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Modern trends in apartment design: how to create a living and organic space

Modern trends in apartment design: a good example from Gunlock Homes

Modern trends in apartment design are due to the accelerated pace of our life. They are constantly changing, bringing interesting details and unexpected elements to the design of housing. In the design environment, these new trends are called Millennials, that is, ideas that appeared with the advent of the new millennium.

Many projects are based on the worldview of modern people. Interior by CR Martin

For many of us, two components of life are currently of priority importance: money and success. Creating the interior of our apartments, we strive to make them not only our family nest, but also an indicator of our own achievements.

Bright and spacious interior with an unusual layout from Western Window Systems

In addition to the bold layout and original designer furniture, we equip our housing with a huge amount of equipment, without which modern man can no longer imagine his existence.

Unexpected stylistic solutions and unique details in the interior from Wick Design

At the same time, we increasingly prefer natural materials so that our home is not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly.

A non-standard approach to decor in terms of a variety of shapes and textures from Ellerman Homes

Thus, the main distinguishing features of modern residential interiors can be considered: spaciousness, functionality, environmental friendliness, uniqueness and reflection of the individuality of their owners.

And if the owner is not able to realize all his desires on his own, he can contact one of the numerous design agencies whose specialists are ready to offer their clients a wide variety of apartment design options.

The views of today’s youth are radically different from those of their parents. Photo by Nathan Good

And what is your attitude to the latest design achievements in the field of home decoration? Share your ideas with us!

Wall decoration in the interior as one of the ways to create a unique environment

Interior Wall Decoration: photos from House & Homes Palm Springs Home Staging

Wall decoration in the interior is another opportunity to make it unique. This is the opinion of many well-known designers who urge their clients to give this issue priority. The original decor of all or one of the vertical surfaces of the room is able to give it a unique and stylish look.

Airy design that gives the room volume, from Amy Lau Design

First of all, it is necessary to take a very serious approach to choosing a palette, which may consist of one or more harmonious or contrasting shades. In this case, everything will depend on your tastes and desires.

Blue and white interior with wood splashes by Emily Johnston Larkin

An interesting photo collage, favorite paintings in luxurious or simple frames, children’s drawings – these elements can become the focal point of the space around which the rest of the environment will be built.

Openwork panels repeating the pattern on textiles, from Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Properly selected details can make a room visually more spacious and voluminous. Therefore, it is worth considering options with geometric panels, stucco molding or niches with built-in illumination.

An organic continuation of the ornament decorating furniture and curtains from Mead Design

In addition, the original wall decor gives the interior a logical completeness and creates a sense of harmony and comfort.

You can use different materials for decoration. Photo by Arnal Photography

And how did you decorate the walls in your house? Share your experience!

Cozy and atmospheric little things create a natural interior in the apartment

Natural interior in bright colors

How it all started

Living in Chicago, Joanna has accumulated quite a lot of little things suitable for a cozy, natural interior. That was the only reason to buy a new apartment! It was very difficult to find a suitable place. She stumbled upon her apartment when she went to see a completely different house. But it turned out not to be suitable, and coming out of there, she accidentally saw the inscription “for sale”.

Our heroine is in her new apartment

Features of the new house

Like many apartment buildings in Portland, this one also has its own history and charm. It used to be a boarding house for single women. The building has an original design and layout, but in the bedroom, for example, there is only room for a large double bed. And built-in wardrobes are located along the opposite walls of the kitchen.

Interior in soft light colors

What is important and valuable

Joanna’s house is filled with things that inspire and important to her. She ordered most of them online or bought them at hardware stores. Moving out, instead of getting rid of unnecessary, she ordered a large truck, and took everything with her without exception. Now every detail in its interior exists to create an individual atmosphere and unique comfort.

Souvenirs on the shelf near the chair

The original candlestick

A coffee table and a sofa in the living room are located on an unusual carpet

Dining room with unique furniture

A piece of the kitchen interior

Small bedroom

Such little things create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere


How to create an elegant apartment interior

Elegant interior of the apartment in bright colors

You can easily create an elegant apartment interior if you take a closer look at these photos. Marina and Sebastiano, a young couple from Houston, planned a radical alteration of their home immediately after its acquisition. They repainted the walls inside and outside the house, updated the floor, demolished some ceilings to make the space more open. The minimalist gray and white palette visually expands the rooms, adds light and air to them.

The updated kitchen is the first thing you see when you cross the threshold of the house. Its design and layout is completely different from the original setting. Having removed several walls on the ground floor, the owners combined the living room, dining room and kitchen. It was in this interior that they invested most of their efforts, trying to make it as comfortable, functional and beautiful as possible at the same time.

Elegant interior of the apartment in bright colors

Elegant interior of the apartment in bright colors

Photo of the first floor of the house. Kitchen, living room, dining room, TV viewing room

The master bedroom in white tones creates a feeling of lightness and cleanliness. A handmade chest of drawers is a wedding gift from a family friend who makes furniture.

Elegant interior of the master bedroom

The special charm of the guest bathroom is given by the original pattern of tile tiles on the floor.

Original floor tiles in the bathroom for guests

The guest bedroom is unusually large. Furniture and accessories are designed in light and white tones. The exception is blue curtains and a bedside rug of the same color.

Spacious guest bedroom

The exterior of the house and nearby buildings are painted in the same white color as the interior. In the backyard there is a small terrace under a canopy, where there are a table and chairs for outdoor recreation.

View of the backyard, terrace and garage

Maria and Sebastiano managed to create a cozy, welcoming space at home, light and elegant.

