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A faithful dog comes to the beach every day and waits for his owner, a fisherman … who will never return (3 photos)

Vagito, a dog who spends his days on the beach in Punta Negra, Peru, and waits for his owner, a fisherman, to return from his last fishing trip, has melted the hearts of millions of people around the world.

The heartbreaking story of Vagito was told by Jolie Mejia, a Peruvian woman who was walking along the coast of Punta Negra, one of the districts of Lima province, and drew attention to a dog staring intently at the ocean. The dog looked clean and fed, so Jolie assumed that the owner was about to return for him. For a few minutes she stroked the dog and talked to him, but no one came. Eventually, a passing man, noticing the concern on her face, began to tell her the sad story of the animal.

Photo: Facebook

As it turned out, Vagito is well known and loved by all the locals. Now he lives in a house near the coast with a woman who takes good care of him, but once it belonged to a fisherman who died at sea a few years ago. The dog, who always accompanied his master, saw him go to sea on his last fishing trip, and is still waiting for his return.

photo: Radio Dos Corrientes/Facebook

“He told me that the dog lived with a fisherman who died at sea some time ago, and that since then he has been coming here every day and staring into the ocean, waiting for his master to return,” Jolie Mejia wrote in her post, which went viral.

The man told Jolie that all the locals know the tragic story of Vagito and that he always goes home after staring into the ocean for several hours. But he always comes back the next day…

Radio Dos Corrientes/Facebook

A photo of Vagito looking longingly into the ocean has gone viral on social networks and appeared on the pages of several South American newspapers, including El Confidencial and La Vanguardia. His touching story is now spreading through the Western media, continuing to melt people’s hearts.