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LUXURY LIFE OF BILLIONAIRES🤑| Rich Lifestyle of billionaires🔥| Visualization | #Motivation 179

“Winners in life visualize their success and look forward to reaping and enjoying the rewards of their accomplishments. They revel in their hard-earned victory, and that reinforces their superior level of self-confidence.”
― Lorii Myers

These are the best videos for visualizing your dreams. Everyone wants luxury but, not everyone get it. First you have to think like them then you can become like them.

Watch these videos every morning or before sleep, it will change your mindset.
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These are the best books that will help you on this journey of being successful :-

* For Financial Freedom –
1. Rich Dad Poor Dad :
2. Think And Grow Rich :
3. The 4-Hour Work Week :
4. Zero To One :

* For Self Improvement –
1. How To Win Friends And Influence People :
2. Atomic Habits :

* For Motivation/Inspiration –
1. The Power Of Subconscious Mind :
2. The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People :

* For Time Management –
1. The One Thing :
2. Essentialism :

* For Happiness :
1. Men’s Search For Meaning :
2. The Art Of Happiness :

* For Stock Market :
1. The Intelligent Investor :
2. Trading In The Zone :
3. Market Wizards :
4. Security Analysis :

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Recayd Mob – Lifestyle Fake feat. Dfideliz | Jé Santiago | Derek [ Rap Box Ep. 139 ]

Recayd Mob é um grupos mais relevantes hoje na cena trap brasileira. – Lifestyle Fake – Dfideliz, Jé Santiago, Derek

Video clipes, músicas, entrevistas e entretenimento. Valorização e fomento à cultura hip-hop.


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Recayd Mob – Lifestyle Fake feat. Dfideliz | Jé Santiago | Derek [ Rap Box Ep. 139 ]

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Living Like Parents And Baby For 24 Hours | Hungry Birds

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Did Modern Women LOWER THEIR OWN STANDARDS, So That Men Could Accept Less?

Thanks for viewing my YouTube Channel. Today, we are talking about relationships.

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0:00 – Intro and Sucking Salami For A Stack
7:04 – Show Starts: Hit The👍🏾Button and Nasty Boyz Winning
16:34 – Superchats #1: Monk Mode Will Make You Rich
18:51 – Modern Women Are Too Comfortable Degrading Men
21:58 – Point #3: Are Women Degrading Themselves For Attention?
26:16 – CGA Reacts: Quick Twerk Tutorial – Booty Jiggle🤦🏾‍♂️
28:31 – Are Women Degrading Themselves For Attention?🤔
37:37 – Superchats #2: President Putin’s Literally Foldable Girlfriend
45:14 – Point #2: Did American Women Lower Their Own Standards?
59:26 – Superchats #3: Modern Women Don’t Want To Serve You
1:08:54 – Masculine Frame Don’t Always Work The Same
1:16:04 – Point #1: Women Becoming Less Than Women😒
1:27:05 – Superchats #4: Raw Seggs Is A Spiritual Connection👻
1:36:27 – R.I.P T-Mon🙏🏾
1:38:40 – CGA Reacts: Women Protesting They Need A Sugar Daddy
1:44:19 – Superchats #5: Average Women Are Flocking To SA
1:48:56 – Article: How Long Can America’s Birth Rate Go Before It’s A Problem?

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Home decoration for Christmas, classic colors

Those who don’t really like the classic combination of green and red can use the combination of white and sky blue – a melange of colors that contribute to the winter atmosphere in the house. In addition to colors, lighting plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere, which should be soft enough to emphasize the warm festive atmosphere of Christmas.

Front door decoration

Door decor, both outside and inside, is an element that should not be forgotten when decorating an apartment. Among the various solutions, you can attach green or red garlands to the door, decorated with decorative elements, such as colored ribbons or hawthorn. The decor can be completed by adding a decorative garland to the racks – an element that will frame the door and make the doorway even more welcoming.

A colorful card will be a creative accessory for greeting guests with wishes, poetry or friendship messages. To complete the composition, pair it with a themed rug, a classic ‘Merry Christmas’ slogan, or simple Christmas patternsА

Christmas plants

To create a memorable and warm atmosphere, in addition to the classic Christmas tree, it would be appropriate to use some help of our plant friends, which can be freely combined with lights and garlands. But which ones should you buy? First of all, you can not ignore the classic Christmas star, which, with its cuteness and simplicity, is able to cheer up any corner of the house.

