Funniest Fat Cat Compilation September | Funny Pet Videos

Come and join us for this brand new compilation of the chubbiest cats and kittens! We love to bring you the best videos on the …

20 thoughts on “Funniest Fat Cat Compilation September | Funny Pet Videos”

  1. but poor things these fat cats cannot even have all the ability that a cat in normal form has. As in humans, eating and gaining weight is also bad for cats (in this case)

  2. Me seeing a fat cat: damn thats cute mental support 500x
    Me seeing a fat dog:thats still cute mental support 501x

  3. Its funny and strange how their heads gain no fat, they look hilarious with their regular size head and extra thicc body

  4. I know fat cats have a hard time just by existing, but the amount of happiness they give me is unmeasurable

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