Who needs category E rights?

Due to the fact that vehicles are very different, then their management implies its own rules. But at the same time, do not forget about the general rules of the road, which ensure safety on the road, both for drivers and pedestrians. There are several categories of driver’s licenses, each of them is suitable for a particular type of transport. On the portal kupit-prava-1.com/kategoriya-e you can get more information about who needs the E rights category.

Features of Category E

According to the rules, the category E of a driver’s license is not an independent category, it belongs to a subcategory, for categories such as B, C, D, that is, E is a postscript to them.  It includes vehicles of the above categories with a trailer.

It should be clarified that drivers who have a category of rights B, C, D can drive this transport with a trailer if its mass does not exceed 750 kg. Category E still requires a special permit and will be changed to VE, CE, DE if the driver wants to drive a trailer weighing more than 750 kg.

Category E is not issued to all drivers, there are certain requirements:

  • only when you reach the age of 19,
  • if you have a driving experience of at least a year, and you must have one of the categories B, C, C1, D or D1,
  • at 21, you can get an E category if you have a D or D1 category.

The procedure for obtaining category E is standard:

  • choose any driving school that trains for a driver’s license of category E and has the necessary license for admission to the exams;
  • master the theoretical and practical parts of the program;
  • you take an exam at a driving school, which includes theoretical and practical parts, you receive a certificate of completion of training, which is also an admission to the exam in the traffic police;
  • prepare a package of necessary documents for passing the exam in the traffic police;
  • submit an application to the traffic police for the exam, hand over the entire package of documents prepared and collected in advance, do not forget to pay the state fee, it is mandatory;
  • taking an exam in the traffic police;
  • you get a driver’s license, which indicates a new category.

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