Advantages of a private guide with a car

Traveling is always great wherever you go, in any case, a change of scenery helps to expand the horizons of your world, and this already means a lot. You can travel independently, as part of a tour group, or in the company of a guide and his car, for example. We will tell you about the features and advantages of a private guide in our article. Find out on the portal www.gidalexey.ru you can tell everything about a private guide.

Features and benefits of a private guide

Travel changes us and our perception of the world around us. There are few people who do not like traveling. After all, traveling gives you the opportunity:

  • see another country,
  • another city,
  • another culture with your own eyes.

While traveling, we can also see:

  • sights and famous places that have been read about in books or seen in TV programs;
  • get to know the locals, talk to them and learn from them about things that neither programs nor books will tell you about.

However, depending on what type of trip you choose, it also depends on how much new and interesting your trip will bring you. Some choose the usual type of vacation, when a tour is purchased in advance and special people meet you together with the rest of the tourists, gather in groups, conduct various entertainments and excursions, and also escort you back home. This type of recreation is good, although there are not so many opportunities with it, everything will be according to a pre-planned program, along well-known tourist routes and hardly anyone will deviate from them. But there is an alternative way to relax, this is if you agree with a personal guide who will guide you through all the famous and not only tourist places, and also allow you to feel the local flavor and real life. As a rule, guided tours are more interesting and intense, and have a number of advantages:

  • a unique route, the guide will take you to places that are known only to the locals;
  • economy, as a rule, guides know all the places in the city where you can eat tasty and inexpensive food, buy souvenirs and local products cheaply;
  • individual approach, communicating with the guide directly, you will definitely hear all the information, unlike a group tour for 20 people, where in crowded places it is not even always clear which group is yours.

Personal guides are your personal guides, assistants, advisers who accompany guests on tourist trips and make the rest more interesting and unforgettable.

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