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In which recreation center is it better to relax with your family?

Tourists seeking to enjoy a rest in nature with a pleasant contemplation of the surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban metropolis, are waiting for recreation centers in any corner of the country and in any season of the year.

  • The benefits of a vacation in the country

It is better to plan an ideal vacation with a family with children in advance and pay special attention to the right choice of a vacation destination.

Outdoor recreation is useful for both children and adults: therefore, recreation centers are incredibly popular with vacationers in any season. With this format of recreation, it is convenient to combine the comfort of being outdoors and a variety of entertainment, as well as the safety of children and their own (usually bases have fenced territories). On the RST portal, you can get more information about which recreation center is better for a family vacation.

There are many more advantages of a family vacation at an equipped base outside the city:

— usually the bases are located in remote places, with beautiful views of the surrounding area and amazing landscapes near a lake, river, forest or on the seashore);

— quite comfortable conditions of stay have been created at the bases (you can choose the level of service based on your preferences and financial capabilities);

— there are always good access roads to all the bases located (and the proximity of the city or attractions makes the rest more attractive);

— recreation centers almost always offer a varied menu for all categories and ages of vacationers;

— the buildings and houses have all the necessary amenities for living;

— the territories of recreation centers are ennobled, there are places for picnics, gazebos, baths or saunas, barbecue areas and playgrounds, sports grounds;

At the service of vacationers at the bases there are a lot of all kinds of leisure activities; rental of boats, kayaks, bicycles and other equipment, swimming pools and thermal springs, unique sightseeing routes and mass entertainment events.

The format of such recreation involves a rich program – hiking, cycling excursions with the study of the natural beauties of the area, organized and spontaneous leisure at the bases with programs for children and adults.

  • Where should I go to rest at the recreation center

Russia is a huge country, you can go on vacation anywhere. Recreation centers are located both near large cities and near small settlements.

Both Russian and foreign travelers – with family and friends, alone — choose to rest in the most beautiful places in Russia: Karelia, Krasnodar Kara and Baikal, Elbrus and Kabardino–Balkaria, Kamchatka and the Urals and the Crimea.

Everywhere – where people live – there are amazing places and bases where you can take a break from work, reboot and get a unique opportunity to spend time with children in the fresh air, get a pleasant psychological pleasure and strengthen your health.

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