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Putorana Plateau tours: description and advantages

There are many mysterious, little-known and unique places in Russia: one of them, the Putorana plateau, is often called the northern miracle of Russia. The mountain range, on the territory of which the Putoransky Nature Reserve is located, is not for nothing recognized as a World Heritage Monument.

  • What is the uniqueness of the plateau, its characteristics and features of relief, climate, nature

The Putorana Plateau is a beautiful and harsh place, located in the very north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory beyond the Arctic Circle. On the one hand, the plateau borders with Taimyr, on the north and west of the plateau there are quite steep ledges. On the southern and eastern sides, the Putorana mountain range has more gentle slopes. The area of the plateau is about 250 thousand square kilometers, its highest point is 1700 m – Mount Kamen. Norilsk is the largest city with an airport closest to the plateau.

There are a huge number of waterfalls on Putoran: they flow down in thin streams and majestic cascades. There are also giants among them – for example, the Kandinsky Waterfall.

The Putorana plateau is perhaps the oldest basalt plateau, scientists have calculated its age of formation after the eruption of a super volcano – more than 252 million years ago.

The climate on the plateau is sharply continental: winter here lasts three quarters of the year, and the air temperature sometimes beats all sorts of cold records.  The nature of the plateau is striking in its diversity .  In winter, the temperature here is usually 40 degrees, on the warmest day the air warms up to + 16 degrees. Putoran is the geographical center of Russia – Lake Vivi.

Despite the cold belt, amazing deep lakes, cascades of falling water, mountains with deep canyons and stormy rivers are waiting for travelers here.   In winter, waterfalls freeze and form an amazing spectacle of bizarrely frozen streams of water.

A feature of the Putorana protected area is a ban on the construction of any economic facilities and construction works here.  It is not for nothing that the Putorana Plateau is called the Russian Pole of inaccessibility: you need to enter or fly into the territory of the reserve only accompanied by its employees.

The uniqueness of Putorana is also in the fact that almost 10 thousand lakes and waterfalls (the highest in the country) are concentrated on the plateau. The main feature of the plateau is the mountains without peaks, which is why the locals dubbed the Putorana plateau (translated from the Yukagira people   Putorano — “mountains without peaks).

There are no well—trodden trails and excursions on the plateau – the reserve staff strictly monitors the preservation of the unique atmosphere of the place. By purchasing tours to the Putorana plateau, you can you can see the amazing landscapes of the northern region only as part of a helicopter tour or a scientific expedition.

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