CNN reporter discovers he is crouching by grenade while on air

CNN’s Matthew Chance reports from the aftermath of a battle at a bridge outside Kyiv, Ukraine, as the Russian invasion of the …

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  1. dogsareawesome 9197

    I dont know how this reporter reports this so professionally. I would start crying if i had to report on it.

  2. ben McGuire

    I remember watchung this at awe at the bravery if the Ukraine men defending their beautiful capital. Slava Ukraine, fuck Russia #russiaphobic

  3. Anna

    This is awful.😢

  4. Ookami otaku

    Well this aged like milk and fighting russian in Donbas region nah those where people who didn't this azov and Aidar where just wonderful and Stephanie Bandera was hero nato the us and Ukraine government wanted this war only they thought this will give us a excuse to invaded russia after all the Ukraine army is nato trained and equipped nearly 9 months later 30% of Ukraine power instructor is gonna Ukrainian military military dead are between 70k and 120k and wounded 210k to 360k give military of 700k at start they lost at least 1000 tanks and most of there aircraft and with russia calling up 300k more troops Ukrainian military toke these loses against barely 80k russian troops what the fuck do think will happen when they have to face 275k troops 150k already in Ukraine 300k called uk 70k volunteers and there's also 20k 25k from Chechnya and wagner

  5. Marketing Heavy Duty Tow Companies

    Ok, notices the grenade but during entire video he is walking backwards hardly looking where he is stepping. What? Um …. yeah…. okie dokie….

  6. Totally American1998

    Man if only he woulda messed with the grenade and go boom cnn needs to die off already alongn with the people that run it

  7. Adam Jacobs

    Wow that is quite the footage of the war in Ukraine. Interesting to see the aftermath of a battle. Seen plenty of the War on Terror battles and aftermaths even grew up with that war going on. Not in the same nation but I remember learning about it and watching it. Once a classmates relative died in one of the battles from a grenade, it was announced while we were in class; I later saw her crying in the hallway. That war really divided the world societies. The Ukrainians sure are doing a good job defending themselves from the Russians. Seems that this war is bringing people together rather than dividing people.

  8. chuck woody

    This is CNN so you don't know if this is real or not.

  9. Le Chat

    Your propaganda and false information makes me sick.

  10. O'Brian Davids

    Grennade is at 03:57

  11. Silxvrrr

    bro just casually walks by 3 unexploded and live grenades like he's going to work one hour before he should

  12. lovesupreme

    This was Russia land so I understand . If this was America taking back its land then this War would of been approved by our media. Why they hell are we supplying Ukraine?

  13. lovesupreme

    Who do we expect is going to win this war!? Ukraine? Lol. Like we really think Russia just going to go home? Putin? No so why keep giving them money for what reason? It makes no sense to me

  14. lovesupreme

    That would of been awesome

  15. Dinah Therst

    When a wish almost comes true.
    Would have been nice to lose a socialist reporter.

  16. Paul Kjoss

    “I didnt want to show you dead bodies”… The warm and cosy cotton wool wrapped Westerners mustn’t be shown death because death doesn’t exist in a war…

  17. HaveADay

    I’m sure that wasn’t planted at all. CNN is totally trustworthy. They would never do that.

  18. Mike Hankins

    Yeah I'm sure the grenades were randomly laying around..i ive seen videos of Ukrainians reloading the same 5 rnd mag over and over,they scavenging that shit. 🤣🤣🤣.CNN sucks…can we maybe get stelzer sent to the frontline? The real Frontline not were this dudes standing

  19. Joseph Bridges

    Go! Russia 🇷🇺!

  20. Semi Vola

    The video topic is full of shit.

  21. Arnold Ziffel

    What is really disturbing are alleged munition blasts allegedly so powerful to allegedly destroy vehicles yet at the same time so weak to leave the objects right next to the vehicles untouched, unscathed such as guard rails, signs, fences, etc, literally a few feet from the vehicles. There are burn/smoke marks on the rails though and the vehicles look like the had been set on fire from aground after being brought in on flatbeds and placed strategically for all the indoctrinated to see. Then somebody took objects and strewn them about on the ground around the vehicles. Why did the alleged blasts not tear up the ground? Oh, and why do the vehicles appear to be already all rusted up? Perhaps they came from military vehicle graveyards/junkyards? Why in an age of HD video quality are the mainstream media footages of not just this event but all other events so low quality such as very grainy, blurry, low pixel, shaky, etc? Is it so people like me who can see cannot get a bead on the details to see the Devil in the Details when I most definitely do zoom in on all these images after I take a video and break it into individual JPG frames then go frame by frame by frame by frame? The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it, and a lie is a lie even if everybody believes it.

  22. Peter Brown


  23. jeremy knott

    CNN and Mr Chance……..again taking us into an intimate experience of combat….listen to his voice……intoxicating he describes….and pulls us right up to war and its horror……foolhardy???? oh no… shows us in an authentic way …bruises and all…its brave reporting at its very best……and the camera man must be so fed up following him as he steps over live ammunition……

  24. jcb3393

    Who believes anything on CNN any more?

  25. G G

    fake news

  26. Jo D

    That teddy bear could have been booby trapped! Be careful, man!

  27. C Hobson

    masculinity a rare breed

  28. Bluecavemen

    dont listen to these human garbage. listen and watch Patrick Lancaster he giving you the truth and real action news with hard proof. CNN only there when it all over and never get dirty. free julian assange a real journalist!

  29. joe vandorpe

    You in the combat zone, if you see on the ground pinkish colored crystals or little mounds of it a chalky type powder, never ever go near it touch it or kick it.
    That's partially burned white phosphorous from a smoke shell. If you disturb the outer pinkish crust you will probably expose the inner unburnt white phosphorous. This deadly chemical only need exposure to air to start burning.
    You cannot extinguish this fire by normal means. If it gets on your face it will burn through it, or your hand or your foot.
    Be safe folks

  30. Teh Mu Jin

    I will be happy to see the granade exploded infront of CNN

  31. Above

    More fake news by cnn, they aren’t reporting the news, they are the news (unexplored grenades) total BS !

  32. Peter Motal

    youtube Patrick Lancaster

  33. Vinni Scarboni


    WWW 3 has begun. Bad humans🌎👽

  34. aawagga

    never thought id be seeing uncensored dead bodies on cnn


    Haha fake news! If you still trust CNN bye bye

  36. grassbackyard

    Something tells me he’s miles away from the frontline and this is just a mock site for easy recording for the media. “Safe zone”

  37. Kay Novo

    Really ?

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