differ from each other in the number of beds, as well as bathrooms. In a standard room of category 1, there is a bed 1 or 2, because the room is designed only for 1-2 people. There is a full bathroom for one room (toilet, washbasin, bathroom or shower).

In rooms of category 5, there is no bathroom in the room, and the number of beds is calculated based on the number of residents. Such rooms are found in hostels and other hotels that are designed to accommodate many people in one large room.

The rooms of the highest category include studio, suite, apartment and suite. The studio is an apartment-type room, the area of which should be at least 25 sq.m. There is a full bathroom and a maximum of 2 beds. Accommodation — up to 2 people.

Junior Suite, which is also called Polylux, has the same requirements as the studio. But the layout of the room may vary.

The suite area should be at least 35 sq.m. There is a full bathroom, and no more than 2 people can live in the room. The number of rooms in the suite is at least 2, a bedroom and a living room.

The apartments will be even larger in size. The territory of the room occupies from 40 sq.m. This room also offers at least 2 rooms. It also includes a full bathroom, a full set of kitchen appliances.

The suite is the largest room in the hotel, because its area should be at least 75 sq. m., and the number of rooms — at least three. Among them are a study, a bedroom and a living room.

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