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How to save and earn money on purchases in the USA

How to save money in the USA?

Some companies use a network of independent sales consultants to distribute their products. They receive a certain percentage of the value of the goods sold.
Therefore, saving money on purchases in the USA is a common and familiar thing for many residents.

Such a network can be multi-stage, when a seller with an established clientele finds people willing to work on similar terms.

In this case, he will also receive a certain percentage of the sales volume of these people and all those whom they will attract in the future.


This is how goods that need individual selection are usually sold.
Often in cases where a combination of different components is needed for different clients. Or, if the customer needs detailed explanations of how to use these products.
Most often, cosmetic products, various dietary supplements, weight loss products, and so on are sold in this way.

The most famous examples of such companies are Avon and Magu Kau cosmetics companies. These companies have been selling their products exclusively through sales agents for many years, numbering hundreds of thousands only in the United States.
The phone numbers of local sellers of these products are easy to find in the directory.

This way of trading, as well as catalog sales, allows you to maintain a low level of overhead.
This, in turn, allows you to reduce the price of goods by 40-50% compared to similar ones sold in retail.
Tourist reviews say that it is much more profitable to buy goods in the USA this way.

The difference between “Thrift Store” and “Consignment Store”

The vast majority of stores selling second-hand items belong to charitable organizations, such as Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries. Such stores may be called Thrift Store or Consignment Store.

The difference is that Thrift Store sells items donated to a charity organization.
The proceeds from their sale go to the purposes of this organization, and the Consignment Store operates according to the familiar principle of a commission store. Here only a part of the amount sold remains to the seller after payment to the owner of the sold goods.

Most Americans are not embarrassed by buying clothes, furniture and other used items. So you can buy absolutely everything, even sports equipment like a snowboard.

The cost of goods in such stores is very low (10-15% of their retail price).
However, you can often find high-quality things there, especially in those located in the suburbs.
You can find the addresses of such stores in any search engine.

How to save money in Germany…

Is it possible to earn money on social networks?

Earning on social networks

Most Internet users spend their days on social networks.
But not everyone knows that you can earn money on social networks, while it’s pretty good!
Earning money on social networks is a matter of time.

How about more than three hundred dollars a month, not bad, right?
Let’s describe the most popular and profitable ways.

The first way is to create and promote groups

We will need to create our own group, and then promote it.
That is, to invite all your friends to this group, then ask them to call their own, and so on. Naturally, this requires as many friends as possible.
Achieving this is not as difficult as it seems.

You can study at the courses of those guys who have been successfully engaged in such earnings for a long time.
Courses are often free of charge.
Well, if you want to delve into this topic, then for a little money you will be taught the subtleties and basics of promotion.
We can say that you will acquire a new profession.

So, after we have invited a couple of tens of thousands of friends, we can sell our group.

How much does one such group cost?

Well, it all depends on many factors (subject matter, attendance, design, etc.), but the approximate cost of a small group is fifty dollars.

And now let’s calculate everything.
We didn’t spend a penny on the creation of the group, we didn’t spend a penny on promotion either, but we sold it for fifty dollars.
In a month we will be able to create about four or more groups, respectively, our earnings will be about two hundred dollars a month!
A good result that does not require investments, right?

However, if you are a diligent person and make every effort to promote the group, then your group can cost tens of thousands…

Selling votes and ratings as earnings in social networks

We go further. You can also earn money by selling votes and ratings.
This is also quite a lucrative business.
But where to get all these votes and to whom to sell depends on your imagination.
You can sit on forums, look for giveaways, you can look for who sells cheap and sell on another forum, but it’s more expensive.

It all depends on you, we just proved that you can make money on social networks and quite well!

How can a person start earning more?