Aquatel Hotel in Sudak: advantages and rooms

Choosing a place to relax, many people want to go to the sea first of all, and also to have picturesque places, a wonderful climate and sunny days around. The ideal place for such a holiday is the Crimea. It combines all of the above qualities, and the southern coast of the peninsula is generally the sunniest on the coast, so you will definitely enjoy your vacation there. An important point when choosing a holiday is the choice of a hotel, it is about the hotel that we will tell in our article, specifically about the Aquatel hotel in Sudak. Find out on the portal https://aqua-hotel.com / you can learn more about the hotel.

Features of the hotel in Sudak

Rest in Sudak will definitely appeal to everyone. This is an absolutely picturesque place surrounded by mountains, and clean and sunny beaches will leave the most pleasant impression. It is not for nothing that the Pike Perch is called the pearl of the Crimean peninsula. For the most comfortable rest, only the beauty of nature is not enough, it is also important to choose the ideal place to live during your vacation. One of these places is the Aquatel Hotel in Sudak. The hotel offers its guests:

  • comfortable accommodation;
  • a varied diet;
  • transfer, you don’t have to think about how to get to the bus station or around the city;
  • beach holidays;
  • sightseeing holidays;
  • wellness recreation.

The Aquatel Hotel is open all year round, that is, you can stay here both in summer and in winter. Location by the sea in bright and comfortable Luxury rooms. The hotel has double and quadruple rooms, each of which has a large double bed, as well as:

  • stylish and modern interior, the hotel has recently undergone a large-scale renovation;
  • comfortable and spacious bathroom with shower;
  • each room has gorgeous views from panoramic windows;
  • all rooms are equipped with air conditioning;
  • free internet access via Wi-Fi;
  • household appliances such as: refrigerator; electric kettle; microwave oven.

On the territory of the hotel there is:

  • parking for cars,
  • barbecues, for general use.

It should be noted that the rest itself on a Black holiday in the city of Sudak is useful in itself. You can alternate sunbathing on the beach with swimming in salt water and this is already a huge benefit for the body. And combining all this with a comfortable stay, there will be even more pleasure from the rest.

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