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Tours to the most beautiful places on the planet

Beautiful places to relax can be found in any corner of the planet and in any country – even in Antarctica.  Some travelers like inhabited civilized places with amazing nature and landscape, others give untouched landscapes and a unique atmosphere of solitude and peace. Here is a link to get more information about tours to the most beautiful places on the planet.

Among the amazing and unique places of the planet Earth, it is worth mentioning five iconic picturesque places — which are definitely worth a visit.

  • Everest — Nepal, the highest mountain peak has always attracted tourists – especially lovers of mountain tourism and professional climbers who want to conquer it. You should come here with a certain preparation and undergo acclimatization.
  • Pamukkale — an amazing and bizarre relief of limestone tuff rocks in Southwestern Turkey attracts millions of tourists. They come here all year round to admire the spectacle of thermal springs and majestic mountain landscapes in white tones.
  • Maldives is a truly heavenly place on earth, an archipelago of many islands offers privacy and relaxation, and the purest sand, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and a lot of all kinds of entertainment create ideal conditions for relaxing in a tropical paradise.
  • Machu Picchu is an amazing place in Peru, an unusual ancient city founded in the 13th century by the Inca tribe, keeps a special aura of mystery and historical mystery in the buildings that remain to this day. This place is rightfully included in the 10 new wonders of the world.
  • The colored rocks of Zhangye— China, are located in Gansu province, the amazing variegated shades of the rocks of a bizarre shape are explained by the predominance of red sandstone among the rocks, but the sight of mountains of various colors of ochre and rust is the dream of any tourist.

There are many places on the planet with waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and peaks of incredible beauty, with beautiful beaches and ocean landscapes, with amazing natural or historical architecture created by the hands of people or Mother nature.

The wonders of the world also include the Big Blue Hole (Belize), the Alley of Baobabs (Madagascar), the Valley of Flowers (India), the Grand Canyon (USA), the Taj Mahal (India) and other parts of the world. But you can admire the beautiful places of the planet on any continent and find those that take your breath away.



In our collection you will find funny pictures about work. No matter where and by whom you work, there will definitely be something here that will remind you of your working days. So feel free to save and do not forget to share with colleagues. Let the positive pictures from this collection brighten up their everyday life! And you will certainly raise your mood. Remember that a hard Monday is always followed by Friday!

A book about love

A heart in your hands

Hand in hand

Eiffel Tower


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Hearts in the sky

Heart with wings

Beautiful postcard


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Heart in your hands

Cool picture with meaning

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I love you

Flower hearts

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Funny cat

Like in Iceland: a route through the most beautiful waterfalls of Armenia

Hospitable and sunny Armenia traditionally attracts tourists with delicious dolma, juicy shish kebab, young pomegranate wine, strong cognac and, of course, rich cultural and historical heritage. People who are not personally familiar with Armenia, from the natural attractions of the republic, only Lake Sevan comes to mind – the largest and most popular reservoir in the Caucasus. But on the territory of this compact country there are other points worthy of the tourist’s attention — picturesque waterfalls are scattered throughout Armenia. Some of them are difficult to access and require special training when visiting, others are easily accessible by car, but all of them are definitely worth seeing.

How to get

To get to Armenia, Russian citizens do not need a visa or even a passport, and a return ticket from Moscow will cost only 12,000 rubles*. To see the most beautiful waterfalls, it is best to rent a car. The rental price starts from 2100 rubles * per day. It will take at least four days to visit all the waterfalls discussed in the article.

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Torchekan Waterfall

Torchekan (40.9163366, 44.1157773) is located three hours away from Yerevan on the border between Shirak and Lori regions. This powerful 23-meter cascading waterfall on the Chichhan River, surrounded by lush greenery and relief rocks in the warm season, resembles the landscapes of Iceland.

It owes its name to trout, which at the moment of spawning goes against the current and jumps out of the water right above the flowing streams, which is why “trchkan” is translated from Armenian as “jump”. And the waterfall area is also the habitat of many rare red-book birds that sing with voices unusual for the Russian ear.

The road from Yerevan or Gyumri is convenient, it reaches almost to Torchekan itself, even a passenger car will pass through it without any problems. Not far from the waterfall you can see Chichkhanavank — the oldest sanctuary of the Lori region, dated to the VII century.

Jermuk and Shaki

The Jermuk waterfalls (39.8365564, 45.6681759) and Shaki waterfalls (39.5518789, 45.9931415) are located at a distance from Yerevan to the east, so they can be visited in one day, provided that the departure is early.

Jermuk is a waterfall unique for Armenia: the fact is that it is located in the center of a small town of the same name and is its main attraction. The city itself is a famous alpine balneological resort, which is famous for its healing mineral water and hot springs. It may seem surprising, but the waters of the 68-meter cascade remain icy even in the summer heat. Strictly speaking, Jermuk is more like a water slide: on one of the steep slopes of the Arpi gorge, which divides the whole city in half, water flows down in streams, hissing and writhing, resembling long scattered hair. Therefore, the second name of the waterfall is “Mermaid Hair”. Having risen from the gorge, you can walk around the resort part of the city and try mineral water in the gallery.

