Cruise on Wonder Of The Seas — the world’s largest cruise ship

If people want to get an unforgettable vacation experience, they go on cruises on ocean liners. An increasing number of tourists in the world prefer not hotels, but cruise trips according to the mass of advantages of rest: it is a luxurious service, a variety of impressions, excellent cuisine.Wonder Of The Seas has been listed in the top of the most luxurious cruise liners on the planet since 2022. People had pleasant impressions about the cruise on Wonder Of The Seas.

  • What is a good superliner  Wonder Of The Seas, characteristics of the vessel

This liner has been called the “miracle of the seas” for a reason. It was built in 2022 by Royal Caribbean and with a displacement of 237 thousand tons is the largest liner in the world.

Initially, it was planned to use the vessel for cruise voyages in the Pacific basin with a focus on the growing Chinese market.

Later, the plans of the owners of the liner changed, Wonder Of The Seas relocated first to the United States in the Caribbean, in early 2022 went to Rome and Barcelona.

Wonder Of The Seas is powered by 6 marine diesel engines, each of which consists of three 16-cylinder and three 12-cylinder engines.

The characteristics of the liner are truly impressive:

— length of the vessel — 364 m;

— width — 66 meters;

— displacement — 237 thousand tons;

— 15 passenger decks;

— post 3 thousand cabins;

— capacity of about 7 thousand passengers;

— 2,300 crew members.

The liner was built in a record two years and today it is one of the most luxurious cruise ships in the world.

  • What entertainment is offered on the liner

At the service of the passengers of a huge ship — a lot of options for a pleasant and memorable holiday every day, in addition to sightseeing in the sea cities:

  1. Services and amenities — restaurants, bowling alleys, casinos, cinemas, bars, spa centers, Internet centers, chapel, library, beauty salon and much more.
  2. For fitness and sports on the liner there is everything — swimming pools, Jacuzzi, sports fields and treadmills, fitness club, skating rink, climbing wall, etc.
  3. The cabins have luxurious furnishings — air conditioning, TV, mini bar, safe and lr.
  4. Facilities for children — babysitting services, children’s rooms and swimming pools, slot machines and a teen club, animation, etc.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the magnificent and diverse cuisine — it will satisfy the most fastidious gourmet.

A cruise trip on a super liner is always a new world every day, new horizons and impressions: an amazing vacation on the ship can be varied with a surge of adrenaline (there are a lot of different types of leisure on the liner), great fun for both adults and children.

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