Minimalist design of a bachelor apartment in Taiwan

What, in your opinion, should be the design of a bachelor apartment? In the opinion of many people, the word “design” is generally not too applicable to such dwellings, but this stereotype is hopelessly outdated, which is convincingly proved by the project described in our article.

Its authors are specialists of the Taiwanese studio Mole Design. They have recently completed work on the design of an elite four-storey apartment complex.

The design of the apartments located in it was designed individually, in accordance with the requirements of future owners. The building itself is located in Taichung, a city in the center of western Taiwan.

To finish the apartments purchased by a wealthy local entrepreneur, the designers used the following materials: natural stone, marble, wood, leather and metal.

With a goal in mind — to create a functional and comfortable space, they made every effort to increase the illumination of the premises and preferred a neutral color scheme. The luxurious character of the interior is also formed by carefully selected floor coverings, textiles and furniture.

What do you think about this elegant and luxurious bachelor apartment?

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