If Jermuk is an urban waterfall, ennobled, then its neighbor Shaki (just an hour and a half of a leisurely drive to the east) is wild and free, although it works according to schedule. Quite small, about 30 meters wide and 18 meters high, this picturesque waterfall crumbles along the steep slope with a wall of thundering jets during the hours when the hydroelectric power station upstream is not working. Usually, regardless of the season, Shaki can be found “turned on” before 11 am and after five in the evening. In the era of free travel, this pretty waterfall was very much loved by foreign tourists, as it is convenient and easy to get to it: a car will also pass along a country road one and a half kilometers from the highway to an organized parking lot, and leaving the car, you need to walk about 400 meters along the path. Not far from Shaki there is an ancient observatory “Stone Bouquet”, more than 6000 years old. Locals call it the Armenian Stonehenge because of the stone forms similar to the British monument. In addition, many Paleolithic caves and grottoes can be found in the area of the waterfall and carefully explored. And a trip to Jermuk and Shaki is successfully combined with a visit to the high-mountain Tatev monastery, which is located 60 kilometers from the second waterfall.

Waterfalls of the Gegharot River

Another full day will take a walking trip to the waterfalls of the Gegharot River. This small river, only 28 kilometers in length, originates from the crater of Mount Aragats and forms several beautiful cascades in its course, which are the highest mountain waterfalls in Armenia. The largest of them, with a height of about 17 meters, is usually called the Gegharot Waterfall (40.4998336, 44.2063869). The milky yellow color of the water is explained by the large amount of clay and looks very contrasting against the background of the burgundy-red stones of its bed. There is another small waterfall downstream, and the landscapes around fascinate with their beauty: it is not for nothing that Aragats is considered the favorite and most visited place in Armenia among fans of hiking tours and mountain climbing. The journey to Gegharot from Yerevan by car will take about an hour, and Kari Lake should be indicated as the destination. You can park your car there and continue to get there by hiking trails. The route does not seem complicated, but still requires some experience and preparation. It is worth noting that in winter the waterfall freezes, and the path to it becomes several times more difficult and dangerous, so it can be added to the route without fear only in the warm season.

Vahagn and Astghik Waterfalls

Surprisingly, such a small country as Armenia has more than two dozen national parks and state reserves. One of them is the oldest in the world — the Khosrov Forest, located in the province of Ararat, keeps many cultural heritage monuments on its territory, including the famous Garni temple and the ancient fortress of Kakavaberd. In addition, there are four waterfalls on its territory, but tourists are more often attracted by two of them – Vahagn (40.0906380, 44.8121565) and Asthik (40.0893366, 44.8168863), named after ancient pagan gods and located several hundred meters from each other. The first one, named after the god of thunder and war, breaks down with a narrow powerful stream from a steep cliff about 10 meters high and breaks on flat stones below. Astghik, named after the goddess of beauty and fertility— is smoother, more rapid, flows down stone steps formed by a rocky slope into a transparent pool at the foot. The waterfall is buried in the greenery of trees and shrubs leaning towards the streams. It is possible to get to Vahagna and Astghik only on foot, since the movement of vehicles is prohibited on the territory of the reserve.

Kasakh Waterfall

Anyone who finds himself in Armenia in the spring will have a unique chance to look at the disappeared waterfall — Kasakhsky (40.3363128, 44.3910527). Once the highest in Armenia, today, due to the construction of a hydroelectric power station, it flows through a pipe most of the year. But the spring spillway fills the dried-up riverbed again, and from the 70-meter height of the picturesque gorge, stormy noisy streams rush down into the Kasakh River.

A country of high mountains, deep gorges and stormy rivers, Armenia has about thirty waterfalls. Visiting some of them is a mandatory program for everyone who wants to get to know the rich and beautiful nature of this land.

Our project “Where to go” will help you with ideas for the upcoming vacation. You choose the month and the city of departure, and we offer the most interesting and affordable options – with ticket prices and information about restrictions for tourists.

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Beautiful photos of a Chrysler gas turbine car (18 photos)

The gas turbine Chrysler is an experimental two-door sedan equipped with a gas turbine engine, which was produced by Chrysler from 1963 to 1964. The body was designed by the Italian design studio Carrozzeria Ghia, and the final assembly was carried out in Detroit.

A total of 55 cars were produced: 5 prototypes and a limited edition of 50 copies for the public use program. All of them were painted with branded metallized paint called “turbine bronze”.

The car was designed by designer Elwood Engel and Chrysler Studios and featured reinforced brakes, power steering and TorqueFlite transmission.

The Chrysler gas turbine engine program began in the late 1930s. Within its framework, prototypes were created that made long trips in the 1950s and early 1960s.

The A-831 engines, which were equipped with gas turbine cars in the “Gia” bodies, could run on many types of fuel, required less maintenance and served longer than conventional piston engines, although their production was much more expensive.

After the tests, from October 1963 to January 1966, Chrysler implemented a public use program, in which 203 drivers took part in 133 cities in the United States, who traveled more than 1.6 million kilometers in total.

This program helped the company identify problems with cars, especially with their complicated start-up procedure, relatively unimpressive increase in speed, as well as with fuel consumption and noise that were not at the proper level. Experience has also revealed the advantages of gas turbine engines, including their amazing durability, smooth operation and relatively modest maintenance requirements.

After the end of the program of use on public roads in 1966, Chrysler recalled the cars and destroyed all but 9 copies. Chrysler itself has retained 2 cars, 6 cars are on display in museums in the United States, and one car is in a private collection.

Chrysler completed all work on the turbine project in 1979, mainly due to non-compliance with state emission standards, due to relatively poor fuel economy and as a condition for obtaining a government loan in 1979.

all photos: vintag.es

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