President Joe Biden's State of the Union Address

President Joe Biden delivers the annual State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress on March 1, 2022. #CNN …

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  1. Thuy Pham

    5313 Claude viator Rd new Iberia la 70560 help Thuy pham

  2. Thuy Pham

    Happen 💠 de the Whitehouse help Thuy phan

  3. Victor Lloyd

    2/13/2023 Mr. President Joe Biden we made a week all most will we all wake up on the 14 or the 15th. One day at a time, but you know better then anyone. We are living on barrowed time. Mr. President Joe Biden do not be distracted by the fact that Putin is killing again. Putin is just keeping his war machine greased but Mr. President Joe Biden what is Putin really up to. Ukraine is just a distraction that is what he wants to keep you looking in all directions. Ukraine wants tanks Ukraine wants jets Ukraine wants fule food, bullets, medical, supplies. Mr. President you are making all the right moves. They say two days two months or 6 Months or one year. Mr. President thank god you are here safe and sound but lets face it 30 or 40 years ago you picked a fight with Putin. When Putin wakes up he will drop a nuclear bomb maybe in 5 minutes 2 hours or 2 days from know. Putin is a trained killer and he is right out side your front door. Our front door Putin hates the United States Of America. Putin really hates you Mr. Presidents. Putin wants to kill you, me and everyone in the United States Of America. I am very afraid are you. You Cannot waste time. Time at this day and age has stopped why why is this. The facts are on the table only a timer when the timer stops the kitchen windows will flash.The timer will not be for food to be taken out of the oven the timer is your only option. Mr. President Joe Biden think about the choices that John Kennedy Had to make. John Kennedy was a great man and a very very very very good PRESIDENT. John kennedy Knew communism was not good and he faced the Russians head on and he told them move your bombs or or die. The Russians came to Cuba to blow up The United States of America. These bombs were nuclear devices . Putin is still trying to wipe America clean off the map. Mr. Joe, Mr. Joe, Mr. Joe for some reason god chose you. Fight back, Fight back, Fight back Mr. President Joe Biden get your family to a underground nuclear fallout shelter hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry please go please save your family and save your self this is not about Ukrain any more this is about The United States of America Get your self to a fallout shelter. Putin will bomb the USA I am supprised that I am still alive to day right this very second. The only way this will END WILL BE BY FIRE.Putin was trained by Russia to be a killer not just any killer but to kill the Democratic way of life.Putin is comming to kill your family you need to wake up. Wake up Joe Biden Mr. President wake up. All of us are buy your side we have known for a long time that this was going to happen we just did not know when the end would come. God help us all. Everyone and every thing is a distraction Mr. president Joe Biden the earthquakes, the floods, the lava flows, the floods, the voters, the race victoms. Putin is a trained KBG soviet Killer a Killer. Mr.Biden Mr. President you are very different you are not a killer you do not have the strength nor the vision to see it comming you could not see a nuclear event unfold you are a family man a father a dad a grand pa and a darn good president. You are going to be killed by a nuclear bomb, but you and your family will have a very good chance of survival only if you quickly take your family to a under ground fallout shelter go right know you are top dead center.

  4. chani lewis

    Again duck cnn

  5. chani lewis

    Duck cnn and Joe biden

  6. chani lewis

    Fjb. Lies lies lies. Using trumps gains as his success. Using a black man's death for votes. Syfm really never had the talk with your kids between black and white wow. Act right and get treated right idk but Tyrone Nicholas but I'm sick of the racists and white vs black bullshit stop already its not happening like being portrayed. Democrats and alot of Republicans are sick allowing this. Oh men are women and vise verse, bulletin. Just give us Trump back at least he gets real shot done and tells it how it is. Joe and hunter are crooks its obvious

  7. Sharon Lynn

    Reckon he still swims nude in front of his aides?


    State of the Union:
    corrupt UNELECTED dementia puppet presides over the
    Divided Slaves of Klownworld 🇺🇸💅

  9. MjA

    Lol Second Gentleman

  10. Angel Guzman Goethe

    LETS GO BRANDON, FJB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kane

    Dose anyone actually believe this shit?

  12. Victor Lloyd

    United States of America to Purchase MEXICO!

    Mr. President, Mister JOE BIDEN, ADDRESSING THE NATION. The State of the Union Address can not have come at a better time. Compared to the ages of the other countries United States of America is a few hundred years even thousands years. A new country, we are Joe Biden. Mr. President we are growing rapidly our demographics speaks for its self. I know that one cannot catch ones breath you have been on the road or in the air every day. Ill make this short right to the point. We are growing rapidly our demographics is on the move Joe Biden Its time to make a LAND MOVE. Buying more land will increase the Federal Reserve our country will have more income to grow. Mr. President your the most Knowledge of all Presidents. Mr. President can you make this LAND MOVE! YOU CAN MAKE A LAND PURSHASE using this vast Knowledge of that you have earned. Buying MEXICO is a great income investment even if you buy one state at a time .The land mass will greatly increase the size of the United States of America. Demographics we cannot go wrong the people need a income and we need the work force The United States can also increase our space program for global security. Their are gold and silver mines that you can improve and increase production. Know is the time to make this, HISTORICAL LAND MOVE. Elon Musk can move the SPACE X OPERATIONS further south plus we will have the entire GULF OF MEXICO , soon to be the GULF OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


  13. Chico Johnny


  14. Leonard Chiarini jr.


  15. John Perrry

    You call people who don't agree with you enemies of the state so what the hell you talkin about freedom American people think you're a joke

  16. John Perrry

    The man who sold the world

  17. Antony the Muscle car nut

    What … did you understand anything he said??

  18. Antony the Muscle car nut

    So pathetic.

