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The best cafes and restaurants in Yerevan

Yerevan is a wonderful city with a rich history, unique architecture and, of course, delicious cuisine. Here you will find many cafes and restaurants offering dishes made from local ingredients and combining the traditions of Armenian cuisine with European trends. But which of them can be called the real pearls of Yerevan? Let’s look at a few places that are definitely worth visiting. On the portal wte.am You can get more information about the best cafes and restaurants in Yerevan.

Tonatsin Restaurant

Located in the very center of the city, the Tonatsin restaurant is famous for its hospitality, unique atmosphere and excellent Armenian cuisine focused on traditional dishes made from local products. The best way the establishment manifests itself is in the evening, when you are enveloped in a unique atmosphere, and you can enjoy fine drinks and culinary masterpieces prepared on the spot.

Central Restaurant

“Central” is a restaurant that combines the traditions of Armenian cuisine and European restaurants at the top. Located in the heart of Yerevan, “Central” is famous for its atmosphere and cuisine. The cuisine itself is based on a variety of dishes made from local products, prepared according to traditional recipes and combined with the modern art of cooking. The establishment is decorated in a modern style and offers a large selection of dishes at pleasant prices, allowing you to have high quality with excellent service.

Restaurant “Tavern Yurt”

If you are still looking for something less traditional, then the “Yurt Tavern” is exactly what you need. Located within walking distance from the city center, this interesting restaurant-tavern offers a wide selection of international dishes that are prepared in real time on the spot. Here you will find many options for lunch and dinner, as well as a more casual atmosphere and music that brings everyone to different places in the world and creates a unique atmosphere.

Cafe “Aitiram”

“Aitiram” is a cafe located in the city center and famous for its dishes prepared on the spot, in nature and taste combining tradition and innovation. The establishment, like the restaurants, is focused on local customers and people from many countries of the world, which makes the atmosphere here special. In addition to the excellent menu and convenient location, here you can spend a night relaxing, enjoying a wonderful view of the city as a whole.

Cafe “The Green Bean”

If you are looking for a cafe to relax with friends or family, “The Green Bean” is the best choice. Located a few minutes from the central market and the Opera Theater, the cafe specializes in cooking freshly prepared food, including nutritious breakfasts and quick lunches. The place is decorated in bright colors, the atmosphere here is pleasant and calm, which makes it an ideal place to work at a cafe or to spend time with friends.

Many cafes and restaurants in Yerevan offer wonderful dishes and an atmosphere that will not leave you indifferent. Whichever option you choose, be sure that you will not regret your choice and will appreciate the traditional Armenian cuisine in the best cafes and restaurants of the city.

How to play online slot machines with money withdrawal?

In order to fully appreciate all the positive aspects that the modern gaming industry has, each user should take the most responsible, comprehensive and serious approach to choosing an online gaming institution, so as not to run into scammers and avoid ridiculous and unpleasant situations in the end. Of course, it is best to immediately give preference to solid and time-tested online gaming portals that will have an impeccable reputation, high ratings and only numerous positive reviews left by satisfied users. On the portal https://admirallkasino.co / you can get more information about how to play online slot machines with money withdrawal.

We play online slot machines with money withdrawal. The main aspects and subtleties. Features. Important and useful information

  1. Of course, every gamer should firmly understand and know that it is necessary to invest real money in the gameplay only if you are completely confident in the solidity, transparency and honesty of the chosen online gaming institution. Otherwise, there are always risks of encountering unpleasant situations and problems.
  2. Before starting to play online slot machines for money, the user must necessarily go through the registration procedure, where it will be necessary to specify real contact details, a valid mobile phone number, a real email address. After that, you need to go through identity verification, confirming the fact that you are a real person, not a robot.
  3. Now, you need to rely entirely on your refined taste, gaming preferences and wishes, choosing for your leisure the game that can suit you perfectly, arranging in all respects. For example, classic, traditional games do not lose relevance and popularity, which means that you can safely give them preference. For example, it is impossible not to include such games as “The Book of Ra”, or, “Resident”, “Fruit Cocktail”.

