What excursions to visit in Tuapse?

List of routes and their description:

  • A trip to the Guam Gorge.

The opportunity is available in a short format to take a walk on a cute steam locomotive. Every tourist who wants to go there should imagine a railway laid along the bottom of the gorge and a train that moves slowly, and satisfied citizens are located inside it. A tour of the described natural location will definitely be remembered, because there is a significant amount of impressions here. The narrow–gauge railway track is a complete surprise for the guests of the region, who are enthusiastic about such an innovation in a mountain corner. This link will help you get more information about which excursions to visit in Tuapse.

In the heart of the gorge there is a comfortable establishment with an unusual name “Cosmonauts’ House”. The cafe represents the final point of the journey. During this tour, its participants will have the opportunity to take a water bath located in a thermal spring, which has healing properties and is saturated with minerals. The impressive volume of silicic acid dissolved in water gives the liquid a specific smell.

  • Hike to the Tashtai River area.

For thousands of years, the above-mentioned reservoir has been grinding deep gorges in the middle of steep cliffs, which later turned into a solid canyon. Currently, the latter is full of the purest water carried by a fast current through narrow rapids and channels. She falls off the rocks with wonderful waterfalls. Very rare plant organisms, as well as amphibians, have found their own haven in the canyon area. As for the water, trout rule there.

The described place can be called, perhaps, the most “instagrammable” location of the Tuapse district.

The canyon, like a treasure, is hidden in a dense thicket. It is impossible to get here by bus or by car – instead you will have to get there on foot along a forest path equipped with bridges and handrails. But the canyon also feels the presence of civilization, because it is equipped with steps, as well as safety cables. It is worth noting that the landscaping is done so imperceptibly and at the same time carefully that it does not affect the surrounding landscape.

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