Holly (Ilex aquifolium) has a Christmas scent, a plant with shiny leaves and bright red berries is well suited for the most traditional decorations. Ardisia crenate is very similar to it, it also goes well with traditional ornaments. If you want to add a special touch to your home, you can buy pots of red heather, an intensely colored evergreen that grows to about half a meter in height.

Finally, Ruscus aculeatus is a must for any Christmas decoration.

And of course don’t forget about the X-mas table decor!



More than 21 million people live in Mexico City in 2022. Mexican photographer Pablo Lopez Luz took a series of photos of this giant human anthill from aerial view.

Mexico City was founded in 1325 by the Aztec Indians. The founders of the city — the ancient Aztecs — initially lived a nomadic lifestyle practicing hunting and fishing. Their tribes appeared in the vicinity of modern Mexico City around 1200.

This city is the most densely populated city in the western hemisphere: 9,800 persons per 1

There are many monuments and unique buildings in the city (more than 1400 in Mexico City). There are also 10 archaeological parks on the territory of Mexico City.

The overpopulation of Mexico City creates the problem of giant traffic jams on highways. Due to the high level of air pollution, a thick cloud of smog hangs over the city.

From the heights you can see how its endless houses cover all the surface of the hills and valleys to the horizon.

These are some photos of the stone jungle from outer space:



People can be so different and, at the same time, so identical! We present to your attention photos and pictures of people. Here are simple guys and girls, men and women, girls and boys. Each of them is a whole separate story, its own world and its own destiny. Do you keep your photos, photos of loved ones and friends in albums? Or do you think that this has been the “last century” for a long time?

Beautiful bow


Little fashionista

Beautiful girl

The smiling guy


Funny photo


Stylish hairstyle

The girl with the tattoo

Beautiful photo

Mom and baby

Little Princess

Just a photo

Girl with a wreath

Beautiful hair

At the table

Beautiful summer photo

An interesting image

Beautiful body


I was thinking

Air kiss

An ordinary day

In the rain

Photo of a girl


Young beauty

Your boyfriend

I love you, Italian cinema!

What do we know about Italy? That this is an amazing country where the sun is constantly shining. That this is an incredibly beautiful country, where landscapes amaze with diversity. That this is a very romantic country where love seems to be in the air. How do we know about this? Seen in the movies!

Italian cinema is Fellini and Antonioni, this is Mastroiani and Lollobrigida, this is Bellucci and Placido… The names of Italian actors and directors, whom we know and love well, caress the ear like a song. And the frames from the movies make you forget all the worries and worries and immerse yourself in another life. Italian cinema is a magic that changes our lives and brings into it a little sun, the scent of lemon trees, the whisper of the sea and such beautiful words: “I love you… I love you, Italian cinema”!

So, we bring to your attention our small dictionary. Five main words of Italian cinema.

Italian Neorealism

Only 10 years — from 1945 to 1955 – contained the current, which was called “Italian neorealism” and had a huge impact on cinematographers around the world. The special language of the films told about the ordinary life of ordinary people. It seemed that every spectator could try on the fate of the heroes. The paintings often did not have a clear script, only a plot outline. Dialogues were also born right on the site. Freedom, sincerity, truth – that’s what bribed Italian neorealism in cinema.

What to watch: “Rome is an open city” (Roberto Rossellini, 1945), “Bicycle Thieves” (Vittorio de Sika, 1948).

Who to remember: Anna Magnani in the film “Rome is an open city”. The scene of her heroine’s death has entered the history of world cinema. Deprived of the classic glamorous beauty, Anna, nevertheless, became the face of Italian cinema. She, who grew up practically without parents and started her career singing in a restaurant, was awarded an Oscar for best actress. And the whole of Rome saw her off on her last journey.

Italian comedy

Do you like to laugh heartily? You’re at the right place. Italian cinema has given us samples of truly funny comedies that do not age and do not become less vivid.

Italian comedy also grew out of neorealism. These films do not just make you smile, but carry a lyrical mood. Sometimes they are a little sad, thoughtful. And yet they are funny, because Italian comedy is films with the participation of Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroiani, Gina Lollorigida, Toto, Hugo Tagnaci, and later — Adriano Celentano and other stars of the first magnitude.

Italian comedies are ironic, and the slightly exaggerated manner of acting on the screen looks like the famous Italian emotionality. Watch, laugh and have fun.