In addition to the fact that these are interesting games, they are also famous for being quite profitable. Thus, you can safely test them for live cash, becoming a wealthy and wealthy person. Also, users can choose not only slot machines for their leisure, but also, for example, pay close attention to other gambling entertainment. These are roulettes of various types, tournaments and contests, and a lot of interesting things. We can safely say that now bright emotions and a great mood will definitely be guaranteed to you.

Description of the hotel in Simeiz — “Ligo Morskaya”

If you decide to choose Simeiz HotelFirst of all, I would like to note that it is located in the village of Simeiz, and this is not far from the city of Yalta. In fact, as practice shows, more and more often many people choose this hotel option for their holidays and vacations, which is actually safe, you can do, personally evaluating all those positive qualities and sides that it actually possesses, is famous for a long period of time.

Description of the hotel “League of the Sea”. Features and benefits. The main aspects. Useful and important information

  1. As for the buildings of the hotel building, they are not far from the sea at all, which means that there is a truly unique opportunity to breathe clean sea air, which cannot but be fully appreciated. In addition, juniper and pine trees grow around, and so on. You yourself should understand and know, now it will turn out to be a full-fledged way to relax, doing it with both body and soul, and if you carefully read the numerous positive reviews of all those citizens who have already had the opportunity to do this, then all doubts will leave you on the same day.
  2. Highlighting the positive aspects of this hotel, I immediately want to attribute here the presence of a protected area, as well as laundry services, a store, a luggage room, a safe at the reception, free Internet and so on. Naturally, for many vacationers, these moments are one of the fundamental ones.
  3. I would like to add that several categories of accommodation options will be waiting for you, and naturally, in each option you can count only on excellent, excellent conditions provided for a sea holiday. Now, all the favorable and best conditions have been created for you, which will allow you to enjoy an unusual, attractive panoramic view of the sea, relaxing on a large veranda, choosing a guest house located by the water. Everything depends strictly on your personal wishes, preferences and financial possibilities.

But one thing can be said for sure, definitely even the most picky person will be able to get bright emotions and a great mood from such a holiday. There is a cafe on the territory, which is called “Rosemary”, where you can eat delicious food and spend your leisure time brightly, doing it surrounded by beautiful nature.

How to play online at a casino without registration?

To fully appreciate all the positive qualities and privileges of the gaming industry, you will need to approach the choice of an online gaming institution with all seriousness and responsibility, so as not to make mistakes. There are really a huge number of gaming resources on the Internet that are solid, honest and transparent. For example, it can be such game portals as “Volcano” on https://vulkancasinos-games.ru / and so on. But there are also such options that scammers own, such gaming establishments should be avoided.

We play online machines without registration. The main aspects. Features. Important and useful information

  1. If you choose a solid and transparent online gaming institution, which is characterized by strictly high ratings, an impeccable reputation, and having numerous positive reviews from gamers, then keep in mind, you will be able to evaluate a huge number of advantages that you will fully appreciate. For example, now it is possible to test online slot machines without a penny of money, no matter how strange and ridiculous it may sound. All that is required is just to give preference to the demo, that is, the free mode, which will allow you to implement such an idea.

On a note! As soon as you choose the demo mode for your leisure, you can now study the parameters and characteristics of the online slot machine, doing it without much effort and problems. It is customary to include not only classic, traditional games, but also novelties.

  1. I would like to note that testing online slot machines in free mode, the user may not go through the registration procedure at all, and this is no less important advantage. Now, you do not need to waste your precious time on this, you do not need to specify your contact details, and so on. You just need to choose the perfect gaming device, then choose the demo mode and you can proceed to a bright, intriguing and interesting game plot.

If you suddenly have any questions or difficult situations, and you are unable to solve them yourself, then you can always ask for help from round-the-clock technical support, in which real professionals work. They will instantly be able to respond to your requests and help you.

What goods are needed for travel?

