Yacht rental in Gelendzhik: which one to rent?

Gelendzhik is a resort town. Here you can have a great rest and relax. One of the wonderful pastimes with which you can both surprise your loved ones and give a lot of pleasure is a yacht trip. Yacht rental in Gelendzhik will not be difficult. Such a walk is carried out individually, without strangers. But it is mandatory that an experienced captain and sailors lead the walk. As for the route, the client’s wishes are taken into account here. It all depends on the rental time and the chosen route.

During the walk, tourists can see such views as:

  1. A city at the foot of the Markoth ridge.
  2. The Black Sea coast.
  3. Rocks.
  4. Lighthouse.
  5. Vineyards.
  6. The winery.

At the request of customers, a stop can be made in the open sea, during which you can swim.

Any yacht in Gelendzhik has everything you need for a safe trip. As everything necessary, every yacht necessarily has: a signal rocket, rafts. Life jackets.

All yachts are equipped with cozy cabins, a spacious deck.

There is also no need to worry about safety, because, as has already been noted, any ship is headed by an experienced captain.

As for the choice of yachts, there are actually a huge number of them. Therefore, as well as companies providing rent enough. So, as an example, here are several yachts available for rent.

Boat Voyage

The boat is small, but at the same time comfortable and cozy. It has enough space for a small company of 10 people. In addition, the board is equipped with a table, a canopy from the sun. There is a sunbathing area on the bow deck. If you want to swim in the open sea, you can do it very simply and easily thanks to a convenient ladder.

Yacht Aurora

This yacht has white sails and belongs to the luxury class. The number of seats is 10. The yacht is equipped with blue sofas. It has a canopy from the sun and a ladder into the water. Such a yacht allows you to take beautiful photos, which is why its popularity is high.

Ship Pharaoh

This ship is also designed for 10 people. A canopy from the sun, a smooth and smooth floor, high sides make the walk unforgettable. The ship also has a platform from which you can jump into the water.

As you can see, it is very convenient to rest in Gelendzhik, and each tourist decides which yacht to choose independently.

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