Vrnjacka-Banja: description of the resort of Serbia

General information.

Vrnjacka Banja is an urban settlement and municipality of the same name, which is located in the southern part of Serbia (200 km from Belgrade). The population of the village exceeds 9 thousand people.

The main attraction of this resort is the mineral springs, which were willingly used by the Romans back in the II century. In the XIX century, the baths built during the existence of the Roman Empire were modernized in accordance with the order of the ruler Milos Obrenovich. This prince wanted the resort to become as similar as possible to the world-famous Karlovy Vary, therefore, in order to successfully implement the idea, he invited Baron Herder from the Czech Republic. As a result, Mr. Obrenovich managed to realize his own idea. Currently, Vrniachka-Bath is compared, first of all, with Karlovy Vary and it is said that the Serbian health resort is not inferior to the Czech one at all. On the portal vserbii.ru / you can get more information about Vrnyachka-Banya.

Local entertainment.

The main event of the year is an international carnival. This event is held in the middle of summer. Its duration is 7 days. It is a large-scale festival that includes a variety of concerts, processions, masquerades, music, sports, as well as exhibitions. To take part in the carnival, several hundred thousand people from all over the globe come to it.

If tourists, for some reason, do not have time or do not want to attend the carnival, then they can choose a good alternative – the cafe–bar “Savka”. In this institution you can have a nice rest both during the day and at night. In the morning, the cafe offers the opportunity to enjoy a cup of excellent coffee, and in the afternoon you can try a large portion of a hearty lunch. As for the evening, at this time you can organize a candlelit dinner – an ideal option for romantic couples. In August, a masquerade is held in this place, which many representatives of the youth of Serbia strive to get to.

The resort is mainly a medical center. Due to the above, entertainment programs for representatives of the younger generation are not held in this location, and alcoholic beverages are also not welcome.

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