The French living in Russia called the main mistake of the West

Edition France info published opinions on the sanctions imposed on Russia, which were expressed by French businessmen living in Moscow.

One of the entrepreneurs said that in Europe they do not know Russia, which can do without it, but it will be difficult for Europeans to go back. He urged the European authorities to be careful with the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions.

“Sanctions can have the opposite effect. The Russians will tell themselves: the Europeans are laughing at us, but we will show them more,” the French businessman believes.

According to him, economic activity in Russia will eventually resume.

“Russia is completely misunderstood in Europe. What confuses me is that it is considered either from the white side or from the black side. But in fact, everything is not so, ”added another interlocutor of the publication, Alexis Saporta. He owns two companies in Moscow.

Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Jake Sullivan declaredthat the United States and the European Union will impose additional sanctions against Russia after the upcoming visit of US President Joe Biden to Brussels.

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