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Exquisite interior design of the apartment in a classic style

We present to you an incredibly exquisite interior design of an apartment in a classic style — another successful project in the asset of the Taiwanese company Mole Design. This time, its specialists had to deal with spacious apartments located in one of the elite residential complexes of the island’s capital.

The team did not change its principles: special attention was paid to the interior layout, the location of functional areas.

Neutral color scheme is another tool from the studio’s arsenal, which is indispensable in cases when it is necessary to visually expand the space. In this example, it is diluted with a few bright accents in the form of sofa cushions and paintings.

In general, the laconic decor is enlivened by rich textures. We are talking, in particular, about natural wood, from which the flooring and part of the furniture are made, as well as a long-pile carpet in the living room and a stunningly beautiful pendant lamp with a ribbed shade of pinkish glass.

The most expressive classical elements are sofas and a banquette decorated in the kapiton technique.

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Modern classic apartment design: unique style

Modern classic apartment design from All In Studio

Modern classic apartment design requires a special approach. That is why the specialists of the architectural company All In Studio, who were engaged in the design of spacious apartments, decided on a bold experiment using bright color accents, original pieces of furniture and “spring” decor.

As a result, exclusive pendant lamps of various shapes and sizes, light flowing curtains of rich blue, white and cream shades and original white and bright yellow armchairs were added to the calm light wall decoration and natural wood flooring.

The combined living and dining areas delight the eye with a variety of colors and textures

Mirrors, snow–white columns, dark wooden facades of spacious cabinets with built-in plasma panels, sofas with fabric upholstery, plastic chairs, a light pedestal with a table top the color of ripe orange – all these seemingly incompatible elements, thanks to the skill of artists, add up to a holistic, organic picture.

The stylish kitchen in gray, black, white and brown tones is equipped with all necessary appliances. Stylistically, it seems to be a continuation of the hallway and long corridors connecting the living rooms, each of which has its own bright personality.

A bold combination of classics and modernity has undoubtedly become the ideal solution for the development of this project, isn’t it?

Expressive minimalism in the interior, where classic and modern are combined

The combination of classic and modern in the interior

The apartment of Michelle and Jeff, where classic and modern are combined in the interior, is filled with a wonderful soothing atmosphere. This is facilitated by high ceilings, abundant light and, of course, a good sense of taste of the owners. There are elements of minimalism from Jeff, and thanks to Michelle, expressive details have appeared.

Michelle and Jeff with their cat

The apartment had a lot of built-in wardrobes and niches, which did not interfere at all. This meant that many things could be hidden, and the already small apartment (60 sq.m.) began to seem spacious.

Bedroom in contrasting colors

General information:
Style: a mix of classic and modern

What inspired them: Michelle and Jeff have been drawing ideas from the places they visited, magazines and Internet sites for several years.

Favorite detail in the house: a dining table with a painting by Aecio Sarti, an artist from Paraty (Brazil). This element brings color to the interior and reminds residents of a wonderful journey.

An element of the living room interior

The biggest challenge is to find a compromise between Jeff’s desire for minimalism and order and Michelle’s love for details and souvenirs that should create comfort.

Friends’ opinion: I liked the feeling of openness and freedom in the house.

A pet will add speakers to your interior!

The biggest misunderstanding: a very beautiful coffee table bought in a random rush, which did not fit the interior of the living room at all. But our heroes managed to sell it at a price very close to the original one.

Handmade: a cat box and all the elements for a reef aquarium. Tip: do not buy anything spontaneously, guided by a sudden impulse, then you may regret it.