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The design of the walls in the apartment, which will be appreciated by fans of modern painting

The design of the walls in the apartment, designed in the style of minimalism

The original design of the walls in the apartment, which our article will introduce you to, was developed by DEP studio specialists, however, as a reconstruction project in general. The living space itself is located in the small town of Castelli Calepio, in the Italian province of Bergamo.

The architects combined all public areas into one two-level space, providing unobstructed and abundant daylight penetration, but not to the detriment of the privacy of the inhabitants, which is very important given the high density of development in this area. The project as a whole is a combination of impeccable style and a modern approach to decorating residential premises.

The minimalism of the interior is determined not only by the purity of the lines of its main components or the restraint of the situation, but also by the fact that only a few materials and colors were used in its design, which ultimately became the key to the formation of a very elegant image with a slight hint of urbanism.

The whiteness of the architectural shell is shaded by light wood, coupled with neutral tones — gray and beige. The revival and the spirit of bohemianism were brought to the interior by large-scale canvases by contemporary artists. They are balanced by custom-made furniture and simple lamps. The combination of shining metal and soft textiles, wood trim and snow-white walls without a single roughness allowed the designers to achieve the desired harmony.

Can you say that this apartment is to your taste? Or would you change something in its interior if you had the opportunity?