What to watch: “Cops and Thieves” (Mario Monicelli, 1951), “Divorce in Italian” (Pietro Germi, 1961), “Bluff” (Sergio Corbucci, 1976), “The Taming of the Shrew” (Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia, 1980), “Signor Robinson” (Sergio Corbucci, 1976).

Who to remember: choosing one star of Italian comedies is not just difficult — it is impossible. Pay attention to Paolo Vilaggio, the performer of the main role in the super-popular comedy “Signor Robinson”. Few people know that Vilaggio is not only a brilliant actor, but also a writer: he was the author of the stories about the accountant Hugo Fantozzi, who became the hero of a whole series of films. Fantozzi was played by the author himself.

Federico Fellini and Giulietta Mazina

A great love story and a great history of a creative union, where both were masters of the first magnitude. It was not the cinema that brought them together, but the radio — Fellini wrote scripts for productions, Mazina performed them. And they’ve been together ever since. Even when Fellini got carried away, fell in love, went on a spree, he returned to Juliet and was the first to tell her about all his “sins”. And she dedicated her life to Fellini. It was Mazina who, having met and even made friends with Roberto Rossellini, arranged for her husband to be his second director at the studio. What follows is the story of the genius of Italian cinema.

Fellini rarely filmed his wife: she took part in only seven films, and played the main roles in four. Among their joint films are “Variety Lights”, “White Sheikh”, “The Road”, “Cabiria Nights”, “Juliet and Spirits”, “Ginger and Fred”. What connected them all their lives?

“Federico and I have not created what is called the word “family”. We have no offspring, no close relatives. Rather, we can be called a couple, a union of people who stay together by free choice. People always ask me if it’s not hard to live with a genius. I reply to this that living with a fool would annoy me more.”

What to watch: “Ginger and Fred” (1986)/

Who to remember: The role of Amelia Bonetti (Ginger) was one of Mazina’s favorites. Having played in this film, she made an amazing duet with Marcello Mastroiani.


Italian opera has long and firmly conquered the world — “La Traviata”, “Aida”, “Pagliacci”… But she conquered the world not only on stage, but also in the cinema: incomparable opera films gathered a whole army of fans around the world. Real stars of the world stage took part in them, so the enjoyment of the masterpieces on the screen will be complete.

What to watch: “Othello” (Franco Zeffirelli, 1986)

Who to remember: remember the name of the director — Franco Zeffirelli. He brought to the screens not only many Italian operas, but also classical tragedies. His adaptation of Romeo and Juliet has become one of the most subtle, tender and lyrical films dedicated to the history of Montague and Capulet.

And what about today?

The last decades are often called a crisis for Italian cinema — it has lost the world fame that it once won, Italian stars prefer to work abroad. However, even now there are paintings that are able to win the hearts of viewers not only in Italy, but also around the world.

For example, the opening of last year was the film “Perfect Strangers” directed by Paolo Genovese. Seven friends are going to a party. They put mobile phones on the table and agree: no secrets. All SMS messages are read out loud, and calls are put on speakerphone. What came out of it? The film is declared as a comedy, but imagine what would happen if the contents of your phone became available to the company of your friends?

The film has collected 25 nominations for Italian and international awards, including the main Italian film award “David Di Donatello.” In total, the picture has 12 awards. Maybe this is exactly the film with which you should start getting acquainted with modern Italian cinema?

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Run, Forrest, run! Interesting facts about the movie “Forrest Gump”

Released in 1994, the film adaptation of Winston Groom’s novel “Forrest Gump” still does not lose relevance. The story of a guy with a mental disability has amazed viewers around the world.

I was struck by the fact that Forrest Gump, unlike many successful intellectuals, can do what is beyond the control of the “average” person. A guy with a low IQ has become a millionaire, and now he just sits at a bus stop and tells passers-by about his fate. And people sitting next to him can’t believe that he is a millionaire, and you can talk to him so easily. But, yes, you can. And not because he is a naive simpleton, but because there are no superfluous thoughts in his head. He just lives, values his comrades, loves his girlfriend and just runs… We smart guys definitely have something to learn from him.

To your attention — a selection of interesting facts about the movie “Forrest Gump”:

1. The performer of the main role – Tom Hanks – refused the fee for the shooting and worked only for a percentage of the collection of the film at the box office. “Fool!” – you will think. And by the way, this is how Hanks earned $ 40 million.

