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Apartment design
Wonderful interior design of modern apartments – photos of the best realized projects. Various styles, original finishes, innovative materials, unusual furniture, thoughtful lighting, unexpected alterations, visual zoning – we present a piggy bank of creative ideas.

The discreet interior of the apartment pleases both children and adults

Modern apartment design in eclectic style

In the days of developing a restrained apartment interior, Andre Mack became both a designer, a winemaker and a father of three boys. He and his wife Phoebe have created a wonderful family home in Brooklyn, where everything around, beautifully and very stylishly merges.

Designer paintings serve as part of the interior

Andre Mack and Phoebe Damrosh talk about their apartment:

Our style: Objects with soul and history.

Inspiration: When the couple met for the first time, they went to a party at Hudson. After this event, Andre and Phoebe discussed this more and more often. Later, the couple added a little Royal Tenenbaum, The Selby, and street style of the 80s to the style.

Artificial disorder

Distinctive feature: The kindest people in the world live next door to the family. Their children are quietly friends and have fun with the neighborhood kids at any time. As for the interior features, the favorite design element is the wooden panels in the dining room.

Wooden panels in the wall paneling

The main problem: thousands of tiny nails in the wooden floor. They often stick out. Therefore, the family has hammers on both floors of the house…

What friends say: “Is there anything new?”. The house is always on the move. Andre is always in search of new treasures on the way to permutations.

There is something to be proud of: Andre found a couple of speakers on the street in Brooklyn. After a little electrical work, they began to sound fantastic.

A chest as a coffee table

Luxury Sofa

Strict piano

Rubbed by Louis Armstrong, bust of Louis Vuitton by vintage lamps by Dorsey Finds

A little of everything

Apartment Library

Book locker

Sofa from the Stephen Kenn collection. Portraits made by Andre Mack

Family Refectory

Marilyn Monroe and Dr. Spock in a painting by the artist Mr. Brainwash.

The kitchen is modest but well equipped

Made by man

Children’s room

Bedroom. The bed was purchased by Phoebe’s father. The painting “Heart” is drawn by Mr. brainwash

Portraits of Frida and Frederick Douglass by Angie Jones

Two leather armchairs purchased from an antique shop in Mississippi

Children’s room

IKEA shelving and bedside table

Single bed

Bright table from Child Craft

Design solution

Large windows

Andre Hueston Mack, Phoebe Damrosch and their sons

And how did you like the interior of the apartment in Brooklyn?

Plants in the interior of the apartment: a real home garden

Plants in the interior of an apartment in Brooklyn

Plants in the interior of the apartment are the first thing you will notice in the Williamsburg apartments. There is a lot of greenery in the apartment, it is everywhere, the interior is saturated with the richness of lush jungles. The most carefree style of all interiors in Brooklyn.

Bright art project of the apartment

A casually executed exit

In the Brooklyn summer house, the lack of a courtyard was compensated for by the abundant vegetation inside. In addition to the richness of greenery, the interior also has a hammock, a compost box and even domestic insects.

Green interior

In summer, greenery gives a special colorfulness to the interior. Rich colors and luxurious gardens beckon to stay and relax in this house.

Picturesque bathroom

Flower pots

Jungle in the kitchen

Nice green kitchen

Fruits and plants

Light atmosphere

Pots with plants on a white brick background

Wide window

Cozy place

Painting by Steve Cogle

Recreation area

Soft hammock


Indian Bedspread

Cozy bedroom

The plants are from Sprout Home, and the wooden pitchers are from a.d. schwarz.

Lots of pots with plants

Plantings in tea jars

Side view

Various types of plants

Lattice construction among plants and books

Features of industrial style in the apartment interior

Industrial style in the interior of the apartment Dave and Mollie Code

High ceilings, brick walls, smooth surface of furniture items are components of a somewhat careless, industrial style in the interior of the Dave and Mollie Code apartments.

In Chicago, they are the owners of Studio Code, a company engaged in the restoration of houses, the main goal for them is to preserve the historical elements of the interior and create a functional space. Their apartment fully reflects the main principle of their company, while remaining comfortable and modern.

Leather chairs and suitcases as a decorative item

This is how Mollie writes about her apartment:

My husband Dave and I have been living here for a little over a year. Before moving, we completely renovated the interior of this apartment. Initially, this house served as a factory, but later it was converted into a living room (just imagine – wooden cabinets and dark granite countertops are all around).

