Tours to the most beautiful places on the planet

Beautiful places to relax can be found in any corner of the planet and in any country – even in Antarctica.  Some travelers like inhabited civilized places with amazing nature and landscape, others give untouched landscapes and a unique atmosphere of solitude and peace. Here is a link to get more information about tours to the most beautiful places on the planet.

Among the amazing and unique places of the planet Earth, it is worth mentioning five iconic picturesque places — which are definitely worth a visit.

  • Everest — Nepal, the highest mountain peak has always attracted tourists – especially lovers of mountain tourism and professional climbers who want to conquer it. You should come here with a certain preparation and undergo acclimatization.
  • Pamukkale — an amazing and bizarre relief of limestone tuff rocks in Southwestern Turkey attracts millions of tourists. They come here all year round to admire the spectacle of thermal springs and majestic mountain landscapes in white tones.
  • Maldives is a truly heavenly place on earth, an archipelago of many islands offers privacy and relaxation, and the purest sand, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and a lot of all kinds of entertainment create ideal conditions for relaxing in a tropical paradise.
  • Machu Picchu is an amazing place in Peru, an unusual ancient city founded in the 13th century by the Inca tribe, keeps a special aura of mystery and historical mystery in the buildings that remain to this day. This place is rightfully included in the 10 new wonders of the world.
  • The colored rocks of Zhangye— China, are located in Gansu province, the amazing variegated shades of the rocks of a bizarre shape are explained by the predominance of red sandstone among the rocks, but the sight of mountains of various colors of ochre and rust is the dream of any tourist.

There are many places on the planet with waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and peaks of incredible beauty, with beautiful beaches and ocean landscapes, with amazing natural or historical architecture created by the hands of people or Mother nature.

The wonders of the world also include the Big Blue Hole (Belize), the Alley of Baobabs (Madagascar), the Valley of Flowers (India), the Grand Canyon (USA), the Taj Mahal (India) and other parts of the world. But you can admire the beautiful places of the planet on any continent and find those that take your breath away.

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