Videos show Russian troops as they attempt to strangle key town

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports from Odessa, Ukraine, as Russian troops advance toward the strategically significant city on the …

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  1. Selime Özdemir


  2. Rich Ditlevsen

    A convoluted understanding of history, huh???

    Ukrainians joined the SS and hunted Jews and others

    Kiev used to be the capitol of Russia called Kievrus.

    The Ukrainians, (‘little Russians’) are kazouls lead by American idiots.

    Suggest: Europe, star learning Russian. The American people are getting out of nato.

  3. Barry Krehula

    he was not fighting nacis

  4. Michael Holder

    It's a shame that the Ukrainian people don't have all the heavy weapons and other things they need. Putin must be stopped. Russia must cease to exist in it's present form. Regime change is a must.


    I want this war over but I don't just see the Russians just giving up and going back home they have done to much gone to far and I feel they are gonna throw everything they got at these poor people and they won't have a country left to go home to



  7. Stephanie Agarratt

    People please watch Patrick Lancaster see what the western media is not showing you.

  8. Tha Don


  9. Muhammad Bin Soleman

    Volunteer said they are fighting Nazi but truth is that they are the real Nazi

  10. Nicky Cruz

    Shame on weak Western leaders for not covering the sky of Ukraine and letting Putin massacre Ukraine's innocent citizens. Will these Western leaders ever have courage to defend their own nations. We hold our heads in shame and disgust to see the lack of courage to defend Ukraine and humanity.

  11. Elochi Official

    So much anti Russia rhetorics … 👎🏽

  12. Clifford nyarko

    Another propoo

  13. Andrew Lynch

    And I'll add – Canada is sending more arms and humanitarian aid in increasing amounts to the Ukraine (CBC News latest online report) – note: that's machine guns, rifles, pistols , ammunition and medicines etc…and more beyond that will be coming

  14. AA

    a neo-Nazi-fascist regime is flourishing in Ukraine, and the authorities of the country, together with Zelensky, support this. In the media around the world it is silent!!!

  15. jeff

    Troops know what they are doing. Such scum of the earth. Forget sanctions on yatchs. Start sinking them.

  16. RTYUIO

    What about the possibility that the Russian soldiers are just looting, rather than running out of food supplies? These are possibilities that are not discussed by so-called professional journalists. If there is evidence that substantiates these claims then mention them!!! Otherwise, it just looks too much like propaganda. And FYI, I totally denounce Putin’s horrific and deplorable invasion of a free sovereign state.

  17. B

    You sheep can blame the mirror this wouldn't have happened with trump way to fail like always

  18. Chinonso Ozochibuzor

    This is fake news from useless America and Western propaganda mentality

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