How to prepare for a helicopter ride?

The best and most expensive gift is emotions: they are remembered for a long time and do not lose their brightness over time. To give an aerial helicopter ride is one of the fashionable and extraordinary aerial walks today, they are in demand all over the world and always give unforgettable emotions from air travel. Find out on the portal https://helitaxi24.com you can learn more about the helicopter ride.

  • How to prepare for a helicopter ride

A short trip at the height of a bird’s flight allows you to take a fresh look at the world. An exciting aerial helicopter adventure is a great opportunity to view from above the beauty of the landscape and the sights of the area, as it will never be seen on earth.

Today helicopter tours are organized for individuals and companies: for groups and individuals, as a gift to a loved one or a birthday boy, for hunters or fishermen in hard-to-reach places.

There are no health contraindications for traveling by helicopter, except perhaps for people with cardiovascular diseases who have recently undergone surgery and hypertensive patients, it is worth carefully weighing all the pros and cons of traveling by aircraft.

Also, you should not conquer the expanses of the sky — if there is a cold or a runny nose.

But otherwise, no fears and dangers are expected in a comfortable and short-term flight (unless the weather lets you down).

Usually the shortest flights last 10-15 minutes, the most maximum — 30-40 minutes or within an hour.

It is worth considering the weather forecast: if a helicopter trip is planned, it is worth calling the organizers of the air tour or to the airfield on the day of the flights and clarifying the possibility of a walk in the sky.

It is better to take with you on a trip:

— good mood;

— identity card and flight certificate;

— comfortable clothes for the season;

— sunglasses from the sun.

Helicopter flights usually take place at a low altitude – 100-300 m. During an excursion in the sky, it is necessary to be fastened with seat belts, wear special headphones with a noise-canceling system, and clearly follow the instructions of the instructor or flight director.

Having made a helicopter trip at least once in their life, people understand that this excursion is perhaps the most grandiose and impressive sight that they will want to repeat again.

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