The midfielder of the Russian national team spoke about the emotional state after the suspension

Midfielder of the Russian national team and St. Petersburg “Zenith” Daler Kuzyaev on the YouTube channel Russian team shared his emotions after the removal of the national team from participation in international games under the auspices of FIFA.

“Glad we are here. Although, unfortunately, our game with Poland was canceled, we should not lose heart, we must move on. Due to illness, I missed several matches of Zenit, but now I feel great. I train, I play, everything is in order, ”Kuzyaev said.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) have decided to remove the Russian national team, as well as all Russian clubs from participating in all competitions controlled by these organizations.

On March 24, the Russian national team was supposed to play the first qualifying play-off for the 2022 World Cup against Poland. And in early March, Spartak Moscow was supposed to play in the 1/8 of the Europa League for the first time in ten years.

From March 21 to March 27, the Russian team will hold a training camp despite the suspension. Control meetings with other teams are not planned.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Sports decided assign the status of the European and World Championships to Russian competitions with the participation of foreigners.

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