  19. David Emmet

    The Democrats have definitely used every crisis as an opportunity.
    When there isn't a crisis they create one.
    They take off their phoney covid masks and ramp up for a war with Russia. "May God protect our troops! Go get him!"

  20. Freedom Dreamer

    I think Biden is miles better than trump no offence intended but sometimes I get the impression that the people serve the state (whilst it should be the other way round) and Biden is not the worst of representation of this kind of politics, he's far from that but is still a bit of that going on with politics on the left and right in general, maybe more on the right in a sense but I think they lost their way in life. Wishing you all the best of luck but wish politics was more about everyone and the people that make up the usa and all the other countries, this can't keep going on forever, especially with some of this weird hidden secret stuff, like this allegation of a 9/11 Saudi connection but you bust people's balls over petty personal drugs posession etc even if drugs aren't good as such but then again what is…

  21. Aiden Decoto

    Man this speech was so bad😭

  22. Hunter NixonFishing

    Let’s go Brandon!!!

  23. Michael Hensley

    Take some duplicate treasure from working on my treasure…when ready use it for economic meat like a dollar compared to gold at fort Knox

  24. Ephesians 5:11

    I will never understand how a moron supposedly won by record votes…oh yeah, COVID ballot stuffing. Hope all of you idiots are happy with the decline of USA and the recession thats just begun. Morons.

  25. Jackalack

    interesting how he says he wants to fight inflation, but then prints trillions of dollars

  26. jb


  27. jb

    Alot of empty seats. As usual

  28. alex uzeta

    FJB4LIFEperiod!! Can any of you Demonrats post a racist trump video? Here’s your sloppy president speak about African Americans.

  29. Nicholas Imperiale

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  30. Thomas Thompson

    This is by far the worst president we have ever had. The person need to be removed from office and you who support this thief and his thief of a son need to check your self. They are fake false leader who have been caught doing treasonous acts and that dumb drunk be hind him should also be removed as she is a disaster. This party gives hard working people money to everything but what is needed. Wake the hell up before we lose our freedoms that we have fault for.he speaks of darkness he the cancer and only want to stay in power that we the people didn't give him come the next election we need an independent not back by big farma of big companies. A normal working person. And as for ukrainian we don't belong there. We are not the world cops. We are Americans and we need to take care of the Americans our disabled our vets and our retired people not the leaches not the hate breeders. We all stood for this country and it's time we stand again and let our voices and our votes show this trash who they work for we don't work for them but they sure think we do. It the people's white house the people's capitals. THEY WORK FOR US……..

  31. Roy Mackey

    mr. bidens "State of the Trump" speech was hilarious!!!! Man not sure who stepped in what but that stunk and stunk bad!!!! Would have been nice if he had actually talked about stuff that really mattered…. : )

  32. Roy Mackey

    Good lord this man is creepy!!!! I wished I was one of those paid clappers in the crowd. Funny all those people couldn't have shown up at one of his rallies!!! : ) His time in jail can't come too soon. : )

  33. impossibledrms

    All Trumps ideas, all. Nothing. Nothing new.

  34. Passionhearted1

    America has fallen from within.

  35. John Todd

    It’s only gotten worst

  36. BlessedtobeMeBubbaGray

    I would like to know what kind of drugs that they pumped in the blood veins to get this man through the Presidential address. I would this President’s toxicology

  37. Henry H

    these people really love the smell of their own shit don't they. that was a pathetic clap for nothing fest. this dude has consistently lied to the public about everything. wake up people. we have another two years of inflation, and high tax rates. for any of you out there with hope in your hearts, let that go for now. we had a tyrant in carter and the same thing now. we survived carter and we'll survive this turd. hey dems, instead of doubling down, why dont you just admit that biden is a complete failure and lets figure out how not to repeat this.

  38. leossy lee

    command drill find pressedent ok.

  39. elaine b

    Paid people clapping 🤡 WHAT A JOKE.

  40. Philippe De Fague

    KING Biden is proof that other races and women just cannot handle leadership. He's the IRISH KING that led his people to victory. You speak of Trumps racism but he's the only reason you are alive. The White king Biden saved you from annihilation and brought you into glory.

  41. Jimmy ThunDarr's Drum Cover Series

    The funny thing is, the only thing "progressive" about Democrat Presidents is:

    They keep getting progressively WORSE!

  42. Mona Lisa

    Mr. President Biden:
    I truly believe that there needs to be a law put into action and should be enforced. America's biggest problem and unfortunately one of my own as well are police. It should be ILLEGAL for police to perform 'unauthorized surveillance' on American citizens and setting them up. With me, a police officer in Tempe Phoenix Arizona on Baseline and Priest, an undercover fein working with the police, threw a glass pipe towards me, working with police and charged me with possession of drug paraphernalia. Although I have a current medical weed card and according to prop 207, paraphernalia is allowed for marijuana consumption. Prop 207 did not apply and was COMPLETELY ignored on my behalf. And now I am a Title 9 intake and have to take classes and pay money because of his charge. The police have been doing this to me and others quite frequently since I moved to phoenix in 2008. Unauthorised
    Survelance from police needs to be ILLEGAL. HOW MANY in prison today because of police having targeted individuals and set them up like myself. Someone needs to do something about these ILLEGAL PRACTICES POLICE ARE DOING TODAY BREAKING THEIR OWN LAWS and keep them accountable. THIS INJUSTICE MUST STOP!!! My dad who was a WWII purple heart veteran DID NOT GO TO WAR AND BECOME A HANICAP FOR THESE PIGS in Greater Phoenix to do this! Arpaio's police and the others do these atrocities to deport illegals and they also do these things to targeted individuals like myself.
    Please help. SOS
    PS. The Mormon churches need to be investigated individually and thoroughly.

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