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Wall decoration in the interior as one of the ways to create a unique environment

Interior Wall Decoration: photos from House & Homes Palm Springs Home Staging

Wall decoration in the interior is another opportunity to make it unique. This is the opinion of many well-known designers who urge their clients to give this issue priority. The original decor of all or one of the vertical surfaces of the room is able to give it a unique and stylish look.

Airy design that gives the room volume, from Amy Lau Design

First of all, it is necessary to take a very serious approach to choosing a palette, which may consist of one or more harmonious or contrasting shades. In this case, everything will depend on your tastes and desires.

Blue and white interior with wood splashes by Emily Johnston Larkin

An interesting photo collage, favorite paintings in luxurious or simple frames, children’s drawings – these elements can become the focal point of the space around which the rest of the environment will be built.

Openwork panels repeating the pattern on textiles, from Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Properly selected details can make a room visually more spacious and voluminous. Therefore, it is worth considering options with geometric panels, stucco molding or niches with built-in illumination.

An organic continuation of the ornament decorating furniture and curtains from Mead Design

In addition, the original wall decor gives the interior a logical completeness and creates a sense of harmony and comfort.

You can use different materials for decoration. Photo by Arnal Photography

And how did you decorate the walls in your house? Share your experience!


Home decoration for Christmas, classic colors

Those who don’t really like the classic combination of green and red can use the combination of white and sky blue – a melange of colors that contribute to the winter atmosphere in the house. In addition to colors, lighting plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere, which should be soft enough to emphasize the warm festive atmosphere of Christmas.

Front door decoration

Door decor, both outside and inside, is an element that should not be forgotten when decorating an apartment. Among the various solutions, you can attach green or red garlands to the door, decorated with decorative elements, such as colored ribbons or hawthorn. The decor can be completed by adding a decorative garland to the racks – an element that will frame the door and make the doorway even more welcoming.

A colorful card will be a creative accessory for greeting guests with wishes, poetry or friendship messages. To complete the composition, pair it with a themed rug, a classic ‘Merry Christmas’ slogan, or simple Christmas patternsА

Christmas plants

To create a memorable and warm atmosphere, in addition to the classic Christmas tree, it would be appropriate to use some help of our plant friends, which can be freely combined with lights and garlands. But which ones should you buy? First of all, you can not ignore the classic Christmas star, which, with its cuteness and simplicity, is able to cheer up any corner of the house.

Holly (Ilex aquifolium) has a Christmas scent, a plant with shiny leaves and bright red berries is well suited for the most traditional decorations. Ardisia crenate is very similar to it, it also goes well with traditional ornaments. If you want to add a special touch to your home, you can buy pots of red heather, an intensely colored evergreen that grows to about half a meter in height.

Finally, Ruscus aculeatus is a must for any Christmas decoration.

And of course don’t forget about the X-mas table decor!