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Do you want to try your hand at drawing? Then arm yourself with colored pencils – the drawings turn out to be very interesting and, most importantly, simple in execution. If it seems to you that you are not drawing well enough – do not despair, this is a temporary phenomenon. The main thing is to train more and everything will work out. Many of the drawings from this collection are drawn by amateurs. It worked out for them – it will work for you!




Beautiful palette


Beautiful drawing

Cute picture



Pencil drawing

Interesting idea

Two peppers



Cheshire Cat


Bright colors



Beautiful picture

Autumn tree

Like a photo!






Interestingly drawn






To see pictures about men and women is always a good reason to think. Someone will look for some paradoxes here, someone will sincerely smile from comical situations, and someone will even see himself and his soulmate here. Despite the fact that we are so different, we are still together! This is probably the motto of most couples. And this is fine, because opposites, as you know, come closer.

The relationship has reached an impasse

She’s her own master!

Eternal confrontation

He and she

Just a frame from a movie

Man and woman


Going somewhere

Happy together

Interesting shot




They are good together

Outdoor recreation

Just go ahead!


Who will win?

Black and white

Hand in hand


They look at each other

A frame from the movie

When a woman is the boss

Serious conversation

Day off!


Interesting photo



Are you looking for parks in Moscow where you can take a walk on weekends with children, friends or just enjoy privacy? Photos from our selection will help you make the right choice. In fact, there are many beautiful parks in Moscow, surrounded by greenery, with fatnans, recreation areas and playgrounds. The main thing is to choose “your own”, which will be convenient for you to come to. Be sure to set aside time to visit parks – it’s worth it!

Beautiful view

Park in Moscow

A very interesting place

Lots of greenery

A pleasant place to relax

It’s interesting to take a walk here

Plants in the park

Lawns and trees

View from the observation deck


Autumn in the park


Reflection on the water surface

Interesting sky


Beautiful fountain

The best parks in Moscow


Quiet Park


Beautiful trees


Peace and quiet

Photo from above

People walking in the park




In this collection you can download photos of flowers. Flower growers and those who are simply not indifferent to flowers (and there are practically no people who do not like flowers) will find a lot of interesting things in this collection for themselves. Scroll through photos, download pictures to your computer, admire and be sure to share with friends. After all, this is beauty, so let it be in our life as much as possible!

Beautiful flowers

Sunny flowers


Delicate flowers

Bright colors



Green meadow

Bouquet of roses


Yellow flowers

Bright colors

An interesting bouquet

Saturated colors

Lots of roses


Basket with flowers

It looks beautiful

Bouquet on the bench

Lilac tones

An interesting combination



Photos of beautiful flowers

Bouquet for the holiday

A very beautiful bouquet!




Flower Meadow

What happened to the UFO shot down in the Moscow region in 1979

There is quite a lot of information about UFO research by employees of the special department of the KGB. What is the operation “Concealment” worth. An attempt to classify a huge layer data. With the collapse of the USSR, the “secret” stamp was also dropped from most documents on various UFO incidents. Today we will consider only one episode.

The event took place in 1979 in the north of the nearest Moscow region. On November 13, an unknown flying object was detected by air defense systems near the city of Dubna. Since the disk-shaped device was moving towards the capital, it was decided to shoot it down. Surprisingly, it succeeded. The launch of an anti-aircraft air defense missile was carried out by one of the parts of the air defense system, which is a point of the “Blue Ring” air defense system of Moscow.

Similar objects appear from time to time near megacities.

The object was shot down by the first hit. A military brigade went to the crash site. The disk-shaped device turned out to be almost 6 meters in diameter. The shell penetrated the hull and severely damaged the ship’s interior. The UFO was taken to the laboratory at the scientific and production association “Lightning”, where the famous “Buran” was built earlier.

There was severe damage inside the facility. The method of controlling the device is still unknown, since the pilot was not detected. There were no identification marks. The alleged analogue of the black box could not be declassified. It was very well protected from all hacking attempts. There is still no information about decrypting or receiving data from it.

The conclusion of the experts was striking – the device did not have an engine and any fuel compartment. Presumably, the object moved due to the energy released by two powerful magnets, which accumulated in an unknown mechanism, which is a closed metal flask in the form of an infinity sign, inside which there was heavy water.

