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Minimalist design of a bachelor apartment in Taiwan

What, in your opinion, should be the design of a bachelor apartment? In the opinion of many people, the word “design” is generally not too applicable to such dwellings, but this stereotype is hopelessly outdated, which is convincingly proved by the project described in our article.

Its authors are specialists of the Taiwanese studio Mole Design. They have recently completed work on the design of an elite four-storey apartment complex.

The design of the apartments located in it was designed individually, in accordance with the requirements of future owners. The building itself is located in Taichung, a city in the center of western Taiwan.

To finish the apartments purchased by a wealthy local entrepreneur, the designers used the following materials: natural stone, marble, wood, leather and metal.

With a goal in mind — to create a functional and comfortable space, they made every effort to increase the illumination of the premises and preferred a neutral color scheme. The luxurious character of the interior is also formed by carefully selected floor coverings, textiles and furniture.

What do you think about this elegant and luxurious bachelor apartment?

Apartment design for young parents, in which simplicity is combined with sophistication

Specialists of a small Taiwanese company Made Go Design designed an apartment for a young couple and their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter. They managed to make a viable combination of European comfort, Asian minimalism and urban luxury, which in itself deserves approval.

The interior is formed by soft textures, warm colors and exclusive details that bring a sense of comfort, and thanks to the delicate presence of elements with industrial aesthetics, it seems perfectly balanced.

The child’s room radiates, surprisingly, elegance and cozy simplicity. White color dominates here, but not boredom — decorative elements like bright balloons and a wigwam fill the interior with dynamism.

Today, the space looks very cute, but it has the potential to transform as the child grows.

Although the apartment does not differ in impressive size, it accommodates all the functional areas necessary for life, which is ensured by a well-thought-out layout. The most illustrative example of the application of the design approach is the master bedroom.

Here they share the space of the home office and the actual place to sleep. The physical boundary between them is created by a low layout, while various textures and furniture are responsible for visual differentiation.

The designers applied the same win-win approach to the design of the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Competently combining incredibly fashionable decorative elements, such as the Wireflow pendant lamp from Arik Levy, and using exceptionally sound, high-quality materials, the authors of the project create spaces that are distinguished by functionality and impeccable style.

Seemingly insignificant items are evenly distributed throughout the apartment, which ultimately determine the nature of the design. This is, in particular, a stylized gramophone that decorates the desk in the bedroom-office.

And here is another example: exquisite lamps resembling clouds or inverted flasks. In front of us is an exquisite and at the same time cozy model called Muffin, designed by designers Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova. Delicate light passes through a blown glass lampshade crowning a wooden base.

The balcony has been turned into a terrace with a mini garden, where a relaxing and natural atmosphere reigns.

And what do you say about this stunning hexagonal tile, thanks to which a completely standard hallway has become a fashionable space that can tell guests about the excellent taste of the owners of the house.

So do you think the minimalism style is suitable for decorating apartments where families with young children live? Share your opinion with our readers.

Exquisite interior design of the apartment in a classic style

We present to you an incredibly exquisite interior design of an apartment in a classic style — another successful project in the asset of the Taiwanese company Mole Design. This time, its specialists had to deal with spacious apartments located in one of the elite residential complexes of the island’s capital.

The team did not change its principles: special attention was paid to the interior layout, the location of functional areas.

Neutral color scheme is another tool from the studio’s arsenal, which is indispensable in cases when it is necessary to visually expand the space. In this example, it is diluted with a few bright accents in the form of sofa cushions and paintings.

In general, the laconic decor is enlivened by rich textures. We are talking, in particular, about natural wood, from which the flooring and part of the furniture are made, as well as a long-pile carpet in the living room and a stunningly beautiful pendant lamp with a ribbed shade of pinkish glass.

The most expressive classical elements are sofas and a banquette decorated in the kapiton technique.

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Apartment interior design in modern classical style: less color, more light

Exquisite interior design of the apartment in a modern classic style

Anyone who is in search of ideas and inspiration for the transformation of their own home, it will be useful to take a look at the interior design of the apartment in modern classical style, designed by Spanish architect Josep Rua.

The apartments in question are located in Valencia and are characterized by exquisite simplicity, which is provided by an abundance of natural wood and a laconic palette, but above all — light, lots of light.

The landscapes of Valencia are particularly beautiful. Traditional Mediterranean architecture, as a rule, does not use this advantage, as if trying to deny it.