We wanted to update the space in such a way as to show the amazing history of this place, so we chose contrasting materials – decorated the kitchen in cold gray tones, bleached the walls and floors and added wooden and brick elements of warm tones to the interior. Together with my husband, we like to develop new designs and discuss ideas about renovations.


About design:

Style: I love comfort combined with ostentation. I am inspired by different design movements, but most of all I like the contrast of details, whether it is the contrast of colors, textures or styles.

I love unexpected combinations in the interior, such as a mixture of a rough barn table with Danish sliding chairs. Maybe I don’t always have grandiose design ideas, but I prefer to include in the interior those things that do not leave me indifferent.

Contrasting interior details

Inspires: I draw inspiration from any architectural works and design blogs, in particular Scandinavian ones. We are also happy to live in the West Loop area of Chicago, where you can be inspired by various elements of old and new buildings.

Favorite interior item: We love spending time on the roof. This is the kind of place where you feel yourself floating above the city, and we like this feeling!

View from the roof

The main task: To demonstrate the true beauty of the space. The apartment used to be part of the factory. We wanted to update the space in such a way as to show the amazing history of this place, so we chose contrasting materials – decorated the kitchen in cold gray tones, bleached the walls and floors and added wooden and brick elements of warm tones to the interior.

Open communications and beams support a common style

What friends say: Many people speak positively about our apartment. They find it unusual for Chicago – it looks Western, in an industrial style. I really like that it was created in an excellent style, unusual for the interiors of other apartments in the city.

Happy apartment owners Dave and Mollie Code in the living room

Minus: The laundry room – we did not present her photo, as we store all sorts of junk in it. There is usually complete chaos going on there.

A point of pride: I love watercolor drawings and pictures and I write them myself, they are hung all over the house. My favorite is a huge painting depicting the Church of Santa Costanza in Rome, it can be seen at the entrance to the apartment.

Watercolor paintings as an interior item

Our weakness: Our weakness is, perhaps, our dining table and chairs. We have been trying to choose a suitable option for a long time, and, in the end, we did not choose one of the cheap ones. But we were satisfied.

Dining table and chairs in the dining area

Tip: Review the things that are in your apartment. Dave and I try to leave only those things that are really useful, meaningful to us or really beautiful.

Sources of inspiration: Favorite sources of inspiration are websites and companies that produce hand-made products.


Simplicity in the interior: getting rid of unnecessary things

Simplicity in the interior of the apartment Ivana

Ivana loves simplicity and simplicity in the interior. She loves the feeling of “empty” space. And this is reflected in the design of her apartment; it is simple, modern and minimal.

Ivana advises all buyers of real estate: “be patient, take your time and enjoy the feeling of “empty” space for exactly as long as you do not pick up furniture to your liking.”

Bedroom in the style of minimalism

The apartment is decorated in a modern style. Located in the center of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal on Roy Street between St. Denis and St. Laurent boulevards, everything you need is within walking distance. Along with the simplicity of the space, Ivana notes her favorite design elements are large windows and natural light.

Ivana is also inspired by young artists, so whenever possible, she is happy to buy their work.

In her apartment there are many paintings created by student artists, such as Isabelle Dufresne-Lienert, Eloise Ptito-Echeverria, Veronica Santangelo, etc. These works of art not only personalize the decor, but also add a little color to the white space.

One of the works of the young artist Eloise Ptito–Echeverria

Ivana about the design of her apartment:

Style: Simple, modern and minimal

Favorite piece of furniture: Large windows and natural light in my office. I also like my pink sofa from designer Gus and the painting in the living room on the top floor. And I also love high doors. They make the ceilings seem higher than 3 meters!

A painting by the artist Isabelle Dufresne-Lienert and a pink sofa in the living room

The main task: to make these two-storey apartments more attractive. This apartment has a lot of free space. There is a large selection of furniture and accessories in the shops closest to the house. Every day, walking along the boulevards of St. Denis and St. Laurent, I look at these interior items in the shop windows, how can I not buy them?

What my friends say: Your apartment is very beautiful and big

Blue bathroom

Minus: There is no photo of my emergency entrance to the apartment, as it has not been repaired. Sometimes I use it as a closet, but you can find another use for it.

My weakness: Mirrors, paintings and various lamps and lamps. As soon as there is money, I can’t help but buy something new.

