Travel to Vietnam or Thailand: where to go?

When travelers plan a trip to some country in the Southeast Asian region, a lot of questions often arise. Among them, the most important is the choice of a country for recreation, most prefer one of the two popular tourist countries — Vietnam or Thailand.

  • Where is it better to rest — in Vietnam or in Thailand?

Comparing Vietnam and Thailand is not an easy matter. Each of these countries has its own distinctive culture, history and nature. Each of the countries has its advantages and disadvantages: much when choosing a trip to another state depends on financial opportunities, seasonality, the choice of elite or budget housing, the goals of your trip.

A lot depends on tourists — their tastes, preferences, habits and health. These countries also have common points that unite these two countries. Among them:

— long flight (more than 6 hours);

— English used in both countries;

— excellent transport links;

— variety of national cuisine and its exoticism;

— excellent weather all year round;

— a relatively safe stay for tourists (but your wallet and things still need to be clearly controlled);

— there is a period of prolonged rains in both countries;

— approximately the same prices for food and accommodation.

A flight to a vacation destination in Vietnam or Thailand can account for a significant proportion of the expenses planned for the trip.

Among the differences between these countries, there are many nuances for each individual country.

If travelers are looking for a milder climate, relative quiet of stay, a more budget level of prices and, accordingly, comfort, it is better to go on vacation to Vietnam. The disadvantages of recreation here include street thefts and the lack of interesting sights built by Europeans — which are plentiful in Thailand.

If you are attracted by a vibrant nightlife, lots of entertainment for every taste and a high level of service — welcome to Thailand.

The climate for both countries is approximately the same: a large tourist flow occurs at the end of winter- the beginning of spring. The presence of both countries in the tropics zone means a constant period of prolonged rains (it is better to foresee this short time of uncomfortable weather in advance at the rest date).  There are more places in Vietnam where the pristine nature has been preserved and the ecology of such places is better.

Thailand has a huge number of islands for every taste — both elite and popular, and wild.  Thailand also boasts a more diverse underwater world and the cleanliness of mass tourist destinations.

Summarizing what has been said about the features of recreation when planning a trip to Vietnam or Thailand — you need to choose from your own preferences. From the point of view of the abundance of attractions, there are more of them in Thailand, it is better to go here for excursions.

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