Obviously, comfort considerations are considered first, and providing protection from the scorching sun rays that literally incinerate the city for several months of the year becomes a priority.

However, technological progress has led to the creation of more advanced types of glass, which make it possible to supply residential interiors with large windows and at the same time guarantee the performance of a protective function.

Therefore, serious design changes were made in the penthouse we are considering. The architect did not hesitate to violate the integrity of the ceiling by installing windows in it, all over the space, from the bedroom to the bathroom. One of these skylights stretches along the main facade, revealing a rather peculiar view.

The place of the current bedroom was previously occupied by a terrace. It was located slightly above the rest of the apartment, and the author of the project decided to take advantage of this circumstance to separate the bedroom itself from the bathroom. A bathtub built into the floor and painted to match it also contributes to this task.

The walls in rooms with high humidity are lined with tiles from Mutina with a “honeycomb” relief pattern. When the sun’s rays penetrate through the ceiling windows and fall on vertical surfaces covered with small hexagons, there is a bizarre play of shadows, the effect of raindrops.

Mirrors are installed in such a way that most of the room is reflected in them. They create a sense of spaciousness and an interesting perspective. Rotating panels with mirror finish delicately delimit the bathroom and dressing room, producing countless highlights.

The bed looks as if it does not stand on the floor, but only attaches the headboard to the wall. The intricate curves of the ceiling continue in the lower part of the room, forming a rounding that acts as a night table. Almost the only piece of decor here is the Cappello table lamp from Moldesign.

This modern kingdom of light is the embodiment of the new architecture of Valencia, allowing you to enjoy all the delights of the Mediterranean climate.

The design of the walls in the apartment, which will be appreciated by fans of modern painting

The design of the walls in the apartment, designed in the style of minimalism

The original design of the walls in the apartment, which our article will introduce you to, was developed by DEP studio specialists, however, as a reconstruction project in general. The living space itself is located in the small town of Castelli Calepio, in the Italian province of Bergamo.

The architects combined all public areas into one two-level space, providing unobstructed and abundant daylight penetration, but not to the detriment of the privacy of the inhabitants, which is very important given the high density of development in this area. The project as a whole is a combination of impeccable style and a modern approach to decorating residential premises.

The minimalism of the interior is determined not only by the purity of the lines of its main components or the restraint of the situation, but also by the fact that only a few materials and colors were used in its design, which ultimately became the key to the formation of a very elegant image with a slight hint of urbanism.

The whiteness of the architectural shell is shaded by light wood, coupled with neutral tones — gray and beige. The revival and the spirit of bohemianism were brought to the interior by large-scale canvases by contemporary artists. They are balanced by custom-made furniture and simple lamps. The combination of shining metal and soft textiles, wood trim and snow-white walls without a single roughness allowed the designers to achieve the desired harmony.

Can you say that this apartment is to your taste? Or would you change something in its interior if you had the opportunity?

Exclusive design of the apartment in the style of minimalism

Exclusive design of an apartment in the attic

The specialists of the Italian studio Archiplan have developed an exclusive apartment design for a client from the small town of Busto Arsizio. The result of their creative efforts is a compact, but truly luxurious space enclosed in a shell of snow—white walls. It shows an eclectic mix of delightful vintage accents, natural materials and a cozy, light-filled environment.

Combining expensive wood with crystal whiteness, which forms the basis of the palette, and playful details, the designers created a fresh, soothing and at the same time cozy atmosphere. Under the pitched roof, intersected in several places by ceiling windows, there is a friendly living space that pleases the eye with the purity of lines and organicity.

The dining table looks especially intriguing: the combination of a textured wooden surface with an iron base, more appropriate in a hospital interior, brings vintage charm. The composition is complemented by diverse chairs, each with its own character and style.

And this image is crowned by a fashionable brass lamp, which immediately attracts attention and gives the design of the room a more modern look. The noble marble countertops have the same pattern as the wooden paneling of the walls in the kitchen area. Thanks to them, the space looks expensive and elegant.

The cozy living room, arranged under the roof slope, is decorated in white and decorated with live plants. Custom-made shelves and storage systems complete the exquisite design of this cozy city apartment.

Share your impressions about this interior with our readers.

Modern trends in apartment design: how to create a living and organic space

Modern trends in apartment design: a good example from Gunlock Homes

Modern trends in apartment design are due to the accelerated pace of our life. They are constantly changing, bringing interesting details and unexpected elements to the design of housing. In the design environment, these new trends are called Millennials, that is, ideas that appeared with the advent of the new millennium.