Wooden table lamp and media stand from Korson

Tip: Buyers of new housing often try to fill the empty space of the apartment with furniture or accessories. I’ve made costly mistakes.

Be patient, take your time and enjoy the feeling of “empty” space for exactly as long as you do not pick up furniture to your liking. Don’t get attached to furniture. If it does not fit your interior, it will be better to sell or give it away.

Living room on the ground floor


Fresh flowers to add bright colors to the interior


Glass (upper) and thermoplastic (lower) kitchen cabinets and white quartz countertop

Standing mirror with steel frame


Painting by Veronica Santangelo

Do you like the interior of this apartment?

Modern project of a three-room apartment for a small family

The project of a three-room apartment

The three-room apartment project was created for a young family. The apartment is located on the top floor of a 90-year-old Italian building. Therefore, an important goal of it was both the preservation of historical details of the appearance and the organization of a modern functional interior.

Flussocreativo studio has long established itself in Italy, so the project they created was liked not only by customers, but also by many people who were interested in such an idea.

Stylish desktop

Attractive balanced interior

The apartment is in fact a small modest room. It consists of two bedrooms, as well as a connected kitchen, dining area and living room. The designers chose a reasonable and functional device for a limited space: the kitchen area is divided by two rows of cabinets, which conveniently accommodate all the necessary goods for the needs of the family and food for cooking.

Cozy rooms

Proper distribution of interior elements

The living area resembles a cozy island. It houses a sofa, a table and chairs, which are made of modern environmentally friendly materials.

The color combination contrasts and at the same time complements the dark and light walls of the interior. Restrained and elegant shades, which can be observed throughout the appearance of the apartment, are a typical stylish touch for designers.

Unusual workplace

Modern stylish kitchen

The apartment is very comfortable for a small family. Her project involved a combination of various stylistic details and colors that perfectly match the vintage look of the building. Modern elements noticeably improve the elegant design, making it incredibly attractive.

An extraordinary apartment interior for a young family from Marcante-Testa studio

The interior of an apartment for a young family

The interior of an apartment for a young family should radiate the boldness of artistic thought. After all, for people full of energy and vitality, an appropriate environment is simply necessary.

This small living space from the architects of the Marcante-Testa studio combines an incredible atmosphere of bohemian art, dark and sometimes even gloomy tones, as well as unique furniture elements and an intelligent zoning system.

A combination of classic furniture and unusual details

The house was built in the 30s of the last century, and the apartment just needed to get a fresh breath and a new look at things.

Attractive living room

The black perforated metal rack, designed by French designer Mathieu Metgot, is an artificial functional method through which artists have achieved a flexible and simple separation of open and closed spaces.

Thanks to the rotating and movable elements, the system offers a unique and modern approach to the harmonious placement of things in the interior.

Cozy modern bedroom

Interesting workplace

The color scheme and decoration look very bold and interesting due to the combination of muted beige tones of the walls, some shades of blue resin, olive furniture elements and clear white lamps.

Artistic details simply overwhelm the apartment, creating a harmonious combination with elegant modern furniture and light solutions for decorative elements.

Extraordinary artistic details

Comfortable modern kitchen

The work of French designers is the embodiment of light, but bold artistic ideas that will be an ideal solution for a newly-made family apartment. After all, living in an old house in a picturesque area of Paris in a modern elegant living space is the dream of almost every young person.

The interior of the loft-style apartment, the photos of which will surprise you

The interior of the loft-style apartment, the photos of which are striking in their originality. This is Tinderbox House located in a historic brick warehouse in Melbourne, Australia. Breathe Architecture Studio, taking into account the characteristic elements of the former storage of firearms of the XVIII century, developed the aesthetics of the loft around flint, tablecloth and steel striker. Matte black wall tiles reproduce the fabric with characteristic ink, and flinty gray-black accents and black-coated steel fill the living space.

The storage room in which the apartment was organized was intended for the storage of flint, tinder and refractory steel. Such a firearm set inspired architects to create a lively space with an interesting layout and interior. Some details of the old building have retained their historical appearance or have been transformed into a more modern style.

The contrast is made between the fresh, light wood on the walls and the dark elements on the floor. The black color seems to flow over the wood, as if it is burning, and slowly approaches the shade of charcoal. Bright yellow tiles and a fiery red door add sensitivity to the interior.

Loft-style design solutions are not so popular in the world of architecture today. Nevertheless, some studios resort to this style quite successfully, turning old buildings into comfortable and elegant apartments for a comfortable stay.