UFO photo over Dubna – summer 2020

In 1982, thanks to the studied wreckage and apparatus, designers and engineers created a kind of symbiosis of a fighter plane and a flying saucer. It was the first anti-gravity aircraft created in the USSR. In addition, employees of the NGO “Molniya” tried to restore the mechanism of operation of the downed UFO, but for some reason it was not possible to do this.

Then in 1982, the following items were added to the created “Guidelines for the Moscow Region on collecting information about anomalous phenomena, in particular UFOs”:

1. Shoot down UFOs only if absolutely necessary.

2. When trying to establish contact with him by all available means.

3. If there is no response, then lift the escort into the air.

In addition, a rapid response team was created at the UFO research department, which tracked the landing sites of the vehicles, and also promptly went to them. Over the last decade of the USSR, this department has collected information about 28 landings in the Moscow region and 3 crash sites of vehicles of an unknown nature.

In the 90s and early 2000s, several eyewitnesses of the events told in detail about this incident at once: Viktor Lastochkin, an officer involved in the transportation and identification of the object, KGB captain Andrei Petrov, one of the creators of the “Methodological Guidelines for the Moscow Region on collecting information about anomalous phenomena, in particular UFOs,” a reserve major Artem Valeryevich Bystrov.

In my opinion, such stories are not born from scratch. Firstly, the latest inventions are so different from the previous ones that it involuntarily seems as if these technologies were obtained from other civilizations. Remember, 20 years ago people had pagers, tetris and push-button mobile phones – now everyone has smartphones, iPads, Nintendo and other charms of progress. The same applies to military technologies – I am sure that most of the latest weapons are created on the basis of data obtained in such situations.

The Mystical Triangle of Lake Michigan

Many are familiar with the Bermuda Triangle. Ships and planes disappear in it. But there are no less mysterious ones on Earth places. For example, the Triangle of Lake Michigan. According to eyewitnesses, strange floating lights and fireballs are visible there. No one can explain what it is. Meanwhile, it is there that various disasters occur.

Where is this place located
The triangle itself is located near the state of Wisconsin. It goes to Michigan, and then south to Benton Harbor. It was estimated that incidents occur there more often than on its Bermuda counterpart. Most often, ships disappear in this triangle. For example, in 1679, a ship called the Griffin disappeared. In 1891, the ship “Thomas Hume” disappeared, on board of which there were various lumber. It is noteworthy that it was possible to find the vessel only in 2006.

Mysterious disappearances
In 1921, one ship was carrying supplies. However, he did not arrive at the right point. He was found upside down on the territory of this triangle. And this story would not be so strange if it were not for the fact that there were no more ships there. Moreover, there were no reports of accidents or signals from help. At the same time, the entire crew disappeared.

But the most mysterious, though not the bloodiest case occurred in 1937. The captain of the cargo ship decided to rest in his cabin. The ship itself was approaching its destination, the crew decided to wake it up. The captain’s room was locked from the inside. But only the captain was not in it. Moreover, no one ever saw him again. So far, this mystery has not been solved.

But it’s not just ships that disappear there
Theories about UFOs appeared after the plane disappeared in 1950. Flying over this mysterious area, the pilots requested permission to descend. They thought a thundercloud was coming. This reduction was denied to them. A couple of minutes after that, the board disappeared.

Of course, at first they thought that the plane had sunk in the lake. But the whole mystery is that even now, after so many years, it has not been found. The only thing we managed to find was a blanket with the company’s logo. There were no eyewitnesses to the tragedy. There were only policemen who were nearby and saw a strange glow after the disappearance. That is why many believe that these are the tricks of aliens.

To believe or not to believe is everyone’s business. But at the same time, the fact remains a fact. It was in this triangle that a huge number of people disappeared. And each such story is overgrown with riddles and secrets that have not yet been revealed.

The Power of Juxtaposition: Changes and Contrasts

Sometimes we meet completely unusual things and creatures. And sometimes we pay attention to the changes that have occurred only after making a comparison. So it is possible to understand that time can fix a lot, and the possibilities of nature are limitless.

1. For many years, the guy could not afford a smile and suffered a toothache. Finally, he installed dentures and felt life in a new way.

