How a Russia-controlled Ukraine could extend a new Iron Curtain across Europe

CNN’s John King lays out how potential Russia control of Ukraine could remove a buffer between NATO member nations and …

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  1. Patrick Kolawole

    Russia should take the Ukraine capital, uproot Zelensky Nazists – cabal, and get Ukrainians to elect new leader that would rebuild Ukraine, Human Resources and damaged public infrastructure.
    Zelensky’s US Biden’s puppet, bring war on UKraine, blindinglg following US Biden’s scripts against Russia.
    Patrick Kolawole Boboye

  2. Gary Smith

    Hope so. I miss the Cold War. Life was so much simpler back then.

  3. sriraj b


  4. Neill Chippett

    Let Ukraine have their nuke's back !! See how keen Pootin is then.


    еurope can buy gas and oil from the аsian region
    европа может закупать газ и нефть из региона азии

  6. Craig Finnegan

    Let's hope the Europeans don't succumb to the temptation to blind themselves to their own history. If they let themselves be bullied by a Hitler-like megalomaniac into abandoning the Ukrainians, thinking that their own countries are just going to go back to their high standards of living, they're kidding themselves. Like any bully, criminal, or drug addict, that's not how the Russians work. The Russian's historical policy is to persistently threaten and look for weaknesses to find a way to violate other country's independence and exploit their resources, including their people. The Russians aren't going to stop with Ukraine, they're only going to stop when they hit a wall of strength. Because that's the only thing Russians respect. If the Europeans stand aside and let the Russians have Ukraine, the weakness the Russians have been hoping for is going to leave every other country in Europe stumbling forward into a wider, direct war with Russia. Let's hope Europeans don't have to learn a third time in just over a century that retreating into weakness is far more dangerous than moving forward with strength and courage, like the Ukrainians are.

  7. Wayne Silva

    CNN counterfeit news . Total propaganda for the American sheep.

  8. يحيى قيسي

    💪🇷🇺🇸🇦❤Long live Russia

  9. Troy Lawes

    My question is how is it that both sides have been firing missiles at each other but only Russians have killed civilian's and why are we only hearing one side of the story propoganda at it's finest people believe anything that they see or have been told….

  10. Smart Stuff

    Zelenskys troops killed 14,000 of his own countrymen in Dombass since 2014. He couldn't control the neo nazi Asov battalions (he did try to stop them) and thousands of men, women, children and babies were slaughtered. Where was your protest then? If you had half a brain you would realise that Putin intervened because Zelensky couldn't control these troops slaughtering Ukrainians. Do your homework for once.

    I am amazed how stupid sheeple just follow mainstream media and are too lazy to study themselves. This is why Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan got invaded on a false premise and lies because the general public buy the narrative without question. If its on DM, BBC, CNN etc it must be true.

    There's WMDs in Iraq! Invade. Terrorists in Afghanistan .. invade. Gaddafi wants to develop his own African currency.. invade. Bomb Kosovo. Bomb Vietnam and use chemical weapons (agent orange). The USA and UK are the biggest terrorist organisation in the world. Only 30 countries buy into the BS with sanctions. 140 countries won't. What is coming because of the western arrogance is security and economic alliances between Russia, China, India, Pakistan UAE, Venezuela, Brazil etc. The west is dying and the south east is rising. Its all on a path of no return and you'll never stop it. The world has had enough of American and UK arrogance and domination. Moan and call people trolls (very childish) all you want the West is dying. The horse has left the gate never to return. Rest in peace The West, I don't mourn for you!!!

  11. 2 cents

    So if Putin takes over Ukraine or even just Eastern Ukraine what does Europe do about it? That’s it? It’s part of Russia now? If Russia invaded Poland than is it ok to go to war with Russia even if nuclear war is threatened by Putin? What difference does it make if Putin decided to invade any sovereign nation if everyone is too frightened by his nuclear threats? Why not just hand him the USA with a big fat bough and beg him not to kill us?

  12. Sergeysk3 Sergeysk33

    You are being deceived. The news is written as if there is no Nazism in Ukraine and the army is defending itself from invasion, but this is a lie! There is no classical army in Ukraine! The Army of Ukraine is a terrorist organization, for example, "Azov", recognized as terrorists in the United States in 2015! Now Azov is the "army of Ukraine", just think about it, the official terrorists recognized by the whole world are the army of Ukraine! Since 2014, Ukrainian terrorists have threatened Russia with terrorist attacks and attacks, mined bridges in Russia and staged explosions, for example, in Volgograd. How long did Russia have to endure this? Let's remember the USA and Iraq. The whole of Europe is at one with the USA in this deception! Therefore, the whole of Europe turns a blind eye to the terrorists of Ukraine and helps them only because they are against Russia. Russia is defending itself! Russia is doing a good job expelling terrorists from Ukraine! The news is lying, the US and Europe have embittered the population against Russia through the news, but this is the result of manipulation and deception by the viewer's news! Russia is defending itself!

