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What commercial real estate should I choose in Almaty?

Almaty (Alma-Ata) is the largest city in Kazakhstan and the former capital of the country, which has a huge potential. In recent years, there has been a major “surge” in the development of small, medium and large businesses, which has also prompted residents to open their own business. But which commercial real estate is best to choose?

Room search

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what kind of room is required and for what purposes? If it is a warehouse, then its size should be appropriate. If the office is the same, but you should pay attention to heating and other communications. This is the most important criterion that everyone else will already “cling to”.

Also, important points are:

  • Construction stage
  • Object class
  • Appearance

All this greatly affects the time of opening your business, which means the number of investments. More information about which commercial real estate to choose in Almaty can be obtained on the portal https://cremap.kz .


Again, when it comes to business, the most important thing is the location. According to experts, a well-chosen place to conduct your business can “cover” the remaining shortcomings. Here, the first step is to evaluate your budget and target audience. If the idea of the business is a beauty salon, but there is no need to place it in the “business quarters” or in the center, where rent is very expensive.

Such a place is best placed in terms of benefits in residential areas, in maximum proximity to the client.

In the case of warehouses, the situation is different. On the one hand, the end user is located in the same residential areas, but renting such a room there will be too expensive. And on the other hand, renting on the outskirts will make transportation more expensive. Here it is worth correctly calculating what will be more expensive.

Search for a suitable option

Now the easiest way to find a good commercial property is to use the Internet. Also, you can use “word of mouth” and ask your friends, maybe someone is selling the room and will be able to make a discount. But this is rather an exception.

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