River cruises from St. Petersburg: types and description

Types of such events and their characteristic features:

  • Cruise on the Nevsky Canal.

A cruise from St. Petersburg is a type of recreation and entertainment provided to passengers with the help of specially built cruise liners or barges. A cruise on the Nevsky Canal involves a passage along the entire long canal, starting from the Moskvoretsky Pond and ending with the Nevsky Pond or the Baltic Sea. The cruise lasts from an hour to several days – it depends on the objects of interest and tourist packages. During this time, passengers can enjoy the view of ancient monuments.

  • Cruise on the Kirov Canal.

This is an exciting journey along the inland waterways of St. Petersburg. The cruise along the Kirov Canal runs between Nevsky and Moskvoretsky ponds and lasts about 1.5 hours or more – it depends on the selected tourist package. Throughout the route, passengers can see numerous monuments of architecture and history, as well as enjoy beautiful views of St. Petersburg.

  • Cruise on the Amber field.

This is a real time travel. The cruise passes through the sea channels located around the Amber Field, where important events in the history of Russia took place. The cruise provides an opportunity to visit ancient locations, see ancient monuments and contemplate places filled with history and legends. During the cruise, visitors can also visit wonderful museums, see local masterpieces and taste local cuisine. In addition to the above, active recreation, such as swimming, is offered.

  • Cruise on the Gulf of Finland.

This is an exciting journey through the coastal regions of Finland. The cruise passes through one of the most beautiful areas of Finland and allows you to visit several towns and villages, as well as areas untouched by human activity of nature. Guests can see natural attractions and sea channels, visit museums, see monuments and spend time on the beaches. Moreover, along the route, the participants of the event have the opportunity to take part in excursions and active recreation.

  • White Bay cruise.

This is a fascinating walk through the water expanses of the Northern capital. It allows visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the historical center of the city, feel its architectural monuments, feel the spirit and soul of St. Petersburg. The cruise passes through the White Bay, passing through the Nevsky Channel and Vasilievsky Island, as well as prominent historical monuments: the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Armory, the Winter Palace, etc.

  • Cruise on the left bank of the Neva.

This is an exciting journey along the left bank of the Neva River from Fontanka Pier to Garden Island. During the trip, you will be able to enjoy stunning views of the Northern Venetian Canal and the State Hermitage Museum. In addition, you will be able to thoroughly explore the parks and reserves of St. Petersburg, as well as many historical monuments that adorn the Neva River. During the trip, there is an opportunity to see wonderful views of Garden Island, Mikhail Alexandrovich’s Palace and much more.

The advantages of participating in river cruises in the Northern capital.

They offer tourists the opportunity to enjoy the views of St. Petersburg from the water. Such cruises also allow you to view the sights of the city without getting up from your chair. In addition to the above, these events offer interesting artificial landscapes and architecture, as well as beautiful views of various sights of the city. In addition, river cruises provide comfortable decks for relaxation, bars, discos, etc.


River cruises are expensive entertainment. In addition, fatigue and anxiety can occur on long cruises, as they can last up to several days. It should also be remembered that during such a pastime it is necessary to adhere to road rules, which may be inconvenient for some tourists.

The cost of the above-mentioned events.

The price of river cruises in St. Petersburg depends on the duration and route of the cruise. Usually the cost of a cruise varies from a couple of tens to several hundred thousand rubles. The price is also affected by the number of additional services.

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