Usually travel fees promise stress. It is necessary to cover all the tails at work, prepare all the documents, download important applications and maps, do not forget to charge and wash everything. And, of course, put everything in a suitcase.

Therefore, it would not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the universal list of things that should be rechecked before sending to the airport. It may vary due to the reason for the trip, with its duration, as well as how many people are traveling. However, common aspects are still present in a variety of situations.

The most important products

Tickets are a must that you need to buy and prepare. Previously, they should be printed out and uploaded to the device itinerary receipt. Next – booking at the hotel so that the check-in process does not cause any hassle. This should also be printed out. Find out on the portal https://turisti.guru / you can learn more about travel products.

The phone and charging to it are mandatory. By all means, you should take care of the serviceability of the battery. If there is a suspicion that it may fail or discharge literally in a matter of hours, it is unlikely that this will be suitable for traveling. Therefore, this is one of the products that should definitely be purchased. The same goes for the charger.

A camera, as well as a memory card. If this is a trip to the sea or to the mountains, where there will be stunning views, then you need to take care of the memory and quality of pictures and videos. Also, real photographers can take care of filters, as well as removable lenses.

Adapter, if the hotel has non-standard outlets. An auxiliary device will be necessary if a person takes a large number of devices on a trip.

You will need an extension cord if there are a lot of different devices. If, for example, a large company leaves, then at the same time to charge all phones and laptops, you will definitely need an extension cord.

It would be useful to find out if there is, for example, a hairdryer in the future apartments. Many people are used to using this device, so it’s better to take care of this aspect and buy a travel device: compact and profitable.

Of course, it is impossible without personal hygiene products – toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo for hair and shower gel, shaving accessories, deodorant. A lot of girls take decorative cosmetics with them for evening outings. The guys also take care of the absence of stubble and purchase everything they need in advance.

How to make purchases using promo codes?

The Internet has brought comfort to people’s lives and is functional for doing a lot of things: you can buy any thing or get a service delivered to the address without leaving home, make banking transactions and much more. Promo codes have become one of the most popular and profitable tools when shopping online. On the portal https://www.km.ru/stil/2021/08/26/890454-korotko-pro-servis-regru you can get more information about how to make purchases using promo codes.

  • How to get a promo code and how to use it

Promo codes (coupons) are a unique combination of letters and numbers, thanks to their use, customers can purchase discounted goods in an online store. Promo codes can be free or purchased for a small fee, while they allow you to purchase a product or receive a service with significant savings.

Promo codes give a pleasant opportunity to buy goods on the websites of stores with bonuses:

— in the form of a discount in rubles, or as a percentage of the original cost;

— delivery of orders to customers’ homes for free;

— any additional product as a gift.

When placing orders on the websites of trading platforms, customers usually see all the discounts, including promo codes that they can use.

Some promo codes apply to a limited range of products or are available only to a new buyer of a particular store. Aggregator sites regularly offer promo codes: they collect information from dozens and hundreds of resources, dividing them into sections and offering them for general use.

The algorithm for using promo codes is simple:

— add products to the order basket and proceed to its registration;

— find the “insert promo code” or “activate promo code” field;

— after that, a field for entering a promo code will appear ;

— after the introduction, a new discounted price will appear in the total cost of the goods (if the promotion period has not ended yet).

Today, there are numerous online trading platforms in the country that regularly offer their users discounts. Promo codes are provided to customers by large domestic and worldwide networks, local Internet companies to attract potential customers and increase trade turnover.

Promo codes are beneficial to both sides of the trading process: buyers receive goods with a favorable value, sellers quickly sell their products and goods.

How to choose a good semi-sweet wine?

If you visit grocery, or wine and vodka shops, then you will be able to find truly high-quality wines in them. But at the same time, many buyers often face some difficulties and problems in terms of the implementation of this issue. Do not think that a fake is found exclusively in the low price segment, since such a statement is not correct.