Many projects are based on the worldview of modern people. Interior by CR Martin

For many of us, two components of life are currently of priority importance: money and success. Creating the interior of our apartments, we strive to make them not only our family nest, but also an indicator of our own achievements.

Bright and spacious interior with an unusual layout from Western Window Systems

In addition to the bold layout and original designer furniture, we equip our housing with a huge amount of equipment, without which modern man can no longer imagine his existence.

Unexpected stylistic solutions and unique details in the interior from Wick Design

At the same time, we increasingly prefer natural materials so that our home is not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly.

A non-standard approach to decor in terms of a variety of shapes and textures from Ellerman Homes

Thus, the main distinguishing features of modern residential interiors can be considered: spaciousness, functionality, environmental friendliness, uniqueness and reflection of the individuality of their owners.

And if the owner is not able to realize all his desires on his own, he can contact one of the numerous design agencies whose specialists are ready to offer their clients a wide variety of apartment design options.

The views of today’s youth are radically different from those of their parents. Photo by Nathan Good

And what is your attitude to the latest design achievements in the field of home decoration? Share your ideas with us!

10 amazing ideas with the design of lighting in the interior of the house

Interesting lighting in the interior of the house

The design of lighting in the interior of the house is not an easy task. It is necessary to choose lamps or lamps suitable in style and design. In this article we will look at some inspiring ideas that demonstrate the beauty of floor lighting, and you will see how impressive it can look if you approach work with creativity.

Dazzling lighting for dreamers, outdoors

Such floor lamps are mainly used in open spaces: balconies, loggias to act as a “landmark” and emphasize architectural features and some natural elements.

Magnificent lights seem to merge with the sparkling background, turning a small loggia into a real work of art!

The first option of lighting in the interior of the house

Floor lamps are becoming more and more popular in the world of modern landscape design. Their main feature is that they create a kind of play of shadows with their correct location.

The sculpture house in Las Vegas, pictured below, is a perfect example of how outdoor lighting can create a real mesmerizing beauty, especially after sunset. It not only illuminates darkened landscapes, but also creates patterns and shadows that complement the steel and glass structure of the house.

Amazing lighting

The overhead lighting in the following photo is very appropriate, emphasizes the textural beauty of the stone wall and its uniqueness in a modern space, and at the same time does not seem too overwhelming.

A great option for modern lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Have you ever thought about lighting for your bathroom? We are sure that floor lamps for the bathroom will soon be relevant. Take a look at the photo below and you will understand how necessary floor lamps can be.

Bathroom lighting using floor equipment

Functional and aesthetically pleasing

Floor lighting will look quite impressive in dark rooms. The main thing is to arrange the lamps rationally and the space will become unrecognizable, as in the photo below.

Elegant and beautiful

LED floor lights, as a rule, are the most preferred options for these lamps, and they provide a better visual effect, as well as reduce energy consumption.

An excellent option for floor lighting

Interior design of an apartment of 70 square meters – expanding the space with Anna and Eugeni Bach, in Gran Via, Spain

Incredible interior design of an apartment of 70 square meters

Creating the interior of an apartment of 70 square meters is quite a difficult task. Anna and Eugeni Bach have proposed an incredible expansion project in Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain.

Anna and Eugeni Bach:

“The project included a complete reconstruction of an apartment in the Eixample – Barcelona area, located in a brick building of the early twentieth century.

Initially, there were two rooms in the building with a view of the facade, the rest were illuminated and ventilated through a wide courtyard. This arrangement gave rise to a number of corridors and dark spaces that did not perform any functions other than connecting.

The new location was due to the desire of customers to arrange two bedrooms with a view of the facade, and the kitchen, dining room, living room and space exploration room will be organized in the rest of the house. Too many functions were assigned to such a short wall with windows to the courtyard.

We decided to keep two bedrooms and create an open space that will perform all these functions. The generous height of the house allowed us to develop a separate kitchen. As if we had constructed a piece of furniture. And on top of it, an attic was formed, which can be used as a guest room or a room for work.

This solution has positive aspects, at least in that it allows you to use the exceptional height of the apartment. Frees up additional space. Frees up access to all other rooms. The detached kitchen, of a lower height, further emphasizes the idea of an open space.

The original small toilet is located in front of the entrance. The bathroom was placed opposite the master bedroom. And the use of exceptional height made it possible to raise the bathroom floor and create an additional storage area. Additional space is also achieved by placing the bathroom under the shower, combining both functions in one space.”