The owners on the background of a fig tree in the backyard of the house

What impression did this project make on you? Share your opinion in the comments.

How to create a family business and not get divorced?


How to create a family business and not get divorced?

How to find ideas for a family business

One of the main reasons for failures in business can be called a lack of passion for your business.
Especially if it concerns the idea of a family business.

After all, people get tired and exhausted from constant periods of ups and downs.
Therefore, in order for your start to be successful, you need to choose the area where you will be really interested.
And not just interesting, but you should “burn” with your idea.
Only then a series of failures will not affect your mood and well-being in any way.

It is much easier to choose a niche in business if the decision is made by one person.
In this case, you just need to understand what brings you pleasure, remember your hobbies and hobbies.
But what if you want to create a family business and even pass it on to your children?
After all, everyone will work. How to take into account their wishes?

Oddly enough, but often the interests can coincide even with people who are completely different in character.
For example, the husband works in the construction industry, has engineering skills and loves his job very much, and the wife is fond of decor.
Why wouldn’t such a couple combine their skills?
Together they can open an enterprise for the production of garden tiles or paving stones with an interesting design.

The husband is a lawyer and the wife is an accountant, they can easily open a consulting agency.
And for example, such different professions as a pastry chef and a doctor – to establish the production of environmentally friendly sweets or cottage cheese desserts with dried fruits.

Weaknesses of the family business and their elimination

Psychologists and financiers often say that a family business is a fragile and unstable vessel.
However, we see many successful examples.
Then how did they manage to get around all the sharp corners and keep the family business?
After all, many experts believe that family ties interfere with building a strong joint business.
The main reason is the distribution of roles and the clarification of relations: who is right, who is to blame.
This takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes leads to the disintegration of the family.

But that’s what experts think.
However, history tells us the opposite…
Businesses built jointly by husband and wife are the most durable and competitive.

If the family has the right approaches to the organization of time, roles and responsibilities, then such a business is growing very quickly and gaining momentum.

After all, where there is a strong rear, where you are understood and supported, things go faster and more successfully.
Spouses will always find a way to support each other if one of them does not have enough enthusiasm.
Business is a really complex business that requires knowledge and responsibility for making right and wrong decisions.

And indeed, those who decided to open their own business have a hard time at first.
The support and understanding of the closest people play a huge role.
If all decisions are made together and support each other, then this will be an excellent foundation for the development of a family business.

Family business ideas and niche selection

Often, those families who have decided to leave large companies and go to free bread, do not understand where to start and what to do about it.
Without a doubt, you need to start with analysis and planning.
Such a plan includes:

  • Drafting business ideas;
  • Choice of direction and analysis of development prospects;
  • Development of a business plan;
  • Search for partners and suppliers

It is useless to look for family business ideas somewhere on the Internet, it is useless to listen to the arguments of relatives and friends.
None of these ideas will become truly “their own” or brilliant and inspiring.
Do you think it’s useless to reinvent the wheel? Not at all.

After all, only an idea invented by you personally will make you move faster to the goal than imposed from somewhere outside.
Always take into account the fact that the business, which should become a family business, will go to your children and grandchildren.
Therefore, you need to consider ideas together with your “other half”.

Another thing you need to pay special attention to is the choice of business direction and analysis of development prospects.
To find out your chances of success, you need to do an analysis of competitors and partners:

  • Is there a demand for similar goods and services;
  • Your percentage of market presence in the future;
  • What will be your USP (unique trade offer)

For example, if you dream of launching a textile manufacturing company in Ivanovo, then most likely your business will not go smoothly during the year.
Large production facilities have already occupied their niches in this direction and are unlikely to give way to newcomers.
Therefore, it is a unique trade offer that will guarantee your success (of course, if there is a demand for this product).

And most importantly…
The old planning schemes have not been working for a long time.
Sad statistics tell us that only one startup out of ten remains afloat.
To get into this one percent successful, make a plan for the development of your business in advance.
Think over and calculate all the necessary investments.
Learn how to write a good business plan, without which none of the investors will entrust their money to you.

Transferring family differences to business and vice versa

Imagine that after a quarrel with your spouse you still have a whole day to spend together, processing orders or producing products.

In a family business, misunderstandings and quarrels over trifles often arise, after which you still have to work together and spend a lot of time together.
After all, you can’t stop processing orders and selling products.
In this situation, the desire to “pinch” each other is greater than ever, especially if the business is also experiencing a wave of failures.
This whole situation can provoke unnecessary family conflicts, up to divorce.
Do you need it?

To avoid such destructive relationships, it is necessary to strictly define the boundaries: where personal relationships are, and where business begins.

Determine in advance who will be the executor and who will be the director of the family business.
After all, it so often happens that during the struggle of ambitions, the desire for power, the spouses forget about who will just work.
Therefore, determine your roles in the family business in advance.

If one of the spouses or children will be subordinate to you, please respect their work.
A sense of superiority will humiliate family members, which will undoubtedly bring discord into your relationship.
Never allow such behavior!

Always consult and listen to the opinion of the family.
However, remember that endless discussions can simply “blur” the creative approach to the main issues of running a family business.
At the same time, other people with management skills and experience can help you advance and reach a new level of success.
So don’t be afraid to hire people and delegate important things to them.

Never forget about personal growth.
After all, any business requires a competent approach.
You should always keep up with the changes happening around you.
After all, from the moment you registered as an entrepreneur, all responsibility for what is happening falls on your shoulders.
Family business and negative emotions in the family are incompatible.
For the successful advancement of affairs, such emotions should be avoided and eliminated at the first slightest manifestations.