2. This kitten was lucky – he was taken into the house and after 48 days he turned into a fluffy miracle

3. What did a year and a half of sobriety make of a girl

4. The monkey’s paw in the human palm

5. After the first visit to the groomer in his life, it seems that the dog was simply replaced

6. Imagine the scale of the anchor chain

7. The cat conducted an inspection of the fireplace and it turned out this…

8. And all it was necessary to organize proper facial care, in particular, not to use one washcloth for all available body parts

9. A masterpiece portrait ordered by the hostess for her cat

10. A new protective mask and the one that spent 11 hours of the shift protecting the owner from dust at work

11. Now you will definitely not confuse them – crocodile, caiman and alligator (from top to bottom)

12. It’s only been 10 years…

13. If you pull a T-shirt of size XXXXXXL on a guy with a height of 160 cm

14. The girl realized how much she looked like her mother only after finding her old 1971 license

“Hell Ranch” in Utah: windows to other worlds

The state of Utah has always been considered the most quiet and calm in terms of mystical and mysterious phenomena. Nothing ever happened here until until the nineties of the last century. Everything changed after farmer Terry Sherman bought an abandoned ranch. It was sold at a suspiciously low price, but, unfortunately, nothing alerted the buyer. The oddities began instantly.

A mystical being

A wolf appeared from somewhere near the settlement, and it was possible to eliminate it only after the sixth shot. He was not taken by bullets, there were no wounds left on him. Naturally, the question arose: is it a wolf? After that, the animal repeatedly made itself felt: it came to the ranch, brought with it a creature similar to a dog. In such a simple way, the family got acquainted with the monsters living in this area.

Unidentified objects

A year later, UFOs began to fly over the house, which at first stopped and hung, and then seemed to disappear into thin air. Not to mention the orange circles appearing in the firmament, and always strictly in one place. It was somewhat like a fata morgana, a window into another world, unknown and terrible. Later, livestock began to disappear, and it seemed that some entities simply took them to heaven.

“The Werewolf Trail”

When journalists found out about this anomalous zone, it became clear: the ranch was built on the so-called werewolf trail. It has long been a cursed place among the Indians. But the hype did its job: a rich man bought a house from Sherman to conduct special research here. Specialists have been working for almost 10 years, carefully working through all versions. They saw mysterious flying balls, and as soon as the cameras were installed, the whole anomaly moved to the place where the shooting was not conducted.

The most interesting was the notorious portal to other worlds. It was believed that it was from there that all the monsters living here appeared. But he did not show himself in any way, because there were cameras and cameras ready. Instead of normal images, some blurred spots were obtained.

Thus, since 2007, the research has been discontinued, and the ranch has been abandoned. No one lives here, but there is no more paranormal activity. Here, in fact, is the conclusion: local otherworldly inhabitants are activated only if someone lives in the house. It turns out that they consider this territory their own, and therefore any residents survive. And they simply hid from the researchers.

A successful harvest: gardening talent is not given to everyone

Spring is booming outside. And with it comes an indomitable desire to urgently bury something and plant somewhere. Someone starts cooking seedlings, someone plans beds in the country, masters flower beds on the windowsill. Only here the yield at the output often turns out to be about this…

1. Such a harvest for the whole season is now definitely enough

2. I’ll probably use one for pie, and the other for juice

3. Strawberries are great, it’s just a dog too big

4. Can I treat myself to onion rings?…

5. Mom is proud of her tomato harvest

6. Only 3.5 months of worries – and this exotic fruit is on my plate!

7. We will divide the blackberry harvest for the whole family

8. This is all that the banana tree gave this time

9. Well, something like that…

10. A gorgeous potato harvest, we’ll just overeat with chips

11. I don’t even know where to stop – cake, juice or jam?

12. Watermelon abundance

13. You can just pour lemonade

14. Prepare lemon juice…

15. Mom had a stunning harvest this year

16. Very good result

17. The result of six months of work – from a clove of garlic we got a clove of garlic with a stalk!

TubeBuddy (Free&Best) Youtube channel promotion tool

For companies and independent authors, when promoting on Youtube, the question of how to promote a Youtube channel as efficiently as possible is relevant. At the moment, there are a number of browser applications that help greatly facilitate the promotion of videos on Youtube, and one of them is TubeBuddy.