Can the design of an apartment in gray tones be interesting and attractive?

Apartment design in gray tones by Tom Ferguson. This is a real modern style, artistry and a game of opposites. The project offers a rich selection of textures, materials and creative combinations that can only be enjoyed.

The combination of the latest trends in colors, materials and interior elements with the subtle aristocracy of Australian architecture is the embodiment of the designer’s corporate identity.

The comfort and artistry of the apartment are determined by many details: magnificent wooden flooring, antique pieces of furniture, beautiful paintings, ceiling cornice and decorations. And this is only a small part of the artistic design.

A mixture of ancient elegance and the latest modern materials creates a unique interior, which is hardly possible to repeat.

The kitchen is designed in fashionable dark colors, and innovative appliances and accessories are not only functional, but also very attractive. The dark marble countertop paired with a minimalist black cabinet is elegantly accentuated by zinc elements and bright colors of the painting that adorns the wall of the dining area.

The same eclectic mix of antique and modern materials and solutions is visible in the cozy living room. The interior is complemented by bold fur details: a carpet and an upholstered chair.

The bathroom is a real paradise. Fashionable brass elements, complemented by a combination of dark colors and fresh green shades, are a wonderful background for sanitary ware made of ceramics.

The bedroom is by far the most attractive and stylish room. Stunning decorative furnishings with refined textural elements complemented by clever functional details – it is difficult to resist such an amazing interior.

You don’t need to be a professional in the field of design and architecture to notice how beautiful the interior of this cozy apartment is. Amazing combinations between vintage elements and the latest modern trends, between subtle minimalism and rich playful style – it is simply impossible not to admire such combinations.

Pre-war apartment: a new life from designers Kane A

A huge pre-war apartment in Manhattan was recently renovated by designer Kane A. The last time the apartment was renovated was about 50 years ago, so it needed a significant alteration.

This is how the apartment looked before the renovation:

The historical appearance of the apartment has been preserved, which gives it a special charm. But the bathroom and kitchen were significantly redone.

Some of the walls in the apartment were demolished, which made it possible to significantly increase the space. At the same time, built-in storage lockers were installed in the apartment.

The apartment turned out to be very bright and spacious, besides the interior decoration is made in bright colors, which visually expands the space even more.

Wood in the apartment interior: eco-design is back in fashion

A tree in the interior of an apartment always looks stylish and appropriate. The proof of this is a unique project for the reconstruction of a house built in 1885, located in one of the districts of San Francisco. It was brought to life by the architectural firm McElroy Architecture for a young married couple.

To create a bright, open space, experts dismantled all the unnecessary partitions, combining the dining room, kitchen and living room areas. Then they dismantled the plank floor in the unfinished attic, resulting in high vaulted ceilings with built-in windows and pendant lights. But their main invention was a suspension bridge made of the resulting wood, which rises above the first floor and connects the bedrooms of parents and their young son.

Would you like to live in such a duplex apartment and have lunch “under the bridge”? We are waiting for feedback!

The original interior of the apartment: English classics in modern processing

Original apartment interior must have its own unique style. To make sure of this, just look at the photos of the apartments, the design of which was carried out by the specialists of the architectural bureau Nick Leith-Smith Architecture + Design. They are located in one of the central districts of London and look both stylish and at the same time lively and cozy.

Would you like to live in such apartments?

Bright interior of the apartment: autumn theme

Bright interior of an apartment from Form Studio, London, United Kingdom

Bright apartment interior it looks both lively and elegant. This is how you can describe the joint project of the specialists of the architectural bureau Form Studio and designer Elizabeth Bauman, who were engaged in the design of apartments located in the Bankside district of London.

Bright living room with panoramic windows, orange armchairs, pillows and bouquets

The sterile whiteness of the kitchen and dining areas is complemented by a shade of natural wood

Chairs made of wood and metal, stylish lampshades and pumpkin decor refresh the space

The delicate look of the bedroom is diluted with dark wall panels and a couple of eye-catching spots

This room is a model of harmony, comfort and sophistication

In the bathroom, you should pay attention to the beautiful plumbing and built-in lighting

From the glazed veranda with a seating area you can get to the outdoor balcony

A wide staircase with glass railings leads to a small, cozy office

To settle down to rest in such an apartment during a short trip to London is simply an unprecedented pleasure! Isn’t that right?