Cats Don't Care Funny Pets Videos | Best Funny Cat Videos Ever

These cats just love doing their own little thing. Come and watch as these cute cats break stuff and ignore their owner anyway they …

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  1. It they ze zer meowpurr

    The dragon and the cat pissed me off . Yea, have them by each other if you want but if the cat scratches him on accident he can die. I believe it’s their Saliva that is deadly to Beardies . I have 2 dragons, cat and a dog so I get it . But he more careful, accidents happen. I was a dragon owner for a year before I learned that.

  2. Okaira Eg Culuk

    3:40 my fav

  3. The Alchemist

    Did anyone else see the "Orb" in 4:34????

  4. Rich Another

    Please, type in Greta Thunberg connects climate, ecological and health crisis.

  5. Sandi Billingsley

    That cat just don't give a !@#$

  6. Nancy Kurpaitis

    Cats Rule & Take NO Prisoners!!!!

  7. gamer480

    4:06 human idiocy

  8. Tish Ratcliff

    Furniture from IKEA. Decor from Home Goods. I have cats.

  9. Roerx

    This video just made me hate humans more.

  10. Shanaaz Abrahams

    I disagree. Cat do care a lot….. about themselves.

  11. Srishti

    1:01 That's how I fight with my sister

  12. 8nan sky


  13. Alex Khoshtaria

    First one was best.)

  14. Nato Alvarez

    4:23 I've done something similar.
    One time a damn flying roach came in from my window 3 grown as men panicked in fear
    So I went to the next room and got my cat
    With no hesitation she saw it flying and went after it and proceeded to play with it until it stopped moving 😂😂

  15. Chris Price

    Thank you for all of the wonderful reasons to never own a cat.

  16. icouldjustscream

    4:08 CRUEL.

  17. D. Johnson

    I made the mistake of getting a leash for my little cat and he immediately froze and toppled over like he'd been hit with a stun gun just like the cats in the video.
    This was when I learned cats will instinctively react this way to any pressure that might mimic the feeling of being grabbed by a predator.
    Animal instincts are amazing.
    You can help them get used to the feeling with a little training but I never bothered.

  18. Evan Huizenga

    I see the comments section is full of REEEEEEE as always with pet videos

  19. jururulovesdavekat

    2:44 fighting for the highest spot in roblox natural disaster be like

  20. Magular

    The piano one

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