By what characteristics should I choose a smokehouse?

A smokehouse is an equipment for smoking dishes at low temperature using different types of fuel.

There is a distinction between hot and cold smoking — the taste and aroma of products in a smokehouse of different types differ. Depending on where to use the smokehouse – on the street or at home and the type of smoking of dishes (hot or cold) – choose different models of smokers.  Smokehouses also differ in the type of fuel (electricity, gas and sawdust), size, shape. Smokehouses can be installed in the yard on your site and on the balcony of your apartment, the size of the equipment allows you to feed a large number of people with dishes prepared at one time.

  • How to choose a smokehouse

To choose a smokehouse, you need to decide on the type of devices: hot smoking will ensure cooking speed, bright taste and aroma. If you need a dietary component of products, long shelf life of dishes, then it is better to choose cold–smoked equipment. You can buy a smokehouse

When buying a hot smoking smokehouse, it is recommended to pay attention to :

— housing material (it is better to choose stainless steel);

-the thickness of the bottom;

— the presence of a hydraulic lock;

— the depth of the fat collection tray;

— the price of the device.

When choosing a cold-smoked smokehouse, it is better to follow the advice of experts:

— choose a factory, not a homemade design;

— the volume of the woodchip hopper;

— material of manufacture and thickness of metal;

— availability of a smoke purification system;

— collapsibility of the structure;

— the design of the smoking chamber (it is better if you choose a 50-60 liter chamber for home use).

  • How does the smokehouse work?

The principle of its operation is as follows:

— sawdust is placed in a special chamber, they smolder with the formation of smoke;

— due to the draft, the smoke gets into the chimney;

— in the smoking chamber, the products placed there are treated with smoke for a certain time.

A hot smokehouse is a cylindrical container with a grate and a baking tray inside for the layout of products.  The maximum cooking time in such a device is up to 1.5 hours. The products come out of the smokehouse with a pleasant smoky aroma and a bright golden crust.  Their advantages are that they are compact, airtight and you can smoke anything in such devices.

A cold—method smokehouse is a device in which products will be prepared for a long time – from 8 hours to a day.

There are no large temperature differences in the device, so this is a food option – more dietary, gentle, more useful substances with a long shelf life are stored in the food.

Which smokehouse to choose for the user is a matter of his taste, preferences, financial capabilities and the place of operation of the equipment.

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