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Cats peeking out of shirt pockets, in elaborate embroidery by Hiroko Kubota (20 photos)

As you know, cats like to get into places where they can barely fit, and usually treat people like a jungle gym equipment.

Embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota (Hiroko Kubota), which we wrote about earlier here and here, translates this lack of spatial perception into small charming embroideries.

The artist skillfully places the cat portraits embroidered on shirts so that they look out from behind the edge of the pocket, and sometimes even try to get out from under the clothes.

Since the Japanese artist started creating such embroidery about 10 years ago, she has created hundreds of characters, each of which has its own character and a mischievous expression of the muzzle.

Take a look at her adorable cats coming out of their shirt pockets!

all photos: © Hiroko Kubota