Features of Turkish Airlines

The world-famous Turkish airlines are presented as the leading carrier of the state, the slogan of the corporation offers to expand its borders. This goal seems to be the main one in the functioning of the airline, whose task is to fly around the globe in the utmost convenience, at an affordable cost and, most importantly, extremely safe. Find out on the portal https://pegasus.ru/aviakompaniya-turkish-airlines / you can learn more about Turkish airlines.

Features of Turkish Airlines

The base airport of Turkish Airlines is located in Istanbul and is called Ataturk. The headquarters of the organization is also present in the capital. The carrier is a member of the Star Alliance mastitis alliance and has three subsidiaries.

The geography of airlines includes almost 300 destinations in one hundred and twenty countries around the world. And this is the most record number at the moment.

The flagship organization employs a large staff, the number of which is more than twenty thousand people, and taking into account subsidiaries (both passenger and cargo transportation), it is close to 53 thousand. The most numerous categories of employees are pilots and crew cabin staff, as well as technical and engineering staff.

The distinctive characteristics are a fairly young segment of liners, as well as an attentive attitude to the ergonomics of the cabin (comfortable chairs, a stand for hands and feet, headrests that can be adjusted, monitors with a touchpad, good-sized shelves and compartments for luggage).

Passengers who have purchased a business class ticket can rely on the airline and be sure of delicious food, serving with porcelain dishes, a delicious glass of champagne or freshly squeezed juice immediately after the plane took off. The menu is updated every week, which is quite comfortable for passengers who often use Turkish Airlines planes. The seats in the premium class are equipped with a lamp with which it is comfortable to read, a monitor with a touchscreen and an embedded Planet system, a footrest, and there is also a valuable enlarged space between the chair, necessary for a valuable rest from the outside world. The standards for carrying luggage, as well as luggage in the primium class are much higher than in the economy class.

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