After all, if you carefully study the subtleties of semi-sweet wine, you will understand that often many elite wines actually have an unpleasant bitterness, as well as the taste of alcohol. In general, the cost price will affect the price, as well as the method of product promotion, the country of origin also plays an important role. As for foreign drinks, they usually have a high cost, and this is not due to a special composition, or production technology, but solely for the reason that there is a cheat for imports.

Keep in mind, in most cases, wines up to 500 rubles, as a rule, are easily forged. Thus, dyes, certain impurities are added to the composition, allowing to increase the shelf life, as well as the appearance of the drink.

For example, for 700 rubles it is quite possible to buy high-quality wine from foreign countries. This can include Africa, Mexico, the USA, and so on. Of course, the label plays an important role, as it indicates the method of storage, handling of the drink. It should remain smooth and good, without traces of dirt, scuffs.

The climate in Turkey in spring and summer

Turkey is a country with hot and dry summers, snowy and cold winters. It stands out for its mountainous climate, which has continental features, as a result of which the Turkish regions have their own special weather conditions. The beginning of the holiday season here refers to April, and its end – to November.

Spring is characterized by flowering and fragrance, as well as comfortable weather. This can be explained by the non-hot sun, which gives people its soft rays. The air feels fresh and the breath is light and relaxed because of this. If a spring thunderstorm thunders, then warm rain will fall, and the air will be saturated with oxygen, that is, unpleasant sensations do not arise.

Consider the weather in spring and summer by month.


In the first spring month, the air warms up to 15-17 ° C, but there are also quite warm days with temperatures up to 20 ° C. Temperature indicators of seawater – 17 ⁰C –cool enough. The weather can still be capricious, it rains often, there may be cold days. But things are changing fast. In general, March is characterized by a large number of sunny days.


A month with consistently warm weather and an average temperature of a little more than 20 ⁰C. There is an opening of the season in virtually all hotels on the coast, in which vacationers come en masse. At this time, the sea water is rapidly heating up, but people with special tempering are already starting to swim.

The month is characterized by flowering plants in huge numbers. This applies to both cities and resort areas.


Especially the excellent first half of the month should be highlighted. It is safe to say that the warm summer season begins. Summer cafes and restaurants, radiating oriental hospitality, delight guests with national and not only cuisine. Mild heat with an average temperature of about 27 ⁰C. The water in the sea heats up more strongly to 20-21 ⁰C.

If you choose spring cities, it is better to give preference:

  • Alanya.
  • Istanbul.
  • Antalya.
  • Marmaris.
  • Belek.
  • Kemer.
  • Side.


It’s time to buy last-minute tours to Turkey, as the heat has already come, and there is no sweltering heat yet. There is a rapid filling of hotels with tourists. The average daytime temperature (in the country) is 27 ⁰C-30 ⁰C. At night, it can drop to 18-19 ⁰C. Sea water warms up to 23 ⁰C. For those who do not like the intense heat, this time is the best.


The holiday season is in full swing, its peak is coming. It is characterized by high temperatures – up to 33⁰C. Even at night at least 27 ⁰C. Sea water reaches the warmest values – about 28 ⁰C. There is a dry period in most of the Turkish territory. But the cities of Kemer and Beldibi are located near the mountains, so there is an increase in humidity in the evening. The Black Sea coast is characterized by coolness.


At this time, even experienced holidaymakers may not feel well. The fault is very hot weather. This month is characterized by daytime temperatures reaching 35 ⁰C, rarely, but sometimes 40 ⁰C. At night – 28-30 ⁰C. Very high humidity level. But the sea will please with very warm water – up to 29 ⁰C. However, this is also for an amateur, someone likes cooler conditions.

In the summer, cities will be the best for recreation:

  • status: Belek, Fethiye, Didim;
  • for families with children: Alanya, Marmaris, Dalaman;
  • youth resorts: Kemer, Marmaris, Bodrum;
  • elderly people: Marmaris, Fethiye, Alanya.