  13. Tim McCarthy

    Who comes up with this stuff? We literally did this already with the expansion of NATO…1998-SENATE DEBATE ON THE EXPANSION OF NATO: a senior Republican on the Armed Services Committee, urged the Senate to consider the dangers of expanding NATO to Russia's doorstep. U-S Senator John Warner : "It's an arc. And just as the Iron Curtain was dropped in the late 1940s facing west, that ring of countries constitutes an iron ring now encircling much of Russia. Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan cited a recently published document by the Russians (under President Boris Yeltsin) to warn of the possible outcome should Russia feel isolated.
    The outcome, Nuclear war…in 1998. THE DEBATE:

  14. Bar-Sabas

    All blame to NATO and ameriKKKa

  15. mark vietti

    dont ever trust CNN

  16. Glory_in The_3rd

    They started out covering this war straight up I was like Wow and now they're talkin about all kinds of stuff just like seeing in always does LOL but to be fair a lot of other ridiculous news people do the same exact thing so it should be expected by now

  17. Ivan Red

    Around 200 dead and injured french, german, american and british bandits have been covered with a Russian Caliber in Lutzk. One british bandit cried repeating "It was a mistake, it was a mistake. I am scared to death, I wanna go home, please mommy take me from evil Russian brave soldiers!" All remaining european bandits got their staff together and sqeezed out to polish boundary leaving passports and weapons behind.

  18. Pallas Athena

    "How a Russia-controlled Ukraine could extend a new Iron Curtain across Europe"

    Stupid title. An Iton Curtain will exist no matter the outcome of the war.
    Meaning that NATO wants to the Iron Curtain against Russia

  19. jeremy gilley

    Don't feel bad Russia also controls nato

  20. ledia Pronica

    The Aggresors have killed innocent people of Palestine,Cuba, Syria,Iraq, Afganistan, Viatnam, Rohingya, Venezuela,Iran,Yamen,Africa. They spread hoax about those Countries. They took their oil,they took all from them .they left them in Suffering. The Justice is not only for Ukraine but also Others. The Justice is not only for the blue eyes,blonde hair and white skin.

  21. Rocky Scott

    Is it just me or does Ukraine's map look close to America's? As if this is a practice simulated run on us. First they start in south America like Crimea. Then they come down from Canada 🇨🇦 and east coast. Sorry but if Trump was President they might already have Bridge going over the Bering Strait China/ Russia Trump would give it to them if he could

  22. Free And Critical Thinker

    Damn I can’t stand this CNN reporter. You would think he was reporting on election results with his ridiculous finger pointing on that Mickey Mouse map and demeanor. Typical sensationalism from CNN. While I am not an expert on this region but appears that at least CNN isn’t completely fabricating an outright fantasy land lie off the cuff like much of the time

  23. حمزة الحزين

    استخدموا موارد الكوكب ليش يوجد الكثير من الفقراء

  24. حمزة الحزين

    ضموا اوكرانيا لاوربا شبيكم مو اوربيين

  25. Isaac M

    Fake News without a doubt! How many agents does the CIA having working for them as CNN correspondences? Everyone of these people should face treason and be put to death. Pure Evil that makes Putin look like a good guy. Think about that!

  26. 이병범

    It is said that heaven helps those who help themselves.
    Fellow Ukrainians, your earnest desire to protect your own country will reach heaven.
    Kyiv and Kharkov, your fighting spirit, fighting without finding a place to retreat, and the Ukrainian soldiers defending each city will set an example for many soldiers who will enter the front line later.
    I hope that spring will come and flowers will bloom in the fields of Ukraine.