2. According to the plot, Forrest plays ping-pong. However, it is not a real ball that flies away from the racket, but a ball drawn on a computer. The actor did not know how to play this game at all, which is why he had to resort to computer graphics. Now one of the rackets that was used on the set with the autograph of Ton Hanks is hanging on the wall at the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Florida. There, next to the restaurants, there is also a boat “from the movie” for shrimp fishing

3. It was originally planned that John Travolta would play the role of Forrest. But he refused this role, not wanting to play an insufficiently erudite character. Later, when the film gained popularity and went to quotes, Travolta repeatedly regretted his rash decision.

4. In the film, sitting on a bench at a bus stop, Forrest Gump tells random passers-by about his life. This bench has become a museum exhibit. Fans of the film can see it at the Historical museum of the city of Savannah.

5. Many people are familiar with the quote: “Life is a box of chocolates with different fillings. You never know which one you’ll get.” But it was Forrest Gump who uttered this phrase. According to him, his deceased mother often compared life to a box of assorted chocolates… This phrase took the 40th place in the list of quotes of the American Film Institute (100 quotes in total).

6. Forrest Gump’s cinematic “mom” (aka Tom Hanks) – pretty Sally Field, in fact, is not much older than her “son”. Their age difference is only 10 years. They had previously played lovers in films.

7. Lieutenant Dan, according to the script of the film, survived the amputation of both legs. The legs of the performer of this role — Gary Siniz — were “cut off” with the help of a computer program. So that the presence of computer graphics was not very noticeable, the actor’s legs were covered with a blue plaid.

Read also: “Seven Years in Tibet is a beautiful, deeply spiritual film”

8. The ceremony with the presentation of the Medal of Honor to Forrest Gump by President Lyndon Johnson is a real scene, just Tom Hanks’ head, with the help of a computer again, was “put” in the place of a man who was really awarded for his actions in the Vietnam War a year earlier.

9. Also, with the help of computer graphics, Forrest Gump appears on a television show next to John Lennon, who was killed 14 years before the film was released on the screen. For this purpose, the filming of the program was used when John Lennon and Yoko were her guests in 1971. Forrest Gumpt managed to “put” in Yoko’s place.All John Lennon’s lines were taken from his songs.

The film “Forrest Gump” in 1995 He was awarded the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe. This may be less interesting, but still a significant fact for a film with a fairly simple plot.


Rain man. A story that doesn’t age

Some believe that the history of cinema is a few repetitive plots that are presented to the audience in different ways. And one of such eternal plots is the relationship of brothers, relatives by blood, but sometimes so different in character, temperament, and even outwardly. The plot is as old as the world, once again comes to life on the screen in the movie “Rain Man”. So, Some interesting facts about the film.

Why was it called that?

Why is the movie called “Rain Man”? The main character of the film, played by Dustin Hoffman, is named Raymond. His younger brother Charlie (Tom Cruise) remembers how in his early childhood the rain Man, Rain Man, came to him and sang songs to him. This was Raymond, who slurred his name, and the younger brother heard in him the mysterious “rain man”.

Critics believe that the screenwriters of the film, choosing such a name, paid tribute to Francis Ford Coppola, who was the director of the famous film “Rain People”.

The script

The story of the appearance of the script is worthy of making a separate film about it. Screenwriter Barry Morrow met a man named Bill. He was a handyman at the club where Morrow went. It turned out that even as a child, Bill was considered mentally retarded and sent to a hospital. No one took care of him there, he could not read and write, and the doctors gave up on the boy. Gradually, the attitude towards the patients of hospitals for the mentally retarded changed, and Bill’s life also changed. He began to live independently, found a job in a club, then became a barista, and the customers of the cafe where he worked loved him very much. Morrow was so impressed with this story that he wrote the script of a Golden Globe-winning television movie about it. Later, the screenwriter wrote another story for the movie, which we know as “Rain Man”.

Savant ‘s disease

Conventional wisdom says that Raymond suffers from autism. However, this is not entirely true. The disease of the main character is called Savant’s disease. People suffering from it are distinguished by extraordinary abilities in any field. For example, they have a very good memory, they remember information incredibly quickly. It is known that musicians with Savant’s disease can listen to a piece and immediately reproduce it from memory.


As always in the case of a good movie, the list of actors who could have played in it, but for one reason or another refused, is impressive. And not only to play. Steven Spielberg wanted to be the director of “Rain Man”, but then the project passed to Barry Levinson. Raymond could be played by Randy Quaid (and Charlie — his brother Dennis), Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray. But Charlie could be played by Dustin Hoffman, the studio was counting on it. As a result , the roles were distributed between Hoffman and Cruz, who was just starting his career then.

