Popular laptop breakdowns and their elimination

Surely you’ve heard that computers break down much less often than laptops? It really is. Moreover, laptop repair takes more time and will cost more. Of course, if a breakdown is detected, you can immediately call specialists or contact a service center. But sometimes you can solve the problem yourself. More information about popular laptop breakdowns and their elimination can be obtained on the portal eco-service.kz .

What breakdowns are most often encountered by laptop owners?

  1. Cracked body

A laptop is much easier to drop than a computer. Therefore, hull breakdowns are very common. Basically, cracks simply violate the aesthetic appearance, but sometimes they can also become the causes of breakdowns. If the screen mounting loop breaks, it will stop opening and closing normally, and it will also be impossible to keep it open for a long time.

This problem must be solved, otherwise soon the laptop will completely break down, as the matrix or the screen loop will fly.

Hinges are most often made of plastic, which can easily crack and rub off. Therefore, they just need to be replaced with new ones. It is safer to buy metal hinges. They will last longer.

Replacing the loop will cost about 3 thousand rubles.

  1. Power supply and battery

These two elements need to be considered together, because it is not always clear what exactly is broken. If the power supply does not supply voltage at the output, then it is easy to understand that the problem is in it. In this case, you need to buy a new analogue from a good developer. The price of the question is no more than 2 thousand rubles.

If there are problems with the battery and it cannot keep charging for a long time, it discharges quickly, then we can conclude that the breakdown is in it. It also costs about 2 thousand rubles to replace the battery.

  1. Keyboard

Very often people spill coffee, drop or pollute the keyboard, as a result of which breakdowns occur.

Most often, the keyboard needs to be completely replaced. And this is quite expensive — about 8 thousand rubles.

  1. The matrix

The laptop screen most often encounters breakdowns, because it is easily vulnerable due to the flimsiness of the lid. The image may disappear completely or it will show in stripes.

Complete darkness indicates a breakdown of the laptop’s backlight. Changing the lamp is not expensive. If the image is only half visible or the stripes have gone, then the situation is already worse and there is a problem with the matrix. It costs about 8 thousand rubles to replace the entire matrix.

So, we can conclude that the laptop really breaks down more often than the computer. Do not be negligent about your own things. If you manage carefully and competently with a laptop, you will not have to spend money.

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