  27. Jared Hotopp

    This is war deal with it you but joe biden in rember that go joe


    So you guys start wars and after that you talk on YouTube you censor the other party go to war no more rooms for talk. The war started in 2014, 10"000 russians died already at the hands of the ultra Nazi Ukraine Donbass they burned people at the beginning they were filmed and those people are still in Ukraine they have never been arrested they have used cluster bombs against their own population they are 4,000 Ultra Nazi self-proclaimed publicly known ukrainians in the military. The Nazi are trying a come-back the pointing automatic weapons at black people who are trying to leave they still won't let one black person in the country they are truly Hitler's children's
    Yo! word up! From Brooklyn to watts. My Word is born kid NATO declared war to Russia the day they installed nuclear weapons all around Russia and told them they will kill the Russian population. 10 000 russians mothers kids were killed by ultra Nazi Ukraine Donbass and after 211 Wars NATO since the second world war, after destroying Iraq killing 1 million children after destroying Palestine Afghanistan Syria Libya Somalia Nagasaki and Hiroshima Vietnam etc etc etc Russia decided to destroy NATO where ever they are and China and most of the world agrees. USSR dismantled was never accepted in europeens union as promised and NATO kept putting nukes to kill Russians. NATO and America 850 military bases are now facing total Destruction by the New World Order. Truth is 120 million native children were murdered for the establishment of English colony on native land anyone will help we need running Waters the English people did not give us running water over 400 years and we need hospitals so woman can give birth please ICC Court help us America 2022 no hospital has no running water and the concentration camp call Native Reserve

    Zooyorky Tag 1983
    Citizen journalist since 1983 Bronx

  29. Peter McLelland

    This voyeurism by the safe western media slavering point by point over the slaughter & destruction of the largest country & its cities in the heart of supposedly civilised Europe brings shame to us all ? It's a strategic & geographical stab in the belly of the paper tiger – NATO ? A cut across Poland to the Baltic & the the northern Baltic States are isolated ? Would the bigger NATO alliance States risk their capital cities for these minor Baltic States ? Putins just the psycho to call the hand ?

  30. Jake Roth

    The Russian will move the heavy artillery close to Kiev and bombard the city reducing it to rubble and killing thousand of people we havent seem the worse yet…Putin disrespect Biden because his weakness and frailty of leadership. Putin is doing whatever he wants in Eastern Eutope because he know that Biden has no backbone to confront him. Thats why invaded. Putin is a bully and a madman and so the weakling Biden and saw the oportunity to invade. Biden is giving up Ukraine for loss already.

  31. Michael L

    This never would have happened under Trump. The democrats rigged the election, installed this senile child sniffer who sexually assaulted Tara Reade and now they have blood on their hands. Thanks to pedo Joe, we have a border crisis where young girls are raped enroute to the southern border, Afghanistan disaster which gave dems blood on their hands. Ukraine disaster which gave dems blood on their hands. Joe has failed on the covid pandemic, caused high inflation, high crime rates, high food prices, high gas prices and this administration siccing the FBI on parents for calling out CRT in schools. Soon, it will be China invading Taiwan which will give dems blood on their hands too. I have never seen such a horrible disaster of a presidency. The media is working all day to run damage control for this failed administration. Pathetic.

  32. Rusland Slava

    Russia has already dismantled over 98% of the so-called Ukrainian military. What is left will be easily swept up by Russian intelligence units who are native and fluent Ukrainian speakers and will infiltrate the command structure from top to bottom and dismantle them so fast that they won't even know what hit them. Ukraine has suffered extraordinary humiliating military defeats from an army that's half its size. Ukraine has over 450,000 soldiers, Russia only brought 160,000 to the fight and they are obliterating them everywhere they meet on the battle space. Shame on Ukraine for being so weak

  33. Millmoor Michael

    Kiev Holds!! Amen

  34. David Griffiths

    That was the whole idea behind the US insistence of moving its armed forces into Ukraine. Now the CNN mouthpiece is predictably introducing the concept of the second iron curtain, right on time, as part of the US establishment Grand Plan to destroy Europe as an economic competitor.

    The purpose of nato is to keep Russia out, America in, and Germany down.

    We should have kicked the US out of Europe 25 years ago, it’s now become a toxic catastrophe that is toying with apocalyptic destruction that is not in the survival interests of the American public, never mind their prosperity.

  35. Marie Gerorge

    Sanctions people dying what life is this NATO and US are they not world class leaders

  36. Mali Budo

    CNN is fake news. No one watches lying CNN

  37. miller

    Interpol is looking for a war criminal !!!Biden!PILOSSI, NULAND, AVAKOV,ZELENSKY,Stoltenberg,👈👈👈👈👈😎😎😎👍👍👍👍

  38. Yusuf

    "this is illigal " HAHA USA is the last country in the world to say what is legal or illigal, what about the fake war in Irak against weapons of mass distruction . USA just shut up…

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