Turkey ranks 6th in the world as the most popular tourist destination. There is hardly a single person who has been there who would not like this country, which welcomes everyone with pleasure.

Cultural attractions of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a culturally rich country that boasts numerous attractions demonstrating its rich heritage. From ancient ruins to vibrant festivals, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer tourists who want to immerse themselves in cultural life. In this article we will look at some of the cultural attractions of Sri Lanka.

  1. Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress located in the central region of Sri Lanka. The fortress dates back to the 5th century and was built by King Kashyapa. Sigiriya is known for its unique architecture, beautiful frescoes and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can climb to the top of the fortress and admire the incredible views from the top.

  1. Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa is an ancient city that is considered one of the best preserved archaeological sites in South Asia. It was the second capital of Sri Lanka and was founded in the 10th century. The city is known for the stunning ruins of palaces, temples and monuments. Visitors can explore impressive sights including the Royal Palace, the Lankatilaka Temple and the Gal Vihara.

  1. Kandy Esala Perahera

Kandy Esala Perahera is an annual festival held in the city of Kandy in August. The festival is famous for its traditional dances, colorful parades and impressive processions that showcase the rich culture of Sri Lanka. The festival is held in honor of the relic of the sacred tooth of Lord Buddha, and visitors can watch the beautifully decorated Kandy Esala Perahera parade.

  1. Halle

Galle is a beautiful coastal town located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The city boasts a rich history dating back to the 16th century, when it was colonized by the Portuguese. Visitors can explore the beautiful Galle Fort, stroll through the quaint streets lined with colonial buildings, and visit the beautiful Dutch Reformed Church.

  1. Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is one of the oldest and most significant ancient cities in Sri Lanka. The city has been the capital of Sri Lanka for over a millennium and is home to some of the most impressive architectural and archaeological wonders in the country. Visitors can explore the beautiful ruins of ancient temples, palaces and shrines.

  1. Temple of the Relic of the Tooth

The Temple of the Relic of the Tooth is a revered Buddhist temple located in the city of Kandy. The temple houses the sacred relic of the tooth of the Lord Buddha, and it is one of the most important religious sites in Sri Lanka. The temple is known for its stunning architecture, beautiful works of art and religious ceremonies that take place throughout the year.

In conclusion, it should be noted that Sri Lanka is a culturally rich country that boasts numerous attractions for visitors who want to immerse themselves in cultural life. The six above-mentioned cultural attractions give an idea of Sri Lanka’s rich heritage and are a must-visit for anyone planning a trip to this country.

Who can count on obtaining a residence permit in Greece

Those who want to live permanently on the shore and build a successful business in a developed country are invariably attracted to Greece. Here, it seems, there is everything you need for a comfortable life: access to the sea, and location in the neighborhood of the developed countries of the European Union, and stable social guarantees, and a high standard of living.

The main advantages of immigration are:

  • absence of any restrictions on travel to EU countries;
  • loans provided to entrepreneurs;
  • quality of medicine;
  • accessibility of education;
  • the opportunity to purchase the first property without paying tax;
  • excellent ecology;
  • friendly locals.

How does a residence permit in Greece work

To date, the legislation regulates all issues of obtaining a residence permit in Greece for Russians and other foreign nationals. The validity period of the residence permit will ultimately depend on the grounds for obtaining the latter. In some cases, it will have to be extended in the future before submitting documents for permanent residence.

What are the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Greece

First of all, such an opportunity is available to investors and entrepreneurs. The status is granted to them for 3 and 2 years, respectively. Financially independent individuals can also use their chance. If there is a stable and reliable source of income exceeding 2,000 euros per month, then Greece will open its borders for a whole year, providing a residence permit without the possibility of employment. The latter is also possible here, provided that a contract with the employer is concluded in advance. The very first residence permit is granted for only 1 year, but then it can be extended for two more. A residence permit is also assumed for studying in Greece. The visa covers exactly this period.

Anyone who buys real estate in another country may also wonder how to get a residence permit in Greece. It is issued for as long as 5 years under a simplified procedure, but subject to the total value of the real estate of more than 250,000 euros.