TubeBuddy is an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers with extensive functionality for optimizing the metadata of Youtube videos, as well as for working with video analytics, descriptions, hints, end screensavers. The tool has both a free version and a paid one, with advanced features for optimization and customization.

In this article, we will consider only those features that TubeBuddy provides in the free version for SEO optimization of videos and analysis of competitors’ videos, which affects the promotion of the Youtube channel. Video metadata needs to be optimized, as it is one of the factors of video ranking in both Youtube and Google. In order to install the extension on your browser, you need to go to the main page of the service  and click the “Install free on…” button.

So, we will consider in this article the following features of this service:

*Competitor video analysis.

*Selection of tags for videos.

*Technical optimization of video meta tags.

*Useful tools of the service.

TubeBuddy allows you to analyze competitors’ videos directly from its viewing page, which can help us in the future. The right panel displays statistics about the channel, views, engagement, video comments and most importantly tags.

We see the tags (the keywords of the video for which it is optimized), and how these tags are ranked in the Youtube search. High positions on our queries give us reason to assume that they provide traffic for videos from Youtube search and, therefore, we can also use them to promote the Youtube channel. To view this data in an ordered form as a table, on the video clip page we need to click the “Tools” button and select the “Search Rankings” section.

Selection and optimization of tags for videos:

Defining keywords for a video is an important point of SEO optimization of a video. With TubeBuddy, you can expand the semantics for the old video, as well as pick up tags for the new video. To do this, use the “Tag Explorer” tool.

Next, we can see a general summary of the tag:

1.Most Used Tags are the most frequent tags that we can also use in our video by clicking the “Copy” button to copy.

2.Search Volume — the level of frequency, popularity of the tag.

3.Competition — the level of competition.

4.Overall – the total score for this search query, the higher it is, the better. A desirable indicator here is a score from 80 to 90.

5.The service also offers additional tags that can be used in video optimization.

  1. It is very convenient that, without leaving Tag Explorer, in the Results tab, you can see the output of “Youtube search” for this query. And analyze the competitors who are in the top.
  1. Trending — the most popular search queries, which are divided into “Rising Related Queries— – queries that are gaining popularity and “Top Related Queries” – queries that are already in the top search on Youtube.
  1. The “Historical” sections show how the dynamics of the query has grown and fallen over the past couple of months, and the “Map” shows in which of the countries this query is most popular. TubeBuddy for optimizing video metadata When working with videos (using the TubeBuddy extension), there is a convenient statistics panel on the right side.

It is worth noting that the service pays special attention not only to the number of ranked tags, but also to their presence in the title and description of the video. So, their recommended indicator should be: at least 10 ranked tags and at least 10 tags should be used in the title and description of the video. If the statistical indicators in the right panel are within the recommended limits and higher— they will be highlighted in green. And those indicators that are worth working on are red.

Useful tools for tags In addition to tag selection and high-quality analysis, TubeBuddy has a number of tools that will help facilitate and speed up your video optimization work. This is especially important when you are optimizing channels with a large number of videos. So in the “video editing” window under the tags is the “Tag Tools” window, which contains tools for tags that make it easier to work with them:

1) “Copy” – copies the tags so that we can then paste them into the desired video.

2) “Clear” – clearing the tag line with one click.

3) “Sort” – sorts tags by their output indicator in Youtube.

4) “Suggest” is a section in which the program offers us tags to promote videos through search (“Suggested for Search”) and similar videos (“Suggested for Related”). In this section, we can view statistics on the tag based on the following indicators: the number of tag views obtained from a Youtube search; the number of tag usage in videos that are in the TOP Youtube search; the amount of use of this tag in the title and description of our video.

5) “Explore” – the function has already been discussed above.

6) “Translate” – allows you to translate tags into a foreign language. The full translation of all tags is given only to the paid version of the program.

7) “Import” – copies tags to the created tag list for their further use in other videos.

In general, it is important to note that the TubeBuddy extension for Youtube is a convenient tool that makes it easier to optimize videos for getting to the TOP of Youtube and Google search, and also makes it possible to analyze tags in competitors’ videos.