Which transfer should I choose from Paris Airport?

There are a number of methods of arrival from the airport to the center of Paris and other parts of the city, but the most comfortable is considered to be a transfer. A person makes an advance payment for the trip before landing in the French capital (while receiving guarantees). The driver must wait for him at a certain time in a specific place. More information about which transfer to choose from Paris airport can be obtained on the portal https://transferairport24.com/paris-cdg-orly-to-city .

If a person orders a taxi, it usually saves both time and the nervous system.

Travel options from Paris Airport

It is possible to drive independently from the airport, for example, Charles de Gaulle, using public modes of transport. For example, train and bus services are available. There are also other variations of the transfer. There is information about transport on the airport’s website, but it is not enough to make a choice.

The fastest way to get to the center of Paris is the regional railway station of the RER B line. There are two of them in the already mentioned Charles de Gaulle.

You should be careful, you need to go to the platform, which is marked with a special sign. Otherwise, you can find yourself on an intercity train that will take the traveler to Marseille.

You can also get from the airport for a little money by various buses.

The Reussbas shuttles travel between the station in Paris and the airports from six in the morning to eleven at night, their interval is about twenty minutes. The ticket price tag is 12 euros. Rides for about an hour.

Other buses – Le Bus Direct, travel from the airport to the capital on various routes. A tourist can choose the most profitable one for himself.

To order a taxi, a person will have to take a queue. For this reason, it is more convenient and cheaper to book a transfer in advance through a Russian organization (for example, Kiwitaxi). The driver will meet the tourist with a sign, will also help with things, will take you to your destination in a short period. At the same time, the cost of the trip will definitely remain the same.

Transfer to the Paris hotel from the airport by car belonging to the “economy” class – about fifty euros.

In general, you can take a taxi from the airport to the center of the capital in an hour. You should be careful, because using a taxi without a license in France is dangerous.

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