Sanatorium “Krutushka” in Kazan: services

The sanatorium “Krutushka” is located in a quiet corner among greenery and trees, and gives beautiful views of numerous lakes and mountains of the Kazan region. This is an ideal place for a memorable and positive holiday.

Services of the sanatorium “Krutushka”

Sanatorium Krutushka offers guests a lot of interesting programs. Subscribers have access to expensive entertainment and active horseback riding, smooth sea tracing and hiking along beautiful trails in the forest. Preventive treatment and rehabilitation are carried out in the sanatorium, massage, manual therapy and acupuncture courses are conducted. There are also separate classes in yoga, Ayurveda, swimming and other oriental disciplines.

Prices in the sanatorium “Krutushka”

Prices in the sanatorium “Krutushka” vary depending on the length of stay and the selected programs. You can start your vacation with 3,500 rubles for two people per week. The price for one person vacationing in the sanatorium during the week will be about 1,700 rubles. For passers-by, there are lower rates, as well as the possibility of staying at night.

Reviews of the sanatorium “Krutushka”

Visitors note the pleasant atmosphere of the sanatorium, high-quality and courteous service and an excellent level of nutrition. Visitors appreciate the widest range of services available in the sanatorium “Krutushka”. Reviews about the location, cleanliness and quality of the services provided are positive and reward the sanatorium with the highest recommendations.


In general, the sanatorium “Krutushka” in Kazan offers an excellent level of services and attractive prices. This sanatorium has comfortable rooms, a variety of recreation programs, as well as excellent staff. According to visitors, this is a great place for a memorable and positive holiday.

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