Can the design of an apartment in gray tones be interesting and attractive?

Apartment design in gray tones by Tom Ferguson. This is a real modern style, artistry and a game of opposites. The project offers a rich selection of textures, materials and creative combinations that can only be enjoyed.

The combination of the latest trends in colors, materials and interior elements with the subtle aristocracy of Australian architecture is the embodiment of the designer’s corporate identity.

The comfort and artistry of the apartment are determined by many details: magnificent wooden flooring, antique pieces of furniture, beautiful paintings, ceiling cornice and decorations. And this is only a small part of the artistic design.

A mixture of ancient elegance and the latest modern materials creates a unique interior, which is hardly possible to repeat.

The kitchen is designed in fashionable dark colors, and innovative appliances and accessories are not only functional, but also very attractive. The dark marble countertop paired with a minimalist black cabinet is elegantly accentuated by zinc elements and bright colors of the painting that adorns the wall of the dining area.

The same eclectic mix of antique and modern materials and solutions is visible in the cozy living room. The interior is complemented by bold fur details: a carpet and an upholstered chair.

The bathroom is a real paradise. Fashionable brass elements, complemented by a combination of dark colors and fresh green shades, are a wonderful background for sanitary ware made of ceramics.

The bedroom is by far the most attractive and stylish room. Stunning decorative furnishings with refined textural elements complemented by clever functional details – it is difficult to resist such an amazing interior.

You don’t need to be a professional in the field of design and architecture to notice how beautiful the interior of this cozy apartment is. Amazing combinations between vintage elements and the latest modern trends, between subtle minimalism and rich playful style – it is simply impossible not to admire such combinations.

Modern classic apartment design: unique style

Modern classic apartment design from All In Studio

Modern classic apartment design requires a special approach. That is why the specialists of the architectural company All In Studio, who were engaged in the design of spacious apartments, decided on a bold experiment using bright color accents, original pieces of furniture and “spring” decor.

As a result, exclusive pendant lamps of various shapes and sizes, light flowing curtains of rich blue, white and cream shades and original white and bright yellow armchairs were added to the calm light wall decoration and natural wood flooring.

The combined living and dining areas delight the eye with a variety of colors and textures

Mirrors, snow–white columns, dark wooden facades of spacious cabinets with built-in plasma panels, sofas with fabric upholstery, plastic chairs, a light pedestal with a table top the color of ripe orange – all these seemingly incompatible elements, thanks to the skill of artists, add up to a holistic, organic picture.

The stylish kitchen in gray, black, white and brown tones is equipped with all necessary appliances. Stylistically, it seems to be a continuation of the hallway and long corridors connecting the living rooms, each of which has its own bright personality.

A bold combination of classics and modernity has undoubtedly become the ideal solution for the development of this project, isn’t it?

Interior design of a luxury apartment: a sea of creativity

Interior design of a luxury apartment by Irina Dzhemesyuk and Vitaly Yurov, Italy

The interior design of a luxury apartment should be individual. To achieve such an effect, designers Irina Dzhemesyuk and Vitaly Yurov, who were engaged in the design of the richest residence in one of the districts of Italy, tried to create a real miracle.

For the living room, they chose chic gray-beige marble tiles, light golden partitions, dark green and gray sofas, metal shelving and solid carpets from leading European manufacturers, as well as exclusive pendant lamps in the form of huge, fantastic colors.

I would especially like to mention the magnificent snow-white fireplace with a huge mirror decorated with hand-painted, which is located at one of the walls of the hall.

White fireplace decorated with hand-painted

Arched windows and elegant lamps add sophistication to the look of the living room

Patterned wall panels, shining gold dressers, a black dining set and a carefully thought–out layout of a stylish kitchen – all this creates a feeling of maximum comfort and respectability.

A solid-colored wall in the color of expensive red wine acts as a visual accent in the dining room. And the living greenery brings some variety to the restrained appearance of the kitchen space.

The kitchen is equipped with the most modern appliances, hidden from view behind the facades of cabinets

The most incredible emotions are caused by a snow-white bathroom with broken lines of mirrors, unusual models of black plumbing and unique mosaic panels on the walls, as if taken out of a magical cave.

From such a riot of colors begins to ripple in the eyes and the sense of reality disappears

If you manage to express your emotions in words, then we are looking forward to feedback!