How are visas issued?

The main advantage of a visa is the ability to legally stay in different countries with just one document for departure. The traveler has the right to stay within the borders of the Schengen zone for no more than ninety days in 6 months. The place of the border crossing has no role. However, it is recommended to apply for a visa at the consulate of the state where you plan to go for the longest period. On the portal visarf.su you can learn more about visa processing.

Visa processing

The process of obtaining a visa is the same for all states: you should collect a set of documentation and certificates; fill out a questionnaire; register for an entry document at a special center or consulate of the required state.

Before applying, you should read the instructions on the website of the visa center or consulate, because there are discrepancies. For example, this is a type of health insurance; the rate of finance per day; the language in which the questionnaire is filled out, etc..

Even the smallest typos and blots should not be allowed in the documentation, otherwise the consulate will not accept them and the person will be denied the purchase of an entry document.

The list of required documentation for opening an entry document depends on what kind of trip is planned. The package of papers for making a tourist visa in electronic or paper form to the Schengen states is the same, but each representative office has the right to increase the requirements, or on the contrary, simplify them.

The set of documentation for the purchase of a tourist visa for an individual entrepreneur does not differ from the usual set. And in order to apply for a business visa, you should present an offer from an organization from the country in which the person enters.

The questionnaire is considered to be the most significant document from the entire set. The form should be filled out on the website of the representative office or submitted in a printed version with other certificates and photocopies.

A certificate from the place where a person works eliminates the opportunity to find a job and is a confirmation of his ability to pay as a resident. You need a regular paper on the official letterhead of the organization, which indicates the position, the period of work, as well as the amount of payment.

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