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Apartment design
Wonderful interior design of modern apartments – photos of the best realized projects. Various styles, original finishes, innovative materials, unusual furniture, thoughtful lighting, unexpected alterations, visual zoning – we present a piggy bank of creative ideas.

Industrial Interior Design for a 100 square mtrs house in Texas

Industrial interior design with wooden furniture

Our heroes bought a house in Texas (Austin) and decided that industrial interior design is what they need. They immediately started rebuilding: they expanded the kitchen, changed the porch and entrance area, and turned the garage into a large bedroom. What were they inspired by when creating the interior?

Industrial interior design: white, black and wood trim

This photo expresses everything that the industrial design style implies

Danielle says that functionalism is important first of all in the house, so initially they tried not to add to the interior only decorative elemnts. The house was spacious in the 60s and had a number of advantages in this regard, for example, a vaulted ceiling in the living room. Therefore, our heroes sought to preserve the original atmosphere.

They also wanted the house to be as bright as possible. To do this, they decided to leave the walls white and only in some places added color or texture to them.

This picture served as an inspiration to change the hallway

Choosing the interior, they were also guided by the rustic style and aesthetics of the ranch. But at the same time, there is modern furniture in the rooms. As a result, the house masterfully combines home comfort with a free layout and minimalism.

A protruding sink and lots of light

Danielle and Austin came up with almost the entire design themselves, but a couple of times they still had to turn to professionals. So, it was the designer who advised them to move the front door – this just increased the kitchen area. “After a few brainstorming sessions and cans of beer, laughing, we finally came to a common solution,” says Danielle.

Such a rustic–style table is what you need for a spacious kitchen

Another designer told them which textures and materials to choose for finishing and where to buy them. In addition, they received several sketches.

Bathroom with the same tile that is used for finishing the subway

The materials were planned to be natural and natural, they did not have to look as if they were polished. The floor was originally supposed to be concrete, but it no longer fit into the budget, so wood was chosen.

Stainless steel elements and lamps (also in the bathroom) made of oil-polished bronze were added to the kitchen.

As for the range – these are light warm shades and black. The same colors are used in textiles – towels, carpets, bedspreads with southwestern patterns.

In rooms with a light finish, a color appeared

Thus, our heroes shared their experience on how, without having too big a budget, you can achieve aesthetics and style.

Cozy and atmospheric little things create a natural interior in the apartment

Natural interior in bright colors

How it all started

Living in Chicago, Joanna has accumulated quite a lot of little things suitable for a cozy, natural interior. That was the only reason to buy a new apartment! It was very difficult to find a suitable place. She stumbled upon her apartment when she went to see a completely different house. But it turned out not to be suitable, and coming out of there, she accidentally saw the inscription “for sale”.

Our heroine is in her new apartment

Features of the new house

Like many apartment buildings in Portland, this one also has its own history and charm. It used to be a boarding house for single women. The building has an original design and layout, but in the bedroom, for example, there is only room for a large double bed. And built-in wardrobes are located along the opposite walls of the kitchen.

Interior in soft light colors

What is important and valuable

Joanna’s house is filled with things that inspire and important to her. She ordered most of them online or bought them at hardware stores. Moving out, instead of getting rid of unnecessary, she ordered a large truck, and took everything with her without exception. Now every detail in its interior exists to create an individual atmosphere and unique comfort.

Souvenirs on the shelf near the chair

The original candlestick

A coffee table and a sofa in the living room are located on an unusual carpet

Dining room with unique furniture

A piece of the kitchen interior

Small bedroom

Such little things create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere


How to create an elegant apartment interior

Elegant interior of the apartment in bright colors

You can easily create an elegant apartment interior if you take a closer look at these photos. Marina and Sebastiano, a young couple from Houston, planned a radical alteration of their home immediately after its acquisition. They repainted the walls inside and outside the house, updated the floor, demolished some ceilings to make the space more open. The minimalist gray and white palette visually expands the rooms, adds light and air to them.

The updated kitchen is the first thing you see when you cross the threshold of the house. Its design and layout is completely different from the original setting. Having removed several walls on the ground floor, the owners combined the living room, dining room and kitchen. It was in this interior that they invested most of their efforts, trying to make it as comfortable, functional and beautiful as possible at the same time.

Elegant interior of the apartment in bright colors

Elegant interior of the apartment in bright colors

Photo of the first floor of the house. Kitchen, living room, dining room, TV viewing room

The master bedroom in white tones creates a feeling of lightness and cleanliness. A handmade chest of drawers is a wedding gift from a family friend who makes furniture.

Elegant interior of the master bedroom

The special charm of the guest bathroom is given by the original pattern of tile tiles on the floor.

Original floor tiles in the bathroom for guests

The guest bedroom is unusually large. Furniture and accessories are designed in light and white tones. The exception is blue curtains and a bedside rug of the same color.

Spacious guest bedroom

The exterior of the house and nearby buildings are painted in the same white color as the interior. In the backyard there is a small terrace under a canopy, where there are a table and chairs for outdoor recreation.

View of the backyard, terrace and garage

Maria and Sebastiano managed to create a cozy, welcoming space at home, light and elegant.

The owners on the background of a fig tree in the backyard of the house

What impression did this project make on you? Share your opinion in the comments.