What determines the cost of antique samovars

Anyone has hobbies, someone likes to sing, someone fishing, someone sports, and someone is engaged in collecting antiques. Moreover, the collection can be as a whole from various antiques, or something specific, well, for example:

  • records,
  • christmas tree toys,
  • old coins and money,
  • samovars.

Yes, yes, someone likes samovars, antique ones in particular. On the portal https://samovarkino.ru/samovary you can get more information about what the cost of antique samovars depends on.

Features of antique samovars

A samovar is a Russian household item that used to be a necessity, but now it is something more than just an object in which you can boil water. Today, a samovar is an object around which whole ceremonies are arranged, well, isn’t it wonderful to gather a large company for tea, which is poured from a samovar that has previously been melted with firewood. Even tea turns out to be completely different, with a special aroma and taste. Many amateurs are specifically looking for samovars that are more than a dozen or even a hundred years old. In order for them to have a history, a destiny, such samovars are given a special place, the best visible. However, the price of such products is not always democratic. You may be very lucky and find cheap samovars at different flea markets, but in general, you will have to spend money to buy an antique samovar. After all, an antique samovar is not just a product — it is practically a museum exhibit, and they are, as you know, priceless. The cost of samovars is influenced by several factors and this:

  • the material from which the samovar is made, it can be made of brass, copper, or even nickel;
  • age, everything is clear here, the older the samovar, the more expensive it will be, of course;
  • the design of the product, even some small details in its general form can affect its cost;
  • the number of copies that have been released is not easy to determine, but competent junk specialists can, therefore, those that have been released a little are considered rare, and therefore more expensive;
  • the degree of preservation of the product, there are copies in perfect condition, simply because they were standing at someone’s house, they were not used, but just regularly dusted. And there are those who need restoration;
  • the presence of a brand. The brand in general can tell a lot about the product, so the more of them, the more information, and depending on what information, this will be the price.

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