However, Hoffman was unhappy with his performance. Three weeks after the start of filming, he told Levinson: “Take Richard Dreyfuss or another actor for this role, because this is the worst acting in my career.” But in the end he got an Oscar.

According to the genre, “Rain Man” is a classic “road story”. The brothers travel, encountering new people, and for one of them this journey is forced. Critics noted that the genre, however, is not quite sustained. In the classic road movie, the characters change, and in “Rain Man” one of the characters is not capable of change. The more interesting it was to shoot and watch. By the way, the film crew traveled all the way of their heroes: they filmed in real motels and casinos. So the trip actually took place.


Remember, the main character of the film Raymond says that he only flies Qantas planes because they have never had an accident. This is almost true: accidents at this airline were only with biplanes, and not with passenger liners. By the way, if “Rain Man” is shown on an airplane during a flight, then a scene in which Raymond talks about plane crashes is cut out of the film. And only Qantas is showing the full version of the film.


The film, shot in 1988, is still watched and loved by thousands of movie fans. However, the members of the film crew, to put it mildly, doubted the success. An interesting fact is that Hoffman and During the filming, Cruz jokingly called the film “Two schmucks in the Car.” Could anyone have foreseen future success?


The film “Rain Man” received four top Academy awards, including for best film, director’s work, male role and screenplay. One award was not enough for the “big five” – the Oscar for Best Actress, but Valeria Golino was not nominated for the award.

Music from the movie “Rain Man”


Top 5 Interesting Facts about Adriano Celentano

On January 6, the popular Italian singer and actor Adriano Celentano turned 80 years old. The Russian public remembered him thanks to his characteristic roles in the films “The Taming of the Shrew” (1980) and “Bingo-Bongo” (1982). Celentano’s husky baritone still fascinates listeners to this day. He has 41 music albums and several film awards to his credit. But all this is well known…

And there is a lot that few people know about this charismatic Italian… Intrigued? Read the five most interesting facts about Adriano Celentano!

1. I woke up to the sound of rock music

It’s hard to believe that Adriano, known for his light, lyrical songs, always woke up to nervous rock chords in his youth. However, it is. The mother of the future Italian pop star knew that the sound of an ordinary alarm clock would not make her son get out of bed — Adriano simply would not hear him. Therefore , every morning at seven o’clock she turned on heavy rock and said: “Wake up, it’s already eight o’clock!”. Insidious woman 🙂

2. Danced anywhere

Anyone who has watched Celentano’s films at least once could not help but notice how smooth and easy the movements of his characters are. The actor was perfectly in control of his body, he was engaged in dancing for quite a long time. His love of moving to the beat of music was so strong that Adriano could start dancing anywhere.

One day he began to write intricate pirouettes right on the central street of his native Milan. Because of this, traffic has stalled. Passersby hurrying about their business also stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and froze. Of course, it’s not every day you see Celentano dancing on the street! The accumulation of cars and people interested the police. But, having recognized the “violator of order” as a popular favorite, they did not fine him.

3. Afraid of separation from his spouse

The union of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori aroused the envy of both the couple’s inner circle and the audience following the work of these two Italian stars. The couple almost always appeared together at various events, and the warmth with which Adriano and Claudia looked at each other did not escape from others.

The actor has repeatedly made public declarations of love to his wife. He was so afraid to be separated from her for a long time that once he even refused a role in a film, which he had already successfully auditioned for. Part of the filming took place in The Soviet Union, and Celentano did not want to fly to a distant country for a long time, leaving his wife in Italy. Here it is, love!

4. Hates flights

It would seem that Celentano — so courageous and brutal — cannot suffer from aerophobia… However, nothing human is alien to him. The audience’s favorite was rarely seen with concerts in countries far from Italy, because he was simply afraid (and still is afraid) to fly on airplanes. When boarding a winged car, he always shakes slightly with excitement. Well, each of us has our own fears and weaknesses…

5. No longer wants to act in a movie.

Not because I’m tired. But because he does not consider modern screenplays worthy. He believes that acting in second-rate films can disappoint his fans.

Today, viewers from all over the world continue to enjoy the songs and movie roles of their favorite artist. Celentano’s recent anniversary is a great reason to revisit one of his favorite comedies with his participation.