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10 amazing ideas with the design of lighting in the interior of the house

Interesting lighting in the interior of the house

The design of lighting in the interior of the house is not an easy task. It is necessary to choose lamps or lamps suitable in style and design. In this article we will look at some inspiring ideas that demonstrate the beauty of floor lighting, and you will see how impressive it can look if you approach work with creativity.

Dazzling lighting for dreamers, outdoors

Such floor lamps are mainly used in open spaces: balconies, loggias to act as a “landmark” and emphasize architectural features and some natural elements.

Magnificent lights seem to merge with the sparkling background, turning a small loggia into a real work of art!

The first option of lighting in the interior of the house

Floor lamps are becoming more and more popular in the world of modern landscape design. Their main feature is that they create a kind of play of shadows with their correct location.

The sculpture house in Las Vegas, pictured below, is a perfect example of how outdoor lighting can create a real mesmerizing beauty, especially after sunset. It not only illuminates darkened landscapes, but also creates patterns and shadows that complement the steel and glass structure of the house.

Amazing lighting

The overhead lighting in the following photo is very appropriate, emphasizes the textural beauty of the stone wall and its uniqueness in a modern space, and at the same time does not seem too overwhelming.

A great option for modern lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Have you ever thought about lighting for your bathroom? We are sure that floor lamps for the bathroom will soon be relevant. Take a look at the photo below and you will understand how necessary floor lamps can be.

Bathroom lighting using floor equipment

Functional and aesthetically pleasing

Floor lighting will look quite impressive in dark rooms. The main thing is to arrange the lamps rationally and the space will become unrecognizable, as in the photo below.

Elegant and beautiful

LED floor lights, as a rule, are the most preferred options for these lamps, and they provide a better visual effect, as well as reduce energy consumption.

An excellent option for floor lighting

Amazing Nong Nooch Tropical Park in Pattaya

In Thailand, the amazing and incredibly beautiful Nong Nooch Tropical Park in Pattaya is very impressive. This is a real kingdom of flowers and exotic plants, a copy of the famous Versailles garden, sculptures from flower pots, a fleet of exclusive cars, an elephant show and many more unusual and interesting things. I think this place will leave few people indifferent.

One of the main attractions in Thailand and Pattaya is the Nong Nooch Tropical Park. This is a real concentration of natural wealth and vegetable luxury. Nong Nooch Park won at the Florists’ exhibition in the UK in the category “Tropical plants”.

The history of the park dates back to 1954. At that time, the future owner of the park, Mrs. Nong Nooch Tansacha, and her husband, Mr. Pisit Tansacha, bought land where they decided to create plantations for growing vegetables and fruits. On a trip to Europe, Mrs. Nong Nooch was inspired, and decided to build a tropical park with flowers and exotic plants on this land and named it after herself. And since 1980, the gates of Nong Nooch have been open to everyone. The park is owned by Mrs. Nong Nooch’s son, Kampon Tansacha.

The area of the park is so large (about 250 hectares) that even in one day it can not be completely bypassed. Nong Nooch Park has collected various gardens, which I will tell you about in more detail.

Orchid Garden

From this unique and picturesque corner begins the tour of the park. Very beautiful and the rarest species of orchids grow in the orchid garden, there are a huge number of them here and they all have different color palettes. They grow in hanging baskets in the open air. Orchids bloom here almost all year round, and the secret is to maintain the right microclimate.
By the way, you can immediately buy orchid sprouts and take them home with you.

Cactus Garden

In this garden there are a variety of different types of cacti of various shapes. I didn’t think that cacti could be so beautiful and unusual in shape. And also, they are considered the most heat-resistant plants in the world that can safely withstand 60-degree heat. On the territory of the cactus garden, you can find the African baobab, which is one of the largest trees in the world (can reach up to 25 m in height) and the longest-lived. In Nong Nooch Park, the baobab is still young and has not reached enormous size.

French Park

The incredible beauty of the French park was created by the inspiration of Mrs. Nong Nooch. This is a bizarre interweaving of European and Asian cultures, a copy of the famous Versailles Garden in France. The combination of the landscape in the form of ideal geometric shapes with a collection of copies of Buddhist structures from all provinces of Thailand looks very unusual, but quite harmonious.

Butterfly Garden

An amazing garden with various picturesque plants, on the territory of which bright butterflies flutter. Don’t be surprised if there is a butterfly on your shoulder, they are very hospitable. To prevent the butterflies from leaving the garden, its territory is fenced with a fine grid.

Garden of Pots

An interesting park with unusual figures made of clay pots. The park is saturated with creativity. Here you can find completely different and original figures: arches, cars, boats, elephants and much more.

Blue Garden

Only in this park you can see the world’s largest collection of tropical palms and ferns, which continues to be replenished. There are more than 1100 species of them here, and among them you can really find very rare species. A very picturesque, green, delightful garden, fascinating with its diversity and beauty.


Thailand is such an exotic country that even the fish here are exotic. The pond of the park is home to freshwater fish – arapaima, which is the largest in the world. It can reach up to about 4 m in length. The uniqueness of the fish is that it is considered a lungfish. It can use atmospheric air as the main source of oxygen. You can not only admire the fish, but you can also feed them.


The owner of the tropical park Kampon Tansacha is fond of sports cars and car racing. Someone collects stamps, and Campon collects real cars that can be seen in the park. This is a unique collection of 40 cars, many of them are exclusive and they are all on the go. The shapes of cars amaze with their creativity and unusual bright color. In the fleet, you can see from chic sports cars to fancy shapes of mini-cars and ATVs. The collection includes well-known brands – Cadillac, Lotus, BMW, Ford GT, Subaru, Mitsubishi.

Elephant Show

There is also an entertainment program on the territory of the park. The colorful elephant show, popular in Thailand, will appeal to both children and adults. Elephants are very surprising and cause delight. They ride bicycles, draw, play football and do various difficult tricks. And who would have thought that these animals can do elephant massage. Of course, such a show will leave a lot of positive emotions.

The wonderful Nong Nooch Park in Pattaya is worthy of attention and admiration! And Mrs. Nong Nooch Tansacha deserved a low bow for such a beautiful creation.

How to get from Pattaya to Nong Nung Park:

Nong Nooch Park is 20 km from Pattaya. The entrance to the park is located on the Sukhumvit highway. Travel time is approximately 30 minutes.

  • Taxi. You can bargain with taxi drivers.
  • Knock-knock. You need to catch a white tuk-tuk on the Sukumvit highway. He will take you to the turnoff to the park, after which you will have to walk a little.
  • Car (personal or for rent). Drive along the Sukumvit highway in a southerly direction, turn left after the floating market.
  • Sightseeing bus. When booking an excursion program, the road will be included.

TIPS for visiting Nong Nung Park:

  • Choose a morning time to start visiting the park in order to have time to see everything
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Photo camera
  • Drinking water

In the next article we will go to the Orchard, which will show how various fruits grow and you can immediately taste teas in the tea house.

I wish you bright and picturesque journeys!

Author Olga Avrakh

Photo Olga Avrakh


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