The work of Greek companies and banking institutions deserves special attention. They have established their own strong positions in the markets of neighboring countries. Modern investors discover for themselves a combination of characteristics in Greece that are not found in Europe in any other country. At the same time, it is here that the world’s tourist destination is concentrated, one of the leading, constantly developing, with multilingual and educated human capital.

Features of excursions in Sri Lanka

Excursions in Sri Lanka, as well as tours to the island, are very popular today. But before you purchase such a trip, you need to study some of the features of this amazing exotic country.

What do you need to know?

First of all, the fact that the country is as noisy as possible. One has only to go out into a densely populated city, as you can plug your ears, and at the same time your nose because of the dust that has risen. Not only are the buses rushing at great speed, they are also honking with all their might. People talk loudly, and if you also take into account the fact that there are a lot of them, it becomes uncomfortable.

Specific buses are another sight. To understand what we are talking about, you just need to take a ride on such transport for an impressive distance, and without windows. In this case, it will be possible to experience all the “charms” of the country without exception and understand how this people lives. This is still a test, especially for a person who is not used to this.

Beaches are a moment that deserves special attention thanks to the Sri Lanka Excursion. Almost all beaches in Sri Lanka are the same. They are characterized by yellow sand, a long line and blue water. But there are also a lot of intrusive people who offer something all the time. And in the evenings, locals gather here. There are also a lot of wild beaches on the island, they are removed reluctantly, logs, sticks, and natural garbage often float in the ocean.

Another feature of the island is that there are many dogs on it. Moreover, they walk on the beach even in the daytime. They are safe, and you should not be afraid of them. But in the evenings they get together in packs, which is fraught with a certain danger for inattentive and inexperienced tourists.

A lot of crows is another disadvantage of the island. And it would be fine if they just flew. They croak loudly enough, which infuriates even the most calm and balanced person. The same can be said about annoying flies that interfere with normal life, and even carry certain dangerous diseases.

There are also a lot of men in the country, and it is characterized by a calm, measured pace of life.

The best hotels with a swimming pool in Sochi

Going on vacation, you should definitely take care of the place where travelers will spend time on vacation. It is important that all aspects of comfort, quality and practicality are present.

The best Sochi hotels

The Rosa Springs Hotel is located in the resort in the Rosa Khutor Mountains. This is the 1st four-star hotel in the Olympic Mountain Village, located at almost 120 meters above sea level. Guests can manage more than 200 rooms, two restaurants, a phyto-bar, a spa complex with a large swimming pool, there are bath and fitness centers, ski rooms with access to the lift, a playground for children, where animators always entertain the audience, there is even a conference room.  In the spring, the 1st medical center on Krasnaya Polyana opens in the hotel, its focus is balneological, including mud treatment, massages and a beauty salon where visitors’ skin will be carefully cared for. Pay attention to Sochi hotels with a pool by the sea

The wellness complex called “Sputnik” entered the structure of resorts for the Elian Family Resort Collection family and acquired a new name. Starting from 2018, the four-star hotel is waiting for guests to relax, providing an All-ultra-inclusive system. The satellite takes the rest of the whole family as a guide, for this reason, such conditions are formed in the rooms and throughout the territory so that every adult and baby can feel comfortable, as if at home, without needing anything.

There is also a majestic Camellia Resort in Mochi. The landscapes of this area, memorable for a lifetime, resemble the Mediterranean. Most people know this town as the “Russian Riviera”. The hotel is located in the area of a natural park, sprawling on the shores of the Black Sea, right close to the main attraction. The journey from the hotel to the international airport takes about half an hour. The newest and most modern hotel is a symbiosis of refined simplicity and perfect style. The hotel has more than two hundred guest rooms, from the windows of which the enchanting landscape of the sea and the nearby landscape opens. For connoisseurs of absolute convenience and original services, this hotel offers luxury apartments and duplexes that belong to the “luxury” group.

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